Sunday, June 14, 2020

Forest Hills - New York, New York

Forest Hills is a rock band from New York City.
Forest Hills is comprised of two members: Zero Surico and Jack Burton.
Zero and Jack met and formed Forest Hills in Los Angeles, California. 
Zero Surico is the frontman of Forest Hills. The band's name is derived from Forest Hills, New York City, which is where Zero is from. With a heavy background in alt-rock, metal, and grunge music, Zero began writing songs at age 12, and self-taught himself guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, and drums. He is transgender and a proactive LGBTQ+ advocate.
Jack Burton is the drummer of Forest Hills. With childhood musical training in classical piano, Jack eventually transitioned into jazz-drumming. With a background in worship drumming and punk-rock bands, Jack developed his unique style as a drummer, which is easy to identify in all Forest Hills songs.
Together, the duo promotes mental health awareness and supports a variety of foundations such as the Breast Cancer Foundation, Alzheimer's Research, and all of their shows are Epilepsy Friendly. 
Forest Hills donates 50% of all merch sales to charity! 
Forest Hills have stayed active throughout the quarantine by doing Livestream Concerts and releasing new music. The next Forest Hills LiveStream Concert is on July 1st at 12am EST.


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