Wednesday, July 10, 2013

55 Main - Buffalo, NY

Dan the Man from "55 Main".
Photo by Studio 112 Photography.

Randy Barnard on Guitar!
Party On The Patio!
55 Main featuring Randy Barnard on guitar and Dan Manzella on vocals!

Here's the original lineup of the "55 Main" band playing @ 55 Main.

One of Dan's other recent musical projects is City Streets, featuring Larry Saunders on guitar.
This picture is from the Exposure concert.

Yet another fun music project I shared with Dan is Forever Green, which started off as duo but had a 4-piece line-up for EXP III, featuring Tony Chimera on bongos

Talented singers are in demand, this is why Dan currently sings with 3 musical projects, if you're lucky enough you might even catch Dan singing at a local open mic. Dan is so passionate about singing he finds the time to share his passion with his local church choir as well.

A Special Thank You goes out to Dan, Cheryl & 55 Main!  

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danny said...

I am moved by your description of me,but without guys like you,Larry and all the guys u mentioned and then some,I couldn't do much!!thank you very much,Joe!!!-Danny