Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Band 101 - Number 2

This is the second installment of Band 101.
Band 101 deals with issues that may come up within the fragile band dynamic.
These issues usually have a negative impact on the delicate balance that keep a band together.
Band 101 offers sensible solutions to these problems so you can keep the lineup of your working cover band intact in order to continue on and play paying gigs.

If you play in a working cover band in which none of the band members are married and none of the members have any kids then playing during the Holiday season usually isn't a big issue. But if, at least, 1 of your fellow band members is married playing around the holidays can become a problem. It's a good idea to break away from your regular band routine of weekly practice and gigging altogether to avoid any scheduling conflicts during the holidays. If your band wants to gig on New Years Eve it's a really good idea to have at least 1 or 2 reliable fill in players on call in case one your band members can't play because of holiday plans. Usually the single band members have a desire to play on New Years Eve so they can make the money. If you don't have a reliable fill in player turning down a New Years Eve gig may cause the single band members to become resentful because they won't be able to play and make that extra money. On the other hand taking on a New Years Eve gig without a reliable fill-in player can cause the married band member to become disgruntled. Especially if they have to cancel or change any family plans in order to make the gig.
Resentment usually festers within a band and can lead to a member quitting or the band breaking up altogether. This means if you want to continue on as a working band you have to find new members and re-establish your regular band routine all over again.
It's a good idea for any working band to openly discuss the idea of practicing and gigging around the holidays to make sure everyone is on the same page.
If any unforeseen problems or conflicts come up during the discussion then it's best to just take a break from your regular band routine until after the holidays for the good of the entire band.

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