Monday, July 25, 2016

Blair Clark - Madison, WI

Blair Clark has released a new EP called Look Out!. This should be parked in your garage. It is rock and roll at its lowest. This is Blair Clark's 5th EP this year, the goal is 10 by December.
Hope you enjoy, thanks for listening - Blair.  
Blair Clark soundcloud page
Look for a review of Look Out! by Joe Tell soon...

Blair Clark is a low crooner and a late bloomer. He is a singer songwriter from Madison WI. In 2009 he formed the punk rock band underculture. Two years later he started the band The Sills. The music fused bluegrass and folk with punk rock and rockabilly. They put out two cd's and then Blair walked away in 2015. He is currently recording from his apartment on a smallish 8trk on a 10 EP run. He writes songs from his broken heart and broken head. The music is lean. His June release Take Me Like You Found Me is pop candy. In May he released Demolicious it is delicious lo-fi. You can check out all of his EPs at The Sills can also be found on bandcamp.

Take Me Like You Found Me is a authentic lo-fi experience the likes of which haven't been heard of since the late 60's. The throwback sound brings to mind all of the coolest bands who were influential in the development of punk and alternative rock. The song has a uplifting tempo which may very well inspire much dancing when played live. Blair's vocals are sweet and soulful, using accents and fluttering tremelo to create a unique singing style.
Come Away With Me would fit right in at any rock and roll dance party. A crowded dance hall full of swaying bodies comes to mind when I listen to this song. A guitar plays in the background and fills in all of the open spaces in the melody perfectly. The vocals convey the feeling of smoldering urgency.
See Saw is a melancholy, yet very melodic, rock and roll song which immediately drew me in. The song has a laid back feel yet still manages to sound strong with it's outstanding lead guitar hooks. Blair Clark's sad vocal tones convey the mood and set the tone for the song. See Saw is my newest, favorite song and the best song on Take Me Like You Found Me.
Silver Bells has the feel of late 50's rock and roll rave up. The descending guitar chords help create the mood with a fantastic, jingly jangly Fender sound. Pull out your old leather and slick your hair back before you listen is highly recommended. Bum a cigarette off your buddy to complete the picture.
Ithaca closes out Take Me Like You Found Me is style. Blair's influences can be heard on this track. Traces of Lou Reed, David Bowie and Iggy Pop can be heard in Blair's heartfelt vocal delivery.

Everybody has a sexy side. This is mine.
Demolicious released May 19, 2016
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, and Drum Machine -Blair Clark
Words and Music by Blair Clark

Songs for the Sills. When I walked away from the Sills, we had a songs that were never recorded. These are a few.
No Sills No Sale released April 21, 2016
Guitars, Bass, Drums, Xylophone and Vocals - Blair Clark
Recorded at Home on tiny 8 track recorder

Ring A Bell released February 15, 2016
Credits: Blair Clark - guitar, vocals
Leah Brooke - vocals
Todd Phipps - keyboard
Pete Olig - bass
Ken Koeppler - drums
Words and music by Blair Clark, all rights reserved
Recorded and mixed by Ken Koeppler
The Sound Garden studio

Blair Clark twitter

Joe Tell Contact info

Update 7/25/16:
Once again I must state a lesson that I learned to live by a long time ago.
I have learned that it's really easy to be blatantly disrespectful and negative but it's a lot harder to stay positive and hold your tongue in a attempt to keep the peace. If more people thought this way this world would be a much better place.
I can write childish and immature posts' about things I don't like and people I don't agree with but I don't, instead I choose to spend my time writing things that help people in an attempt to build them up.
You can believe what you want to believe but this is my reality, out of respect for my family I have held down a full-time job for over a year and I do not buy or plan on doing any drugs with anyone in the near future.
Music is my passion and every time I go out to see a band the energy that builds up inside of me is undeniable and very hard to contain. A fellow musician may know this urgent feeling but anyone who doesn't love to play will never understand. My attitude would be very different if no one else got up to play and I didn't know the guys in the band. I choose to no longer play in cover bands but when I did play I never played it safe and always took chances. I always went into unexplored territory in an attempt to become a better player and performer. It's easy to "play it safe", always playing in the same positions on the neck while standing still. It's much harder to explore the neck in a creative way while trying to move around in an attempt to entertain fickle, disinterested crowds.
If you don't have a desire to become a better player and/or performer you never will understand.
Thanks for providing further inspiration.

-Always seeking new local music to review on this music blog, if your band is interested in submitting a CD or 2 for review or submitting a show flyer please email: for more info.
-Currently accepting paid fill-in offers playing bass.
I am a experienced fill-in player, having recently filled in for the cover bands Under Arrest and 55 Main learning their set-lists' on bass guitar for a performance.
-Offering beginner guitar and bass lessons to interested students who have their own instrument.
-After 34 years of experience playing countless gigs with a slew of local bands and after compiling many years of studio experience I'm offering my expertise and knowledge to any serious band that needs a in-studio musical consultant or producer.
-I have deleted my facebook (FB) account.
"What did people do before they wasted entire days looking at the marginals of other people's lives on Facebook? How did they get by not knowing what some stranger had for dinner...?"
Thank you Mike Hudson from Artvoice, you hit the nail right on the head.
This mindless egotistical comment from Facebook was directed toward me and my music along with many other brainless comments so I am posting this to remind myself why I deleted my account.
"Remember to vote for the guy that's out there supporting the music not talking shit about the people playing it".
Another individual also decided to make me an administrator of a personal FB page that I had nothing to do with after I unblocked him. One of my friends logged into this individuals personal computer, not knowing that his FB login information were going to be saved without his permission.
I must write this incident as well to further remind myself why I deleted my FB account.
If anyone needs to contact me directly I can be reached @, thank you. 

Joe Tell playing Bass with The Path 2010 Best New Group Nominee for the Buffalo Music Awards.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Canal Fest of the Tonawandas, Inc.

Update 7/23/16: The wife and I made it out to see 55 Main last night on our anniversary. The band sounded great and we were able to see a great version of Feeling Alright with Justin Leach on guitar.
Ever eager to sit in I was able to play bass with Tom Leach, who sat in on guitar, for a rockin' ZZ Top medley. Thank You Dave! Oh yeah, you can kiss my ass too Jimmy! Party Time USA!

The 34th Annual Canal Fest of the Tonawandas is being held on July 17 - 24, 2016.
Included in the Canal Fest Event lineup is a special musical performance by the popular band 55 Main. The 55 Main band will be performing on Friday, July 22nd @ the Elk's Lodge #860 from 8pm - 12am. The Elk's Lodge is located on 55 Main St. in Tonawanda.

55 Main covers Classic Rock, Southern Rock, and much more!! The 55 Main band is comprised of Randy Barnard (lead guitar, vocals), Tony Chimera (percussion), Danny Manzella (vocals), Dan Gore (drums) and Dave Neumann (bass). 55 Main is a great rock band of very talented musicians who have been entertaining the WNY area for the last 3 years. They formed after meeting at Open Mic night at the old Club 55. That's why they decided on the name 55 Main.
Check out 55 Main when they return to where their rockin' journey began @ the Elk's Lodge on July 22nd starting at 8pm.  I promise you will enjoy yourself. Hope to see everyone out!! 
55 Main logo and picture courtesy of their Facebook page
Here is a link to the 55 Main Facebook event page for the July 22nd Canal Fest performance -
Canal Fest website -

Talented drummer Bill Mason, from the band Rock Angel, will be filling in for full-time drummer Dan Gore on July 22nd. I was lucky enough to take a couple of pictures of this special, one time line-up at a recent band rehearsal. Pictured from left to right, Bill Mason - Drums, Danny Manzella - Vocals, Randy Barnard - Guitar and Dave Neumann - Bass. 
Thanks guys!

Very special thanks goes out to Dave Neumann. Thank You Dave!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Prinze George Play Leopard Lounge in Buffalo, NY on 8/5

Prinze George will be playing Leopard Lounge in Buffalo, NY on August 5th in support of their debut LP Illiterate Synth Pop, out that day on Sounds Expensive. The two singles from the record have been praised by Stereogum and SPIN, with the latter calling their song "Wait Up" "a cinematic ballad from retro-pop heaven."

In February of 2015, Prinze George started traveling to Minneapolis, MN to record Illiterate Synth Pop with Evan Bakke (Prince, Fraea, Soul Asylum) at Sounds Expensive Studio. They kept coming back in between tours with Albert Hammond Jr., Little Boots, Walk the Moon and more, and finished recording in early 2016. 

Prinze George is Kenny Grimm (production/instrumental), Naomi Almquist (vocals) and Isabelle De Leon (drums), who are based in Maryland. Kenny and Naomi grew up together in PrinceGeorge's County, where they met Isabelle while she was in college. Formed in 2013, Prinze George has quickly exploded onto the Indie scene. Following the release of their breakthrough single, "Victor," The Wild Honey Pie declared, "[This band] could be destined for Indie Pop royalty status." Climbing to #1 on the Hype Machine charts, the single and the band have won the attention of music blogs, fans, and labels from all over the world. "Victor" was also selected for the movie soundtrack of Warner Bros.' biggest European release in 2014, "Honig Im Kopf," a film directed by Til Schweiger. 

"Illiterate Synth Pop is a panorama of the people we grew up with and the places we've travelled to with them; both inside and outside of our home. Coming of age, Love, loneliness, and feeling stuck are frequent themes. This collection of songs is a great reflection of who we are,” explains Naomi. "Making the album in Minneapolis was a tremendous experience because we were immersed in a beautiful creative space that allowed us the freedom to work and play at our own pace. We were also surrounded by people who are focused and professional but also playful and free, which is imperative for our creative process. If making a record is just business as usual, it affects the music; so we were lucky to have it all.”

8/4 - Boston, MA - Cafe 939
8/5 - Buffalo, NY - Leopard Lounge
8/6 - Toronto, ONT - Rivoli
8/8 - Cleveland Heights, OH - Grog Shop
8/9 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
8/10 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th St. Entry 
8/12 - Eau Claire, WI - Eaux Claires
8/15 - Columbus, OH - The Basement
8/16 - Pittsburgh, PA - Club Cafe
8/17 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
8/20 - Washington, DC - Rock&Roll Hotel
10/2 - Austin, TX - ACL Festival

Friday, July 15, 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Lost Riders Band - Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY

The Lost Riders Band are scheduled to play the Attitudes Bar and Grill on Friday, July 8th. Attitudes Bar and Grill is located @ 616 West Ave, Lockport, NY 14094.

 The Lost Riders do their best to give you a 'Classic Rock' show, with music from Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Robin Trower and much more...
Band Members include, left to right, Randy Barnard - Guitar, Randy California - Drums, Danny Manzella - Vocals, Dave Neumann - Bass and Fred Conlee - Keyboards.
Keep up to date with The Lost Riders Band by hitting up their Facebook page

Special thanks to Danny Manzella. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

55 Main - J.K. Media

J.K. Media was present at Danielle's Grad Party and they were nice enough to take pictures of 55 Main and send me some pictures of the band.

Dan the Man on vocals.

Joe, Tony and Dan rockin' out.

Randy on lead guitar.

Brian on rhythm guitar and vocals.

Joe Tell fillin' in on bass.

Tony on bongos.

Dan on drums.

J.K. Media's website link...
J.K. Media's FB page...
Thank You 55 Main & J.K. Media!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Top Spot For Rent

In an attempt to continue interest in this blog and to further promote and support local music I have decided to rent out the very top spot out to any music related entity (band, musician, event promoter, record label, music venue) who may be interested in being seen on the top space for a month at a time.
The top spot is the very first post people see when they click on or goto this blog creating potential fans for your band with each page view.
Once your post is created it can be easily found and readily accessed through a online search engine.
All time, monthly and daily page view counts can be provided.
First month can be discounted if a two month block is rented.
New posts' will also be shared on my Google+ account.
Please text/call 512-4419 or email for further info if you are interested, thank you.