Friday, October 18, 2013

Liquid Think

One of my co-workers is a true jazz fan (by true jazz fan I mean he had some Wes Montgomery, The Rippington's and Jell Lorber CDs laying around @ work and we listened to them together, some people say "oh yeah,  I like jazz" yet they never listen to jazz and they wouldn't know who Wes Montgomery is...) and a open minded rock fan as well. Seeing as he's leaving the company next week I wanted to give him a special musical going away present.
I decided to give him my copy of Liquid Think by Carina and The 6 String Preacher as a going away gift. My friend immediately played the CD and we listened to all of the music while I worked along side of him yesterday.
We both went about our business as usual, digging the original music.
My friend even complimented Carina on her voice while the CD played.
I'm glad I gave him the CD and I'm also glad my friend decided to play it right away.
The best part is that he listened to it and enjoyed it, he didn't analyze or criticize the music just because it was local music, it certainly doesn't sound like local music in my opinion.
I'm probably more than a little biased but I know good music when I hear it, the overall mix, song selection and musical performances on Liquid Think make it one of the best original music CDs from Buffalo in 2013.
It was cool hearing Liquid Think played through a boombox @ work, I usually listen to it through my headphones at phone.
He even went so far as telling me he will be playing Liquid Think at his new place of employment!

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