Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Molice will be playing Nietzche's on May 5th

The Molice will be playing Nietzche's on May 5th

The Molice are a modern Japanese band who draw inspiration from 70's punk's DIY spirit, 80's new wave, power pop and 90's unchained indies guitar rock. They have a similar vibe to CSS, and Fujiya & Miyagi, with Pixies-esque guitars and powerful 80's style vocals.

The Molice was formed in 2007 by the charismatic female singer/rhythm guitarist Rinko, high tension guitarist Yuzuru Takeda. After a year of polishing their material playing Tokyo's numerous rock venues, the band made their recorded debut in November 2008 with their album 'Doctor Ray'. In the wake of their debut album they also received their first offer to play abroad, and did a UK tour in late 2009.

Their sophomore effort 'Catalystrock' was released in March 2010 followed by their third release, 2012's 'Neugravity' .

In 2014 THE MOLICE returned with a new line up delivering another collection of Lo-Fi Sci-Fi Love with a new album called "Resonance Love" on Good Charamel Records as well as a CD only version released in 2015 including 2 exclusive remixes entitled Resonance Love + !

The MOLICE released their album "5" on  June 11th, 2016 worldwide. The first album the band recorded outside of Japan, The North American version of the album includes a bonus track, a cover of "Bring on the Night" by The Police.

In late 2016 THE MOLICE finished tracking an EP entitled "Signs" which was released digitally September 8, 2017 and visited the US for a string of dates across the Northeast promoting this new release. Signs will be released physically Worldwide December 1st. The band spent the Summer of 2017 recording a new album in the US for release in 2018.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

NOREiKA - Buffalo, NY


Hailing from Akron, NY (suburb of Buffalo) Noreika began his career as a guitarist for a number of Heavy Metal & Thrash bands. Some gained regional notoriety and others never left the basement. Through the years, the daily band rehearsals turned into only twice a week, then to  once a week, then to once a month. It seems that life crept up and changed priorities for Noreika and the other band members. Eventually being in a band faded into memory. Playing guitar for the joy of it became the norm. Gone was its importance as a career - it had turned into a hobby. To Noreika, this alternate path wasn’t empty or hollow. Quite the opposite, it’s brought him love, a Wife, a Son, a reasonable pay check, and many things he wouldn’t have known otherwise. Still, he missed doing the job he loved - performing music. That being said, it was his, then 4 year old, son that keyed him into the fact that something was missing.

One morning Noreika was complaining under his breath about business attire, while ironing his clothes before work, when his Son said, “will you play with me?” Noreika tried to explain that he had to go to work and that he would play when he returned in the evening. His son looked up at him, slightly perplexed by the explanation, and said the words that changed everything, “Daddy, I wish you could be a songwriter so you could stay with me instead of going to work”. That was it (after Noreika wiped away some tears). That was the motivation he needed. The motivation he silently longed for. The giant kick in the pants that only a 4 year old could provide. That evening, after he tucked his son into bed, he began writing, composing, and practicing. He knew that being in a band was tricky and wrought with obstacles. So a decision to go solo was made.

Of significant importance was advice he received from his good friend and one time band-mate; Joe Goretti (drummer from AJR Brothers, Robyn, Ne-Yo, Moby, and many others), "Do it with no expectation of fame. Do it because you love it. Do it because it makes you happy. Do it because it's who you are. Do it solo and be in charge of your own destiny". With that as inspiration, it began. A three song EP, METACOUSTiFOLK was recorded and released to much acclaim.

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2016's follow up; Throw the Switch to Begin, hit the ground running with even more metal inspired, acoustic folk rock, with stirring melodies, thought provoking vocals and a certain vibe that only NOREiKA can provide.

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2017 - Noreika presents: BoXaRoX. A departure from the full band recording of the previous EPs by stripping down the music to the bare essentials of guitar and vocals. A singer / songwriter approach with Noreika's twist of metal inspired acoustic rock.

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2018 - New EP in the works. Back to the full orchestration of the first 2 EPs. Coming summer 2018.


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...@ the Marriott in Amherst, NY

Friday, April 20, 2018

Beams - Toronto, ON


While Beams eagerly awaits their sophomore album record release tour across North America, the inspiration behind the album was not as such. During the writing of the album lead singer/ songwriter Anna Mernieks went down a mental spiral that wreaked havoc on her personal and artistic life. This spiral led to Anna cancelling her wedding with bandmate Mike Duffield, but the crisis encouraged her to deal with her depression while simultaneously sparking the concept of the next record. Two years in the making, teaming up with Ian Gomes (Hooded Fang, Odonis, Odonis), and Peter J. Moore (Neko Case, Cowboy Junkies), Beams will embark on a lengthy tour to Texas and back while showcasing their folk noir melodies from their latest release "Teach Me To Love."

“glorious harmonies and twang-filled acoustics perfectly combine the hustle and bustle of the city with the laid-back atmosphere of the countryside. ” Exclaim! Magazine

“Beams' strength is their restraint, employing just enough singing saw, just enough plucking, just enough mystery in whimsical lyrics.” Now Magazine (NNNN)

“offers such a dizzying array of bouncy arrangements that you'd be hard-pressed to classify it as folk in any strict sense, but it's a giddy, attention-worthy winner no matter what label you stamp on it.” No Depression (USA)

TORONTO, ON - “The lyrics are sad but the music is sweet,” sings Anna Mernieks on the final track of the new Beams album before co-front woman Heather Mazhar comes in for the chorus, their voices combining to strike exactly the bittersweet balance the lyrics describe. It’s a fitting line given that Beams is a band that’s embraced contrasts from the start—even their name has opposing connotations, calling up images of something both solid and permeable, light and dark. With Teach Me To Love, their second full-length album and follow-up to 2015 John McEntire (Tortoise, Yo La Tengo, Broken Social Scene) 7” The Gutters and the Glass, the band is in full command of their contradictions. Recorded at Toronto’s Union Sound Co by Ian Gomes (Hooded Fang, Odonis Odonis) Teach Me To Love’s ten songs are subtle and spacious in their arrangements, while at the same time Beams’ seven members bring a propulsive energy to everything they play. The results are catchy as hell and full of, not nostalgia, but a longing for something you know you can never have, like always wanting to be in the country when you’re in the city, and the other way around.

Toronto-based Beams have been winning over crowds across North America with their hard to classify sound for the last five years. Led by Mernieks and her banjo, the band is usually called some variation of country or bluegrass, (a natural conclusion to come to, considering there could be a mandolin, lap steel, singing saw and several band members wearing plaid on stage at any given time during a Beams set), but they have a certain Kate Bush, Joanna Newsom-like otherworldliness that’s made them impossible to fit neatly in one category.

Teach Me To Love finds Beams much more at home in the realm of psych folk, a genre whose dual nature manages to encompass the sprawling beauty of these new songs. Mining her experiences and her imagination in equal measure, Mernieks’ lyrics turn the everyday into the unbelievable, blurring reality, but only at its edges. “My Second Time At The Mountains” wonders if you can ever experience a “first” again, whether it’s the awe of seeing mountains for the first time, or the way you loved someone in the beginning. “Apartment In My Head” is a spiralling, sinister tune propelled by Mernieks’ banjo, which plucks prettily as ever but brings with it a sense of deep foreboding, calling to mind acts like fellow Torontonians Timber Timbre, who evoke a similar sonic atmosphere.

“Beams’ strength is their restraint, employing just enough singing saw, just enough plucking, just enough mystery in whimsical lyrics,” Julia LeConte wrote in her four-star review of their 2013 debut album Just Rivers. The arrangements on Teach Me To Love are truly accomplished, a testament to the musicianship of each band member, who are practiced at leaving elbow room for each other in the music, if not in the band van. Brothers Dave and Keith Hamilton on mandolin and singing saw/vibraphone respectively, bring texture and personality, Mike Duffield’s relentlessly excellent drumming, alongside Craig Moffatt on bass, acts as both backbone and pulse, supporting everything while driving it forward, and Martin Crawford’s guitars lift the songs just as high as Mernieks’ and Mazhar’s weightless harmonies.

This latest offering is a versatile, ambitious album that sounds right anywhere, whether it’s first thing in the morning on your subway ride to work, on a late night long distance drive, or live, in a bar, on the dance floor. Because, for all their subtleties and complexities, Beams is also a band that will make you want to dance. 


05/07-13 CMW - Toronto, ON
06/09 Kelly’s - Bracebridge, ON

Tuesday, April 17, 2018



New York-based Gladshot shared their latest single "Ride" via Northern Transmissions. The track is from their album These Are Vitamins, which is out now. 

Considering they’ve already worked on everything from a “dystopian rock musical” (Barcode) to songs that scored TV shows on TNT, ABC and MTV - and after wrapping up a live set on WFMU’s Goddamn Dave Hill show where they lit up Dave’s message board and then went on to headline a sold out NYC show - it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that Debbie Andrews and Mike Blaxill are at the peak of their creative powers on the new Gladshot album These Are Vitamins. Due out October 27th via the group’s own DIY imprint, it’s their second effort with super producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Waxahatchee) and the first to feature bassist Jesse Murphy alongside drummer Tony Mason and guitarist Tim Bright.

“We’re so happy with the way they sound on the record,” explains Gladshot’s core duo. “Jesse came out of the Nublu world music scene and plays with Brazilian Girls. Tony never does the song the exact same way twice—which we love—and has played with Norah Jones and Leo Nocentelli of The Meters. Tim’s a self-proclaimed ‘sonic explorer and music ninja nerd’; one of the sounds he used on the record is from a trip to China where he went in search of the most out-there effect box he could find.” (See: the hologram-dodging hooks and robust, psych-steeped riffs of “Simulation”.)

All three of ‘em will join Gladshot on the road this fall, adding to the push-and-pull dynamics Mike and Debb perfected on their last EP, Maxwell’s Cool Demon. It’s something they’ve been working on ever since the two met at a songwriter collective that performed and critiqued one another’s songs. At the time, Mike and his propulsive guitar were on more of a roots-rock tip, and Debb pulled in pop influences and the serious jazz skills that earned her a National Endowment for the Arts nod and lessons with the legendary pianist Joanne Brackeen (a session player and live performer for such esteemed musicians as Ornette Coleman, Art Blakey, and Stan Getz).

Now Gladshot can be best described as bold garage band, striking a perfect balance between pop and psychedelic music. Not to mention reflecting such varied influences as the Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, AC/DC, Crowded House, Marvin Gaye, and the road-tested records of Cherry Glazerr, Langhorne Slim, and Cymbals Eat Guitars.

“We each generate our own musical ideas,” the pair explains, “then we get together to decide what will be a song. Once it’s written, one of Debb's favorite things is coming up with keyboard parts—cool ones that meld into the song, the way Nicky Hopkins does on ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ or ‘She's a Rainbow’. They inspire her to keep it all lo-fi and simple.”

And catchy; my how it’s all oh-so-catchy….

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Rosewater - Long Beach, California

Rosewater's newest release is called rosewater aka and it's being released on 4/25/18.
Check it out on their bandcamp, scroll down for link.

Rosewater is Blair Clark's new pop punk band out of Long Beach, California.
Here's the lineup... Blair Clark vocals, guitar, Leah Brooke vocals, guitar, Randy Maass drums.
Rosewater is a three piece garage band from Long Beach CA. Male and Female fronted band of two guitars and a drummer. Both guitarists sing. The music is frantic and fun, sweet punk, sour pop. Rosewater puts on a killer show, no yapping just rock and roll. 
Thanks for listening.

rosewater aka album art releases 4/25/18

Love Bomb album art 2/18

Bad City album art 11/17