Monday, February 20, 2012

Black Bananas, WBNY, De La Soul, Ceramic Hello

Local Shout out: Greg Burt WBNY you are Tru Hero of Buf Culture ,, U support Evryone. Plz don’t change we love you. You never pretend vacant or dismissive ,, every band loves U,, & U R not ‘too cool’ U are a Gentleman <3 <3 <3

Black Bananas "Rad Times" []

Not exactly “…being slow-fucked by a nitrous dildo by the toughest girl you know” - VICE Magazine (writer ’Blonde Camero”) (who, this writer has inside information wrote the review of entire album on the strength of one song / voted bst album of mnth) Rad Times makes me feel like I’m trapped in a cultural oil spill. So I guess that’s ‘phat‘?

Also throw ing it back: []De La Soul "Long Island Wildin'"

Where Else can We hear both Tokyo & the whole of Long Island represented in such Post- A Clockwork Orange , Pre- A Clockwork Orange fashion??

Is Rap in an Unintelligible language Irrelevant?? Is it More Relevant??

[]:Ceramic Hello "Conversation Between Units"

This Music is Phucking Phun.

Though we WANT to write about something vaguely resembling organic life:

This writer will never write about any band that sounds like they are from Tennessee. They are afraid of Women in that bible-belt state. Homophobic & 1/2 castrated by the Cultural Father. Being somebody who loves women, they way they talk, they way they feel to the touch, their smells, their illimitable strength : mysterious… the way they fawn / complain, their insecurities / triumphs, the Needs of their Fierce Independence.. I am glad to be a man & Other .. So that I can taste this ‘Other’ ’s Beauty. I find the fear of women in these underneath-talk Eyebabies, who are Distinct in their Cigarette smoke, Repulsive & unsportsmanlike : look at that blinding light, I Dare you. Into It. Your Tricks are like Theirs in femininity but Pointless; Your Physical BEING Does Not have the Fortitude to Carry Growing Life In It. That Choice will Never Be Yours You FearSlaves… Enjoy it! It should be less culturally accepted to Slap ‘Men’ than Women, ‘Men’ are more apt to complain about the Few Slaps they get in life than the entity that is Woman is apt to complain about the Many she receives.. From Unworthy “Power”-Hungry FearSlaves. Oh Yes, Benvenuto Cellini was fed men to kill for Years by the Almighty because culture has been genetically training men for thousands of Years to be Blind, Destructive, Psychicly Impotent. Most ’Men’ Today would rather Pretend & put on Airs of Silence than feel the vulnerability & True Awe that IS Woman.. EVERYMan should Be a Poet, No There is No Excuse For Not Being A Poet… The Sentence Should Be Death. Many of You Would BE In Different Cave Time, Ye Should All Get On Your Knees & Thank Your Pyschicly Impotent Laws For ye Life. Boys, In your Big Pants.. All of ye will Repeat This Life, For Ye HAVE NOT Learned & Ye FearSlaves Refuse To. All Of Ye In Fear Get On your Knees & Thank Your Psychicly Impotent Law For I Am A Great Storm Of Purity.. & I Will Make Ye Live Again.

& who says caffeine isn’t a drug :*)

“My favorite part, besides the D-Threat is ‘Boys in your Big Pants’ ” - Deconstruction alist

Maybe Next we’ll write about:

[]Cass Mccombs "Don't Vote"..but we doubt it <3 <3 <3 Wst coast “Oddball”s - Foam Magazine

P.S. Nice Scorpion Jacket! How Ironic..

How important / relevant is it for "young" men in their 30s to be ironic?

Can Irony protect / prevent Men in their 30's from Death / reaching 40?

Is Irony necessary to keep a 'level head' amidst the hyperbolic zombie-sphere of America's youth? / Irony provide relevancy to the aging FearSlave?

Is asking questions after a post a phun technique to plagiarize w & w/o shame frm HRO? Yes?

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15th wave agrolesbian feminist/ Khmer riche Fuk U / the artist formerly known as ‘Portland’

P.S. Boys In Your BigPants

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