Sunday, January 25, 2015

Current Events


Performers, musicians, bands, clubs, show promoters and booking agents feel free to send me any future happening Event flyers to my Facebook, Joe Tell or you can send them in jpg picture file form to and I will post it to help promote your event on this Current Events post.
Thank you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stellar Lane - Tel-Aviv, Israel

Stellar Lane brings back the sound and spirit of 90's Rock, Alice in chains and Soundgarden meets Procol Harum.
The Brothers Fogelzang unique dual vocals define the band's sound along with their energetic drums, bass, keyboards and guitars.
Stellar Lane are currently in the studio recording their debut album.
The band recently released a new single called "Fairy Tale" produced by TIM PALMER
(Pearl Jam - Ten).
Listen to Stellar Lane online! goto

Thank you Stellar Lane!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Forever Green - Buffalo, NY

Danny Manzella and I are writing music together again as Forever Green with the help of producer Mike Boncaldo of Ansley Court and Chunkpipe? fame.
Forever Green has also enlisted the top shelf help of Tony Chimera on bongos from 55 Main and Tommy Leach on 5 string bass from River Rocks.
Forever Green has released 2 live original tracks, "Waves" and "Old Dead Flea Blues" from the famed Tudor Lounge in Buffalo, NY with special guest Tony Chimera on bongos.
Big thanks goes out to Bruce Markwardt for recording us. Thanks Dad!
3 new originals have also been written, recorded and released, "When You're Near Me", "I'd Find My Way" and the 6 minute opus "Seniorita".
All of these songs are available on the Forever Green reverbnation music page.
Dan and I sincerely hope you enjoy listening as much as we did playing them.

City Streets is a Rock/Blues band that also includes Danny on Vocals and Larry Saunders on Guitar.
You can also find City Streets on Reverbnation & Facebook.

8/24/2011 Update: Forever Green is Now on Reverbnation!
Check out the Youtube video Forever Green (2) to hear Forever Green live...
Thank You for posting the videos Sue & Cheryl!
Forever Green is an acoustic duo Dan & I put together to express our love for music.
logo by Dan the Man.

Here's a classic FG handbill created by Joe and recently given to me by Dan. Thanks Dan!

This post is dedicated to Debbie Owens.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Chunkpipe - Buffalo NY

Anybody who missed the 10/11/14 show missed a good one! Lots of people, lots of chunk debris and tons of fun! Don't miss the next Chunkathon on 3/14/15!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ansley Court

Thank You Mike! Now I have Bakers Dozen to listen to...
Scroll down to

Ansley Court was a cool, rockin' alternative band from Buffalo that was gigging and recording in the 90's. I had the pleasure of seeing them play live a couple of times and also had the pleasure of working w/Joe (JOFO 70) while he recorded his solo album in the Sidway building. Last I heard Joe moved to NYC. Ansley Court was an extremely talented bunch of original songwriters, their sound could be called alternative rock but it is a unique, eclectic blend of many genres. The overall sound of "jade heart bleeder" is very cool. Lots of interesting sounds going on to entertain the ears. I think A.S. was way ahead of the curve and not your average, ordinary band by any means.

After all this time I still enjoy listening to "jade heart bleeder".

Saturday, January 17, 2015

JiBmaster - "School Pizza"!

JiBmaster, "School Pizza"!

To hear the hit single "Spread it Around", click here!

 Who is JiBmaster?
For those who don't know, JiBmaster is a Buffalo-based original rock band.  With a particular, nearly-retro guitar-based sound, distinctive, catchy songwriting, and "not-your-usual" subject matter, you'll soon come to know when you are hearing a JiBmaster tune.  If there is a category for the music, I'd have to call it "Novelty Stoner Folk(ish) Rock".  The music was written entirely by the band, and recorded in a basement studio.  I produced the album - for the first time in my career acting solely as producer/engineer, and not performing :)
Perhaps best of all, School Pizza features the performances of many other great musicians from the WNY area: guitar solos, viola, trumpet, & more ear candy is scattered all over the album.

The JiBmaster website is up and functional!  You can:
  • See the full album artwork and credits
  • Download all the songs (free!)
  • Leave a message for JiBmaster
  • Even give a donation to help the cause
There are more features to come, including live photos, videos, exclusive JiBmaster merchandise, and who knows what else... Laughing

Purchase or Preview the Album at CDBaby
The CD is also available at!  You can preview the entire album for free, and buy only what you like ($0.99 per song, or $5.00 for the whole album).  Old Timers: You can even order a real live physical CD!
Even if you're too cheap for that (like me), you can at least go to CD Baby and download the single "Spread it Around" for free.  It will help put JiBmaster on the digital charts!

Spread it Around!
If you like the album, please tell your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, chiropractors, mistresses, drug suppliers, and mortal enemies!  We hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your support!
-Mike Boncaldo & JiBmaster

Thank You, Mike!

Friday, January 16, 2015

55 Main - Buffalo, NY

Dan the Man!

Photo by Studio 112 Photography.

Randy Barnard on Guitar!
Party On The Patio!
55 Main featuring Randy Barnard on guitar and Dan Manzella on vocals!
55 Main can be found on Facebook.

Here's "55 Main" playing @ 55 Main.

One of Dan's other music projects is City Streets, featuring Larry Saunders on guitar. This picture is from the recent Exposure concert.

Yet another fun music project I shared with Dan is Forever Green, which started off as duo but has now grown into a 4-piece, featuring Tony Chimera on bongos. Here's F.G. @ EXP III.

Talented singers are in demand, this is why Dan currently sings with 3 musical projects, if you're lucky enough you might even catch Dan singing at a local open mic. Dan is so passionate about singing he finds the time to share his passion with his local church choir as well.

A Special Thank You goes out to Dan, Cheryl, City Streets & 55 Main!