Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Forvm - Buffalo NY

12/31/13...for any of you serious guitar fans/freaks out there, if you haven't heard Vincent James play lead guitar live you absolutely need to hear him play, his guitar playing is truly explosive and his drummer (Jim Linsner) and bass player (Jerry Sampson) are multiple, BMAward winning players. http://thevincentjamesexplosion.com/
...and for those of you out there who are into real blues music, the headlining band, The Yvonne Schmidt Band is a true blue, Buffalo blues band. http://www.yvonneschmidt.net/ Yvonne is a local blues veteran and she has released 2 great, blues CDs, both of which have been played on local and national radio. Most recently Yvonne has appeared on the Anita West blues show. http://www.wbfo.org/content/pages/blues
Vince is backing up Yvonne for this gig so you'll get a double shot of Vince's amazing guitar playing.
Yvonne's band is compromised of great musicians. It's sure to be a Rockin' New Years Eve!

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