Saturday, September 20, 2014

55 Main

Dan the Man!

Photo by Studio 112 Photography.

Randy Barnard on Guitar!
Party On The Patio!
55 Main featuring Randy Barnard on guitar and Dan Manzella on vocals!
55 Main can be found on Facebook.

Here's "55 Main" playing @ 55 Main.

One of Dan's other music projects is City Streets, featuring Larry Saunders on guitar. This picture is from the recent Exposure concert.

Yet another fun music project I shared with Dan is Forever Green, which started off as duo but has now grown into a 4-piece, featuring Tony Chimera on bongos. Here's F.G. @ EXP III.

Talented singers are in demand, this is why Dan currently sings with 3 musical projects, if you're lucky enough you might even catch Dan singing at a local open mic. Dan is so passionate about singing he finds the time to share his passion with his local church choir as well.

A Special Thank You goes out to Dan, Cheryl, City Streets & 55 Main!  

55 Main - J.K. Media

J.K. Media was present at Danielle's Grad Party and they were nice enough to take pictures of 55 Main and send me some pictures of the band.

Dan the Man on vocals.

Joe, Tony and Dan rockin' out.

Randy on lead guitar.

Brian on rhythm guitar and vocals.

Joe Tell fillin' in on bass.

Tony on bongos.

Dan on drums.

J.K. Media's website link...
J.K. Media's FB page...
Thank You 55 Main & J.K. Media!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow - Buffalo NY

Onward and upward with the Aurora Borealis CD review!

Listened to "A Song For All My Friends" first thing today and I was drawn into the song by the mellow, spacy, guitar riff/vocal intro. The vocals, guitar and keyboard come together to create a great, atmospheric intro. The vocals come forward to bring the energy up and the drums follow suit slowly building and bringing in the rock and roll energy. The band uses elements of alternative/new wave and punk rock music to create a great rockin' sound. I can hear and feel the raw, energetic energy of the band in this song. This is my 2nd fave song on Aurora Borealis.
Song #16 proves that this band is creative enough and open minded when it comes to creating great, musical soundscapes together in the studio. With it's swirling sitar sounds #16 is a super neat intro for A Song For All My Friends.
"Steampunk Hero" as the song title would suggest, is a upbeat, high energy, alternative rock song. I was reminded of Jimmy Eat World when I listened to this song.
"Grey" sounds like a groovy, tropical vacation getaway song. Sweet percussive track coupled with a perfect guitar sound. Great background soundscape.
"Northern Lights" sounds like the soundtrack from a live, electrical generator. Electrifyingly great intro for "Pt. ii"...
"Pt. ii" sounds surprisingly like a song that could've come straight from the 80's. I grew up in the 80's so I like the new wave stuff that MTV used to play 24/7. Great atmospheric guitar track on "Pt. ii".
"Noise Color Excess" sounds like the intro for "Goodbye, Goodnight". The chaotic "Noise Color Excess" serves as the perfect intro for the melodic "Goodbye, Goodnight". The vocals of Jesse Kaufman remind me of Robert Smith from The Cure on this song. The saxophone is a great sounding addition to "Goodbye, Goodnight".
Who is this "Mark Rothko" guy anyway? He must be cool enough to inspire YVT to write a song, so he must be good people. Anyway "Mark Rothko" sounds like a perfectly mixed combo platter of U2 and Coldplay. This song must be killer when the band plays it live, with it's soaring vocals and powerful drum track.
"Sprawl Song Singalong" is a acoustic romp that is simply simple enough to get you to clapping and singing along.
"You Look Like Sunshine" sounds like a love song. The rhythm guitar is solid and the rhyming lyrics top of this song brilliantly.
"Local Millionares" sounds like a combination of 60's garage and surf rock. To be more specific Dick Dale with a splash of Devo and the B-52's. This is a cool rock track full of great guitar sounds.
"Astronomy" is up next, the intro is cool enough to me to be considered pink floydish. The guitar figure that comes in reminded me of U2. Once the entire band kicks in the song proves to be a good, mid-tempo, alternative rock song.
"Just Wait" is a slow one so you can get mellowed out. The vocals of Jesse and a acoustic guitar dominate this song.
"Coffee Shop Theme Song" features a mandolin and an up-front bass track. The tempo quickens as the song progresses' much like a coffee buzz. The more you drink the faster you function. A cool U2 guitar like riff kicks in about 3/4 of the way in, topping off the song much like chocolate flakes on a caffe' mocha.
The intro of "Renaissance Man' is just great. The keyboard and guitar sound great together. The sound is melancholy and rather retrospective. Obvious references to the 80's can be made but the band still manages to sound unique and really rocks out on this song. "Renaissance Man" is my fave song on Aurora Borealis.

"Aurora Borealis" is definitely of the most innovative albums I've reviewed so far.
I'm impressed by the many unique and different sounds Yesterday Vs Tomorrow creates on the CD.
"Aurora Borealis" is sure to please 80's new wave and alternative rock fans alike.

Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow Aurora Borealis album cover.

Basic YVT Info
Founded 2011
Genre: Pretentious Indie Rock
Jesse Kaufman
Joshua Keller
Preston Cofta
John DeJac
Hometown Buffalo, NY
Record Label Independent
Influences:Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, Andy Kaufman, Pavement, Christopher Lloyd
Press Contact

Special thanks to Jesse and YVT.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Widow Maker - Buffalo NY


Complete CD art for Widow Maker's all original CD "Tattoo". Thank You Michael and Widow Maker!

Goto to find when and where Widow Maker will be playing next, when you go to see the band perform ask the band how you can pick up a copy of "Tattoo".

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Ansley Court

Thank You Mike! Now I have Bakers Dozen to listen to...
Scroll down to

Ansley Court was a cool, rockin' alternative band from Buffalo that was gigging and recording in the 90's. I had the pleasure of seeing them play live a couple of times and also had the pleasure of working w/Joe (JOFO 70) while he recorded his solo album in the Sidway building. Last I heard Joe moved to NYC. Ansley Court was an extremely talented bunch of original songwriters, their sound could be called alternative rock but it is a unique, eclectic blend of many genres. The overall sound of "jade heart bleeder" is very cool. Lots of interesting sounds going on to entertain the ears. I think A.S. was way ahead of the curve and not your average, ordinary band by any means.

After all this time I still enjoy listening to "jade heart bleeder".

Friday, September 5, 2014

RULE! - Buffalo NY

Old skool pic of Angst from Late At Night Magazine.

The Real Rulers RULE! cassette insert from 92. I just picked this up @ The Record Baron (the only place that still sells cassette tapes, as far as I know...) because my new (used) Van doesnt play CD's only tapes...darn it. Anyway I had the pleasure to play and record with these guys back in '91 when they were called The Real Rulers.

Before The Real Rulers was Mylan Sheath. Classic flyer and pic from '86.
Courtesy of Bill's Facebook page.
Special thanks to the Professor.