Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sara Elizabeth "On The Rise"

Sara Elizabeth "On The Rise" CD cover.

                                        Sara Elizabeth 

Sara Elizabeth Genco is a 20 year old indie singer/songwriter from Alden, NY. She has been playing guitar since her ninth birthday, and since then has added piano, ukulele, and harmonica to her repertoire to help support her alto vocals. After eleven years of lessons, performing, and songwriting, she recently graduated from the University at Buffalo with a BA in Music, concentrated in Composition and Music Technology. She uses the sophisticated compositional techniques learned at UB combined with instinct and a free ear to create unique and rhythmic song structures. Perhaps most importantly, her songs aim to tell stories through her carefully crafted and heartfelt lyrics.

Sara’s music is inspired by artists ranging from The Beatles to Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor – and from the musical theatre stylings of Stephen Schwartz to the gritty rulebreaking of the White Stripes – and so much more. Notable performances include Babeville’s Ninth Ward, The Town Ballroom, Tonawanda Folk Festival, Nietzsche’s, Water Street Music Hall, Music is Art, and live on CW23′s “Winging It! Buffalo Style”, and are supplemented by various coffee houses, bars, and churches around Western New York. With a plethora of influences and experiences both behind and ahead of her, Sara ultimately hopes to stand out in the indie music scene and find out what it truly means to be an artist.

Update 7/6/12: Sara is a immensely talented songwriter and I'm currently soaking in (listening to) "On The Rise" and compiling a CD review as I write this update...Great Job on the CD Sara!

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