Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bully - Feels Like CD review

I first heard of Bully through one of their opening bands from their current tour called Heat.
(see show review)
After doing some online research I found a great video of Bully playing Trying live on the Conan O'Brien show so I was eager to see the band live. The song that really hooked me was Milkman, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
Feels Like starts off with I Remember. The opening track is full of punk rock energy and ends rather quickly, leaving the listener wanting more. Alicia Bognanno screams through the song but still manages to convey heartfelt emotion and sentiment through the lyrics. Great opening song.
Reason keeps the energy level high and continues along the same vein as I Remember. A melodic lead vocal and guitar line carry the song along into a heavy crescendo.
Too Tough plods along with a heavy groove that immediately hooked me in with it's melodic simplicity. The lyrics seem to be describing the break up of a relationship. The vocals have a come hither quality that is hard to ignore.
Brainfreeze is another up tempo rocker that could be described as punky grunge.
The first single from Feels Like is the somewhat controversial Trying. The lyrics convey the feeling of a troubled youth who is trying to deal with a uncertain future. Alicia proves why she took the torch from Courtney on this one with a great vocal performance that is full of angst.

to be continued...

Thursday, November 5, 2015

JiBmaster - Buffalo, NY

JiBmaster - Happy Flapjacks

Happy Flapjacks was released by the members of JiBmaster as a tribute to the JiBmaster himself, Jeff Borycki after he passed away unexpectedly. Go to www.jibmaster.net to hear the music.

JiBmaster - School Pizza

 Who is JiBmaster?
For those who don't know, JiBmaster is a Buffalo-based original rock band.  With a particular, nearly-retro guitar-based sound, distinctive, catchy songwriting, and "not-your-usual" subject matter, you'll soon come to know when you are hearing a JiBmaster tune.  If there is a category for the music, I'd have to call it "Novelty Stoner Folk(ish) Rock".  The music was written entirely by the band, and recorded in a basement studio.  I produced the album - for the first time in my career acting solely as producer/engineer, and not performing :)
Perhaps best of all, School Pizza features the performances of many other great musicians from the WNY area: guitar solos, viola, trumpet, & more ear candy is scattered all over the album.

Visit JiBmaster.net

The JiBmaster website is up and functional!  You can:
See the full album artwork and credits
Download all the songs (free!)
Leave a message for JiBmaster
Even give a donation to help the cause
There are more features to come, including live photos, videos, exclusive JiBmaster merchandise, and who knows what else... 

Purchase or Preview the Album at CDBaby
The CD is also available at CDBaby.com!  You can preview the entire album for free, and buy only what you like ($0.99 per song, or $5.00 for the whole album).  Old Timers: You can even order a real live physical CD!
Even if you're too cheap for that (like me), you can at least go to CD Baby and download the single "Spread it Around" for free.  It will help put JiBmaster on the digital charts!

Spread it Around!
If you like the album, please tell your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, chiropractors, mistresses, drug suppliers, and mortal enemies!  We hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your support!
-Mike Boncaldo & JiBmaster

Thank You, Mike!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Current Events


Performers, musicians, bands, clubs, show promoters and booking agents feel free to send me any future happening Event flyers to my Facebook, Joe Tell or you can send them in jpg picture file form to jtellfotos@yahoo.com and I will post it to help promote your event on this Current Events post.
Thank you!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bully @ Mohawk Place, Buffalo NY

Bully recently headlined a triple bill @ Mohawk Place in Buffalo NY on 9/26. Bully is winning new fans on each stop of their world wide tour. Bully is touring to promote their debut album "Feels Like". I have to thank lead singer Alicia Bognanno for granting me permission to take photos of the band. I felt I had to ask because I was @ the show covering Heat (see show review). I also had the opportunity to meet and talk to the drummer and the lead guitarist for a few minutes. Bully has a brash and exciting sound that is reminiscent of the best alt/rock of the 90's. Bully rocked Mohawk Place with their quick songs and punk heavy sound. Bully was exciting to watch as they bounced around the stage with youthful exuberance.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Heat @ Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY

Heat played an exciting set of music on 9/26 @ Mohawk Place in Buffalo, NY. The room was packed with lots of twenty-somethings who were ready to rock out with Heat. The Montreal band sounded right and the melodies were tight. The band plays a very unique blend of 90's shoe-gaze and 80's new-wave packed with plenty of rebellious attitude and youthful energy. Singer Susil Sharma manages to sound, sing And look as cool as Lou Reed whilst playing lead guitar on a revved up Rickenbacker. Matthew Fiorentino manipulated an array of foot pedals to enhance his rhythmic guitar playing. His effects driven, guitar sounds seemingly became more interesting and complex as the set went on. Bassist Raphael Bussieres plays with a punchy, over-driven sound. His playing style perfectly compliments and enhances the melodies of each song. Drummer Alex Crow provided the back beat, playing with boundless energy and effortless precision. The band finished off their short, but satisfying set with a wall of psychedelic sounds. Be sure to catch Heat if they hit your town, you won't be disappointed. Check out my review of Heats Rooms EP on this blog.

Special thanks to Evan Taylor and all of the members of Heat.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Heat - Montreal, Canada

Heat is a great, new band from Montreal who are currently on tour supporting another great band, Bully. 

Heat Website
Heat Facebook

Heat: Rooms EP music review
"This Life" kicks off the EP in style. The vocalist really sounds like he's sneering while he's singing. The line right before the guitar solo pretty much sums up the feeling I get from the music and the attitude of a hungry, new band. The 2 guitars blend together on the song to create a melodic sound with a definite punk edge. Great opening track.
"Rooms" has a melodic guitar intro that couples along with a cool lead guitar. Heat uses the 2 guitar setup to create a cohesive and well balanced sound. The melodic bass line is easily heard in the mix. The vocal sound and phrasing remind me of a young Bob Dylan.
"All I Wanna Do" would be a great track to listen to while you and your friends hang out and play records. The lead guitar on this song is awesome. Diggin' the bass sound on this track. 
"4 25" has a fancy, free-flowing groove. The vocals perfectly punctuate the mesmerizing guitar groove.
 "Susifine" is a brash alternative rock song. The bass follows the vocal adding even more depth and melody to the track. This song is my favorite tune on the EP. The sound reflects the urgency of a young band that is on the rise.
The tempo of "Ritual" is quick and chock full of rockin' guitar sounds and harmony vocals. 
"Wild Eyes" immediately reminded me of REM and The Smiths. Heat closes out this EP with a awesome, melodic track.  

The sound of Heat is all at once fresh and familiar. Equally calling to mind the 1970s proto-punk of New York City and the sprawling psychedelia of 90s UK shoegaze, it's a sound that is infused with youthful attitude and is altogether self-assured at it's core. A call to arms to the tune of weaving guitars and baritone crooning, this Montreal 4-piece has been turning heads and catching ears worldwide.

Special thanks to Evan and Heat.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Common Purpose - Buffalo, NY

Common Purpose latest Generation (Wh)Y EP cover

Gary Ranney is a indie hip hop artist out of Buffalo NY. Common Purpose is the brainchild of Gary Ranney and he has recently released an advance single from his new EP entitled, Certainty And Doubt. The Generation (Wh)Y CD will be released this summer on Deepthinka records.

Here's a Youtube promo video link:
Common Purpose Twitter link:
Common Purpose bandcamp link:
Project Contributors:
Production by: DJ Bake$ale and Blueprint
Bakesale twitter link:  https://twitter.com/_bakesale
Blueprint twitter link https://twitter.com/printmatic
Blueprint website http://printmatic.net/