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In the past I have reviewed several CD's and published the reviews online to my account for the article page That page has since been taken down by Yahoo and I didn't get the chance to transfer all the reviews over to this blog before the site was taken down. I sincerely apologize to all the bands who I wrote reviews for and didn't transfer over to this blog. Unfortunately those reviews are lost forever in cyberspace, so again I apologize for this and any inconvenience it may have caused.

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Music City - Buffalo NY

2014 Music City Holiday Gift Guide

Victor Wooten

Thank you Vince!

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55 Main/WildKnights - Buffalo NY

The following comics were generously donated to my personal collection by Randy Barnard of the local cover band, 55 Main.

 Scroll down for more info the band, 55 Main. 55 Main can be found on Facebook Be sure to check out WildKnights as well, Randy's latest musical project  
Thank You Randy!
The first person to leave a comment on this piece will receive their choice of any of the donated issues. 

This Jonah Hex mini-digest comic was loaned to me from Danny Manzella, also from the 55 Main band.

Classic Comic Books and Classic Rock are a perfect combination...

Dan the Man (The Singer for the Classic Rock band 55 Main) loaned me the very collectible Jonah Hex mini-comic from '79 so in turn I'm giving him and his band a Super Shout Out on my Music blog.

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High Horse - Buffalo NY

I recently caught High Horse at a corner bar in Tonawanda, NY and I was pleasantly surprised at the awesome sounds coming from the band. High Horse is a step above your average cover band. The band works very well together to create a great, cohesive, musical sound like a good band should. All the guys seemed to be enjoying themselves and it shined through in the music.
I sought out Pete and the High Horse band after a friend posted an old video of Pete singing live on Facebook. I believe the video has since been taken down.
My goal of going to see Pete was to politely ask him for a CD to post on this blog, never intending to review it.
As far as reviewing the High Horse CD goes I am somewhat biased having known Pete personally for quite a few years now. I agreed to give Pete a honest opinion of Escape From The Glue Factory upon Pete's polite request. 
Before I start the review I have to say that I was very impressed by the live guitar playing of Chuck DeRose. Clint Haycraft played keys, lead guitar and sang backup vocals all very well that night. The entire band sounded great and they closed out the night with a rip roarin' version of In The Light by Led Zeppelin.

OK here we go with the CD review. First up is "The Rider". The Rider is a great, upbeat opening track. The sound is classic rock all the way around, from the drums to the vocals. This song would fit right in on 97 Rock's playlist and nobody would bat an eye. I can picture a big pack of Harley's cruising down the road while I listen to "The Rider". Spectacular keyboard performance on this one.
   "Autumn Girl" is a pure classic rocker. High Horse have the 70's retro sound down pat. This song has a great guitar intro and an excellent farfisa organ track. The vocals provide the perfect, sweet icing on top of the great melodic track. "Clarissa" reminded me of a 70's pop nugget you might hear on AM radio back in the day. Great guitar slides... The vocals on Clarissa highlight Pete's talented, vocal stylings. "Sweet Baby Jane" features Chuck DeRose on guitar. The intro sounds like Stevie Ray and the melodic, lead guitar solo has some Duane Allman sounds sprinkled in. Eli Porter and Chuck crank out some nice, melodic, guitar lines on this rocker. The song tells of Jane and her drug problem. Best line of the song... "By nine'o'clock you're dragging your ass". Next up is "Remiss". I was immediately reminded of the 80's sound upon hearing the intro. Pete manages to change the sound of his voice and his lyrical phrasing to match an 80's style, highlighting his talented vocals. Chuck delivers some pure Fender strat guitar lines on this song trading up with the keyboard solos. "Four Winds" gives the rhythm section of Eli Porter and Sandy Belsky and chance to set a great tempo and really groove together. This song highlights Eli Porter, he is really popping and slapping the bass on this one. "Gone" is the love ballad of the CD. High Horse uses a secret songwriting trick to add even more melody to the song. The band moves up the musical key to give Pete a chance to stretch out on the outro. "Ballad of a Would Be Hero" shows just how well the band works together. Each member contributes a great performance to this "epic" mid-tempo rocker. "Stunner Rumbles" is a jazz fusion/progressive rocker that gives the musicians of High Horse a chance to let loose and "speak" through their instrument of choice. The intro is pure jazz fusion which leads into a melodic figure played by the keys and guitar. Great instrumental! "Earthshine" is a heavy rocker that starts off with some cool, guitar feedback. Pete's talent shows through on another great vocal performance, this High Horse CD is Pete's best recorded work to date. The final track, "The Emperor (Has No Clothes)" is a fun song proving that the High Horse band has a great sense of humor. Pete delivers some funny one liners on this track which also includes a hidden, bonus track. 
Great debut CD from an amazing band! 
Special thanks to Pete and the High Horse band.

The first person who comments on this review piece will recieve my review copy of Escape From The Glue Factory CD.

We're writing it as we go along...
-2010 Buffalo Night-Life Magazine Music Award Nominee (Best Niagara Falls Band)
-2011 Buffalo Night-Life Magazine Music Award Winner (Best Niagara Falls Band)
Classic covers & originals...

Genre: Good music
Members: Peter Vogt (lead vocals); Clint Haycraft (keyboards, guitar, vocals); Chuck DeRose (guitar, vocals); Eli Porter (bass, groove); Sandy Belsky (drums)

Check out High Horse on Facebook...

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KISS THIS - Buffalo NY

Update 2014: I am no longer a member of the Kiss This! band. The band is still together and continues to play in and around Buffalo NY. They can be found on Facebook. My tenure was great fun while it lasted, it was like Halloween every gig! but reflecting back on this incident I think I should have left the band after I got home to my wife and family safe and sound.

Original post: Time for a new "blogless blog" posting...

Yer fave music blogger, Joe Tell had an interesting and eventful weekend recently and since my scanner is down I thought I'd write about the weekend since I can't just scan a couple of things and throw up a couple of new posts'. After you read this story you might call it a "rock and roll" weekend.

As you may or may not know I entered the unique world of the tribute band recently, something I wasn't really interested in until the opportunity arose last year.

The reason why I joined the band is because I literally grew up on the music of KISS as a pre-teen. I used to borrow Beatles albums from my Aunt Pat and my mom bought me all the classic KISS albums along with all the Bay City Rollers records. When I wasn't playing street hockey with my friends I listened to records from KISS or The Beatles on my record player my grandmother bought for me.

The tribute band I joined is Kiss This! The band wears full KISS makeup and KISS costumes.
The first wig I bought was a cheap halloween wig that I wore at a couple of shows. This wig proved to be useless and the hair on the sides was not long enough to be considered "cool".
So after taking some advice, I bought a full Gene Simmons halloween mask and a fellow band member prepped the mask by cutting off the face so I could just use the hair. That was the easy part, the hard part was figuring out how to connect the wig to my hair so it wouldn't move or fall off for the show coming up. We figured that if I bought a nylon skull cap we could use wig glue to glue the masks' hair to the skull cap so it wouldn't move after it was on my head. I was advised to buy wig glue remover in the lotion and shampoo form but not thinking it was a big deal, I didn't buy the shampoo. So we now had the solution for the wig hair problem.

Now here's a couple of things I must explain, being in cover band is 1 thing, being in a tribute band is another thing apart from being in a cover band, you have to think, feel and attempt to recreate the music and the feelings the band tried to convey from the music to the expectant fans, but being in a KISS tribute band is an entirely different experience altogether. A KISS tribute band needs special makeup and costumes to "become" KISS so this creates extra pre-show prep time to look the part and get into the proper mindset to sing and perform.

All of these factors compound together create a unique kind of stress to "get it right" and meet fairly rigid time frames to get in a good sound check at any venue.
I believe all of these these factors created a slight problem for me on this particular day.
I first must explain that I am supposed to take daily medication for a thyroid condition and I should not be smoking due to my asthma but I was smoking and I did not take my thyroid medication that weekend. I also took an over the counter asthma medication to help me breathe easier cause I was smoking along with my inhaler and some ibuprofen to help calm me down.
I believe the factors mentioned above and the "hurry up and wait" of sitting around and having to wait to get my makeup done by the one person who could do it at the time created a problem.
I was the first to get into costume, after having my wig applied to my head with (too much) the glue, I put on my heavy costume and I had to wait around for my makeup to be completed. I wasn't comfortable being in the wig and the costume isn't light, so I was very hot after wearing both for at least 3 hours before the show.
After going outside to smoke I came back into our room to finish my makeup.
I can't explain exactly what happened but I started feeling dizzy and I blacked out after a brush full of black makeup was applied almost directly into the corner of my eye. I came to soaked in a cold sweat and I believe a combination not taking my daily medications, smoking, having a brush full of black makeup stuck in my eye and an over the counter pill all added to my scary blackout. I was not relaxed at all and their was no music playing to occupy my mind before the gig, music relaxes me when I'm preoccupied with any cumbersome thought.
Maybe I had an allergic reaction to the wig glue? or the black makeup that was applied almost directly into my eye?
I need to say that I could have backed out of the gig or insisted on going to a hospital but I knew I had to perform with the band, any hospital visits would have to wait.
After coming to and feeling much better I decided that the show was important and I knew I had to make it through the show and fulfill our commitment as a full band or we would not get paid.
I did not do anything special of different from what I always do before any show.
I was not going to any hospital with full my KISS makeup and costume on with a show to do later that night. No way. Can you imagine seeing an ambulance pulling up to a hospital with a fake Gene Simmons being rolled out? You can write a story about that in itself, maybe Gene could use that idea as a publicity stunt to sell the next KISS record?

Needless to say, after recovering I steered away from any more smoking and I had, maybe a 1/2 of a jack and coke the rest of the night. I relaxed between sets, sat down whenever I could and sipped water all night long, little did I know my stressful night was only halfway over.

After trying to remove my wig at the venue I knew I had another problem. The wig was literally glued to my hair and scalp. I was sweating the whole night of the show, having the full wig and costume on all day and night made me hot and sweaty. So after blacking out and waking up in a cold sweat I was now sweating because I was hot, I was sick of the wig and I wanted it off to cool off and relax. 2 of the other guys in the band wore wigs but they didn't not glue them, they just took them off, I didn't have that option and my stress level rose.
After going back to the hotel and applying the wig glue remover lotion I became angry because it did not work. A combination of too much wig glue and not enough lotion and no wig glue remover shampoo was a huge problem. I was not going to sleep in the wig and wait until we got home to go back to the wig shop to buy the remover shampoo. No way, I wanted it off immediately to cool down.
Thinking ahead and bringing a pair of scissors was a good idea for me because the wig had to be cut off along with the hair on my head. I was in pain throughout the entire process and it took quite awhile to cut through all the glue to remove the wig off of my head.
After cutting the wig off my scalp and hair I looked like a mental patient and I needed to wear a hat on the way home.
Needless to say, I will never, ever glue a wig to my head, ever again and I don't recommend the process to anyone who doesn't have any prior experience with wig glue and wig glue remover.
I still had wig glue on my head the day after and the wig shop didn't have the shampoo remover I needed to get the rest of it off.
I had to shave the rest of the glue off of my sideburns and get the rest of my head shaved in an attempt to look normal again. (see pic below)

I can't speak for the rest of the band but I think my "rock and roll" weekend makes for some interesting reading. I think the experience taught me alot and it's cool enough and a good, true story. Why not add some real life content to my blogless blog? The pictures came out good (see pic below)... if only someone had brought along a digital recorder, it would have made a great youtube video...

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Chunkpipe - Buffalo NY

Anybody who missed the 10/11/14 show missed a good one! Lots of people, lots of chunk debris and tons of fun! Don't miss the next Chunkathon!