Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Open Forums? What A Joke!

I am SO very glad! and thankful! I have this google blog site to promote the local Buffalo music scene in any way I see fit.
My love for music goes above and beyond just playing music in a band, promoting the Buffalo music scene is one of the ways I express my love for music and sound. I try to promote the scene in a positive light.
I've found that it's very easy to be negative but it's much, much harder to stay positive and be open minded.
Once again I have encountered alot of negativity in my music career (if I may be so bold as to call it a career)
and on the site I wrote about when I first posted this blog piece.

Darn it all banned again...oh well I sometimes wish we could go back to the pre-internet days when people had more common sense and people based their opinions on their fellow man on how they were treated in person. (Remember those days? When people used the phone to communicate instead of using non-verbal, web-based types of communication?) Instead, people form positive or negative opinions and judge people today on what they may or may not write in a tweet, text or on a public website. They may never, ever meet that person face to face. I think that's sad and I'm not a social butterfly by any stretch of the imagination.

For those of you out there in local, "open forum" music site land who may take what I or what someone else may have posted about you or your band seriously, please don't. If you don't want to play music or associate with me because of something I may have posted in the past on a website than that's ultimately your choice. Musicians with closed minds in any form are not good musicians in my book. The fact is that I'm a very easy going person and I work well with others...especially in a musical context! I'm painfully shy at times but have opinions and I enjoy expressing them in person or online. I found it easy to express my opinions through a local, open forum music website. After reading what others posted I thought, hey this website is kinda cool, so I decided to post a few things and I thought this "cool" music site (wnymusic.com) would allow me to express my opinions, after all it is a music related website. Musicians and creative minded individuals usually have strong opinions and enjoy expressing them usually through music but an online open forum is kinda the next best thing. I thought, let me join in and express my opinions for the world to see. "The voice of reason" chimed in so the tampering and deleting by the admins began and ultimately I decided to no longer participate, end of story.
Some of the other members on the site were quite rude and negative toward me but I never took any posts aimed toward me serious. WTF would I care if some anonymous or unanonymous poster decided to post a negative comment about me? It is an open forum right?...at least I thought it was. Anyway, I have more important things to worry about. I never once complained and asked for a negative comment aimed toward me to be removed.
Above and beyond what I may think the world is a cruel, cold place where negativity and back stabbing run rampant, Especially in the (fairly) small and jaded world of the Buffalo music scene.

I've recently been banned from an Open Forum local music website. This site claims to have open forums but if the admins don't like what you write it will be deleted, moved or tampered with in any way they see fit.
They will also reveal who you are whenever they feel the need, so anonymity is really not an option. An open forumed website should remain open!, users should be able to express individual, controversial opinions or obvious truths without the fear of these posts being deleted and anonymity should be a given. Betraying any users trust without recourse or tampering with posts will undoubtedly earn this site a bad reputation resulting in less site traffic.
The only other time that I've ever heard of people being banned from Open Public forumed website is when some famous radio celebrities said they banned people they didn't know from their sites because they always posted curse words and disparaging comments about everyone from everywhere (you know like graffiti on a bathroom wall) on all of their posts. I never did that.

To the admins of this site: According to First Amendment Freedom of expression is the American way. Playing it safe and picking and choosing what you want to keep and delete is ultimately a lame policy, which may result in a boring site, sometimes boundaries need to be pushed....like my man Howard Stern does. 


Sinister said...

I'm not aware of you being banned, unless you are posting under a different screen name. There are a couple people who recently signed up that have been going into these manic rants and stirring up trouble, or at least trying to, in one of the classified ads.


Anonymous said...

This is the message I received this morning when trying to go on wnymusic.com just to view the boards. I have never commented on that site, I am only an occasional viewer. This is my work computer, so basically, if someone in my building comments, they are banning the whole company from the site. That's RIDICULOUS!

You have been permanently banned from this board.

Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

A ban has been issued on your IP address.