Monday, September 12, 2011


Leslie on Lead Vocals.

Kelly & Leslie.

Kelly on Electric Guitar.

Promize member, label, management, website, contact & booking info.

Jon Boy on Guitar.

Promize Bio.

Scotty on Electric Bass.

Press reviews.

Rob on the Keyboards.

Press reviews part 2.

Dave on the Drums.

Press reviews part 3.

Promize is a modern, dark & melodic alternative rock band that is on the rise. Promize has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and they have been recieving rave reviews (see Press) everytime they perform. The list of rock acts Promize has performed with is long and impressive, these acts include Bush, Poison, Peter Wolf, George Lynch, Dokken and LA Guns. Promize has also shared the stage with many artists' from Reverbnation such as Rachelle Ann of TeknikalDiffikulty, Shay Smith, Mike White Presents, Killing Grace, Cortina Whiplash, Melody Moros, Exfixia, Allen Cox Music Productions, Spaceship Days and Saul Alvarado.

Promize is based in Greenfield, Massachusetts and the current lineup includes Leslie on lead vocals, Dave on drums, Kelly on guitar, Jon Boy on guitar, Scotty on bass, Rob on keyboards & Rich joins them on guitar while touring. Promize is currently #1 on the Reverbnation charts for Greenfield, MA. If you want to hear Promize they have 14 songs on Reverbnation, their album "Reason For Expectation" can also be purchased on Reverbnation.

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