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Whiskey Reverb - Nathan Bates Rejects The Illuminati

Whiskey Reverb Soul Vibration Tour dates 2015

Whiskey Reverb's latest and greatest musical release is Nathan Bates Rejects The Illuminati.
I am reviewing this CD to support Whiskey Reverb, one of the best original bands from the current Buffalo, NY music scene.

First I must comment on the title of the CD, Nathan Bates Rejects The Illuminati, the title made me think "Who is this Nathan Bates guy and why did he reject the Illuminati?" so I googled Nathan Bates and there really is no world famous Nathan Bates to speak off. Maybe it's an offhand reference to Norman Bates? The title made me think how did Whiskey Reverb come up with this title and why did they use the title? The title piqued my interest and made me want to hear the music to find out what Whiskey Reverb is all about. I'm sure there is a great story behind the cool, hip CD title.

Onto the music, the CD starts off with a very cool prelude called Shake The Cage. The piano sounds, provided by Wade Benford, are very melancholy and the backwards guitar fades in right at the perfect moment.
Shake The Cage continues on into a funky, steady flowing rock tune with a ton of great sound effects throw into the musical palette to keep the listener's ears engaged. A cool indian sound featuring a sitar introduces a rockin' guitar solo played by Mike Cassidy. There seems to be a positive message flowing throughout the song. My interpretation is that if you want to change your life you need to shake things up a bit and break out of your daily routine. Shake The Cage sets the tone and the mood for the rest of the music to follow.

Something Good is a strong and positive song that starts off with the droning sound of an A note. The songs' sound is reminiscent of a great Coldplay or Oasis song with some Whiskey Reverb juice thrown into the mix. Jim Candytree sounds great and he takes this one out with a awesome vocal outro.

Thank U sounds like a soundtrack for a party, with a intro by A2J and a sweet chorus sang by Megan Brown. Thank U is a uplifting song you should play when you want to have a good time, better yet cue this song up when you are havin' a party to lift it up that much higher.

Dreamsong is exactly as the title suggests, an ethereal, soft flowing song that features Megan Brown on lead vocals. Dreamsong has the sound and feel of a song that can easily carry you away into a different state of mind if you let it. A dreamy song featuring a beautiful voice.

Nathan Bates Rejects The Illuminati is proving to be a diverse soundscape full of different musical genres and talented singers mixed into one cohesive unit, the band has proven to bunch of highly talented individuals halfway through the CD.

Between The Veil is up next, this song is carried by a uptempo acoustic guitar groove and a great lead vocal by Jim Candytree. Mike Cassidy adds some color to the groove, strumming an electric guitar into the mix. This is a strong, uptempo rocker. The rhythm section of Scotty Harrington and Tony Bales lay down a solid groove with Tony Bales throwing in some quick bass lines to help push the song along.

The Way We Live sounds like it has the potential to be a great rap song. The rhythm section sounds as if they're holding back but the groove is still tight. I can hear a stronger rhythm track that could make The Way We Live an awesome rap song with A2J grabbing the spotlight with his words. The tempo twists around as the song morphs into a unique mix of original samples and a erotic gasp brings a lead guitar solo in. The Way We Live is a unique song, it takes a few listens to "get" the groove. Great performances by A2J, Megan and Mike are highlighted on this experimental track.

Letters is a straight forward, acoustic rock song driven by the vocals of Jim Candytree and the keyboards of Wade Benford. After a tasty guitar solo by Mike Cassidy a double vocal by Jim and Megan takes this song out.

to be continued...

Congratulations Whiskey Reverb! 

"Now that the cat is out of the bag, we (Whiskey Reverb) are proud to announce that we have officially signed on our first distribution contract with Projekt/Warner Bros. and a publishing deal with Seireenien/BMI. We are so excited for the opportunity to spread our music to a worldwide audience and feed that SoulFire. "

Buffalo Music Award winners and Tudor Lounge favorites, Whiskey Reverb are climbing the rock 'n roll ladder to success.
Whiskey Reverb can best described as "Psychedelic, sexy, funk rock from heaven" and they come highly recommended by JoTell.
With their recent Facebook announcement (goto https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whiskey-Reverb/262004595188) it's a fact that Whiskey Reverb have parlayed their back-to-back Hard Rock Buffalo Rising winnings (2012 & 2013) to even more juicy success...
W.R. combine a myriad of great musical influences, excellent musicianship and awesome stage presence into a complete rockin' party everytime they grace a stage. Good looks W.R.!

Now, just for you, here's Whiskey Reverb's "World's Greatest Hits"

FutureSight from 2012

Serendipity from 2012.

The Tyranny of The Mainstream SoulFire Volume I from 2011.

and Proverbs Bi-Polar & The Body Electric from 2010.

W.R. says "Thank You" for your support!

Special thanks goes out to Jim and Whiskey Reverb.

Current Events

Thank you Mike Boncaldo!



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Lightning Bolt - Mohawk Place 4/15

Thrill Jockey Records very own Lightning Bolt is coming through Buffalo in April. The band will be performing at Mohawk Place on 4/15.
Lightning Bolt are touring in support of their new album Fantasy Empire. This is their first album in five years and their first truly studio-produced album, more closely approximating the experience of seeing them perform live than ever before.

The two-man outfit of Brian Gibson (bass) and Brian Chippendale (drums & vocals) have been putting on their legendarily raucous live shows for twenty years; seeing the band perform live is an experience every Lightning Bolt fan lives for.
Lightning Bolt puts on a pretty crazy performance that's not to be missed: Brian Chippendale usually wears a crazy knit mask and Lightning Bolt they has be known to play shows on the floor in the crowd.
Here’s a link to an great interview the band did with Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/premieres/hear-lightning-bolts-first-recording-in-six-years-the-metal-east-20150210

Thank You, Allie!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Artvoice Magazine - Buffalo, NY

Update 2/19/15: The Artvoice webpage has corrected my pen name on the link for my Southern Bastards review to Joe Tell, however the name on the actual review is still Jack Dumpert. The current issue has the real Jack Dumpert as a reviewer for Fury Max: My War Gone By.

Update 2/18/15: After a visit to Queen City Bookstore recently it turns out that Jack Dumpert is a real person who will be submitting reviews for Queen City and Artvoice in the future. Since I didn't sign my last review somehow it was assumed that Jack Dumpert submitted it. Needless to say I will be signing all of my future reviews as Joe Tell to avoid any more mixups.

Update 2/14/15: Just a couple of opinions on the free local entertainment papers in town.
There is a new paper called The Public that is worth checking out.
The absolute worst free entertainment paper in town is Nightlife magazine, it seems that the awards they give out every year are coveted by alot of local musicians but they really don't mean anything. Bands are usually submitted by booking agents to promote their cover bands in an attempt to draw more people out to see them when they perform. Nightlife has no website so you have to pick up a copy to see who's nominated and who wins these awards. The poor quality newsprint is printed with lots of typos, bad photos and lewd ads for strip joints.
Improve the awards by giving out 1 plaque to each award winning band member. I'm sure 1 or 2 winning bands had the unique problem of deciding which band member took the winning plaque home at the end of the night. Acquire some local sponsors to donate a few prizes to the winners, this would help out local businesses and add value to the awards.
Buffalo's best original music CD should, absolutely, be recognized once a year to help the band reach a wider audience. Recognizing the best original band every year is a good first step, promoting their CD as the best original music release of the year would help the winner reach a wider audience.

Original post: In the most recent issue of the Artvoice newspaper, the only arts & entertainment paper in town worth picking up to read, my pen name has been changed, once again, this time to another new alias/pen name Jack Dumpert...?
I think it may be interesting to follow my pen names throughout because it may make for some interesting "blogless blog" reading, so here we go,
Once again the newest issue, 2/12 - 2/18 the Southern Bastards graphic novel review by Jack Dumpert.

1/29 - 2/04 issue The Underwater Welder review by Joe Miletto.

1/8 - 1/14 issue Thanos Rising review by Joe Tell.

12/24 - 1/7 The Joker review by Joe Tell.

12/11 - 12/17 Batman '66 review by Joeseph Tell.

Anyway you spell it's still me, Joseph Militello.

My sincere thanks to Emil from Queen City Bookstore and Artvoice newspaper for publishing my reviews, in print and online.

Thank you!!

Blogger business cards

Update: 2/18/15, I am currently looking for a new background to use on a new biz card. I am open to suggestions and artistic submissions.

Version 3.0 from 2013-2014...Thank You Maria Militello and The Machine! 
There's a cool video on youtube of the song being performed in the picture.

Above is the 2nd version of my biz card from 2011/2012. Yes, Amy Z granted me permission to use her photo on the card! I thought it was a cool enough pic to use on the card. 
Typo: my comic book blog is now under a different web address.

Below is my original Biz Card, I gave out 250 of these and made some great connections. 
Les Paul logo was given to me through a blog piece contact. Typo: Google owns my blog I don't.

Bloggers are people too!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wolf - Buffalo, NY

3/21 Wolf CD Release Show at Mohawk Place. 
Wolf is going to be joined by The Demos, Mink and Johnny Nobody. 
Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/516211561851433/
Wolf Facebook http://facebook.com/musicbywolf 
Check out the new Wolf single on Bandcamp http://musicbywolf.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/musicbywolf
Wolf homepage http://musicbywolf.com/
Thank you Chelsea and Wolf.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Carina and The Six String Preacher - Liquid Think CD Review

First off I must tell a bit of a back story about the copy of Liquid Think that I received from The Six String Preacher (Vince). Vince invited me to the Sportmen's Tavern CD release party for Liquid Think (Thank You Vince!) awhile back and I couldn't attend. I had to visit Vince in person and ask him for a copy to review and Vince was gracious enough to forward me a copy of the CD (once again, Thank You Vince).

I have reviewed music that Vince has composed before and Vince was excited to read my review of Liquid Think. I still have many CD's to review so trying to get ahead of the game I forwarded my copy of Liquid Think to a friend of mine. My friend agreed to review the CD but unbeknownst to me my friend decided to forward the copy I gave him to a friend of his. So my attempt to get ahead brought me two steps back instead. I did not copy Liquid Think to my computer so I had to pay Vince for a new copy. I was happy to pay Vince but at the same time I was annoyed that I didn't copy the CD before I gave away my copy to my friend.

Now on with the review, Liquid Think is at first listen a jazz based CD with torch light singer vocals. But Liquid Think goes way beyond torch light jazz in it's musical scope. Carina & The Six String Preacher (C.S.S.P.) feature a couple of acoustic duo songs, a rockabilly song and a couple of melodic rock songs on Liquid Think.

Here's a little background on torch light singers, they're usually female and Billie Holiday immediately comes to mind when I think of torch light singing. She was singing along with jazz musicians in the 1930's, 40's, and 50's. Carina sings in a similar style to Billie Holiday and current jazz and rockabilly singer Imelda May. Les Paul and Mary Ford come to mind and C.S.S.P. can be compared to the very successful pop/jazz guitar duo from the 50's. C.S.S.P. combine retro, jazz styles, some pop sensibility and smooth as silk vocals to create a unique sound all their own. (new genre...Nu-Lounge?...jazz-noir.)

Liquid Think starts off with Champagne, Smoke, and a Light. The jazzy, guitar chord progression reminded me of the song, Stray Cat Strut when I first heard it. Carina's vocals are sweet and sultry and she even takes a scatting vocal solo during the opening track. The vocal sound is unique, maybe they were sung through a Shure 55 microphone? (see Lee Hoffman's recent photo below)

(Photo of Carina courtesy of Lee Hoffman) http://leehoffmanphoto.com/

The second track, Honey, highlights Carina's sultry and suggestive vocals. Carina shows off her great, jazz style, singing chops. Honey is a way groovy song and it reminds me of something I may have heard on the soundtrack of an old black and white movie. Some Like It Hot starring Marilyn Monroe comes to mind. The keyboard fills sound like a flute, and they add some sweet, melodic color to the song. The S.S.P. takes a guitar solo on Honey. The sound of the guitar and the solo chops are pure jazz.

The title track, Liquid Think, is a really funky, uptempo jazz track with some great keyboard and guitar playing. The chorus is very melodic and catchy, overall the song has a unique and fresh, pop, jazzy sound...(new genre...pop jazz?) The sweet vocals are full of innuendo and sass. The guitar riff right after the chorus vocal highlights the lyric and lifts up the melody perfectly. Great song!

One Way Lust is a melodic, uptempo, rock song. Carina's great vocal track is backed up by a sweet sounding backing track. The drums, keys, guitar and bass sound excellent. The overall sound on One Way Lust leans more toward alternative rock than jazz. Carina's vocals are just the cat's meow on One Way Lust.

My Baby's Got A Cadi is a rocker. The drum track performed by John Brady is absolutely hopping! The sound on this song is full out, 50's, rockabilly romp. The hand claps and vocal scatting on the outro sound great. The S.S.P. shows off his rockabilly chops on the guitar track, this guy can play it all!

Snowflake is different than all the rest of the songs on Liquid Think and this is my fave on the CD so far. The innovative guitar playing of the S.S.P. instantly creates a dreamy, ethereal mood with the opening guitar figure and the djembe playing by Carina creates the perfect rhythm to accompany the guitar. The vocals work well with the guitar to complete the spacey feel of the song. The chimes add a great musical touch to the song.
I can imagine and hear the opening guitar line turned full-up with distortion in my head, creating a heavy, hard rock song.

(Photo of The Six String Preacher courtesy of Julie Ann Schumacher Photography) https://www.facebook.com/julieanneschumacherphotography

Destiny starts off with a sweet guitar intro, the feeling is rock and the guitar sound reminds the sound Doug Pettibone frequently uses. Destiny has a pop rock feel and sound, it could be compared to Sheryl Crow at times but Carina's vocal accents and inflections bring a unique sound to the song.

4:39 sounds like a rock/jazz love song. Carina's vocal talents really shine through on this song. The music/backing track that support the chorus sounds really cool and unique, the vocal dubs come together to create a very listenable and melodic sound. The verses' sound like Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer. Great alternative rock/pop song!

Jack Ash is another bebop, nu-lounge, jazz jam that features some great singing by Carina.

Lullaby For Jonny is an acoustic duo song that is different from the rest of the songs. Carina's oohs, aah's and scats create a dreamy feel while the S.S.P. accompanies on acoustic guitar. This song reminded me of the Beatles classic Blackbird at certain points.

The last song, One Way Lust, is a acoustic duo version of the 4th track. The tempo is a little slower which allows to Carina to stretch out the vocals and sing a bit more than the 1st version.

I highly recommend Liquid Think to any jazz music fans out there in blog land.
I also would recommend Liquid Think to any local music fan seeking something new and different to listen to.

"Jazz Noir" Carina and The Six String Preacher Facebook link
Carina and The Six String Preacher SoundCloud link https://soundcloud.com/cssp

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stellar Lane - Tel-Aviv, Israel

Stellar Lane brings back the sound and spirit of 90's Rock, Alice in chains and Soundgarden meets Procol Harum.
The Brothers Fogelzang unique dual vocals define the band's sound along with their energetic drums, bass, keyboards and guitars.
Stellar Lane are currently in the studio recording their debut album.
The band recently released a new single called "Fairy Tale" produced by TIM PALMER
(Pearl Jam - Ten).
Listen to Stellar Lane online! goto

Thank you Stellar Lane!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Chunkpipe - Buffalo NY

Anybody who missed the 10/11/14 show missed a good one! Lots of people, lots of chunk debris and tons of fun! Don't miss the next Chunkathon on 3/14/15!