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Mike Zogaria - Buffalo, NY

Mike Zogaria - Almost Worth The Wait CD review

Almost Worth The Wait kicks off with Someone To Sing To. This song is a smart, upbeat and catchy rock tune with a strong vocal line.

to be continued...

Mike Zogaria is a singer/songwriter from Buffalo,NY whose catchy songs, unique voice & relatable lyrics are quickly becoming fan favorites at shows and online. Mike is currently performing acoustic shows and has just released his first full length CD "ALMOST WORTH THE WAIT", which is available NOW at his shows AND on all major digital download sites including iTunes, CD Baby, Emusic, Amazon,etc.
For more about Mike Zogaria visit any of the links listed below !

look for a CD review posting soon...

Mike Zogaria - come home ep
I found this CD in a Lockport coffee shop...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Naturalists - Buffalo NY

The Naturalists

BIO: The Naturalists were formed in the first few months of 2014 in Buffalo, NY. After playing a few shows, gathering some fans and going to the Finals of ArtVoice's Battle of Original Music Competition, The Naturalists released their debut EP titled "Volume Unit" along with their debut music video "Long Walk". Volume Unit are songs composed by the band in the early months of formation. Since then, the band has grown into their own sound and have opened up for notable bands such as The London Souls, Beware of Darkness and Sons of Hippies.
---The Naturalists will be releasing their new single "Too Late" in physical and digital form on November 8th and will be touring in support of the release.

The Naturalists- Long Walk Official Music Video

The Naturalists are from Buffalo, NY and shot a music video for the single"Long Walk" off our debut EP "Volume Unit". It was shot in Buffalo, NY where the band is based and was directed by filmmaker Trevor Boyd and shot by Erik Kohler using his RED cinema camera.

 The Naturalists - Volume Unit Bandcamp 

Current Events

The Nickel City Con will be held at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Joe Tell Contact info

I am still accepting offers for paid fill-in gigs playing bass. I am a experienced fill-in player, having recently filled in for Under Arrest and 55 Main.
Yes, once again I have decided to delete my facebook (FB) account, this time I plan to stay off of FB permanently. A couple of mindless, ego driven individuals chose to continually harass and slander me and my family so rather than waste my time continuing an endless conflict, I chose to delete my account. One particular individual claims to hate drama yet is ready to spew hate speak at the drop off a hat.
If anyone needs to contact me directly I can be reached @ 

Band 101 - Number 4

Welcome to another installment of Band 101. Band 101 deals with the problems you may have to contend with as a member of a full band. More specifically a cover band who plays hit songs in local bars to earn extra money. I have 34 years of experience dealing with many of these problems firsthand.

Any potential member of any working cover band must realize before joining that they may end up playing, at least 1 song they may not enjoy at every gig. These songs may stay on the set list, especially if the girls get up and dance every time the band plays them. By giving the people what they want your band will build and keep a loyal following. If you're not willing to play a few of the same songs at every gig then you should definitely not start or join a working cover band.

Learning new songs is essential to keep things interesting for everyone in the band as well as the audience. It's best if all the band members agree on all the new songs that will be added. If you're easy going and willing to play songs that 1 or 2 members in the band choose then things will go smoothly. If you can't all agree on any given song it's best to take a democratic vote to keep things fair. Every band should work as a team in order to keep every band member happy. Once everyone agrees on a few songs to add it's best for everyone to learn them at home before attempting to play them at practice.

When trying to add new songs it's very important to be able to listen and realize when a song isn't sounding good at band practice. Trying to soldier on with a bad sounding song can put a damper on a good practice. It's best to drop bad sounding songs and just move on to the next song, if you can't agree on whether or not to drop any song, again, it's a really good idea to take a democratic vote to keep the peace. Any one song, no matter how much any one particular member may really love it, is not worth keeping on the set list if it sounds bad. You can't let your love for any particular song get in the way if it's not working out. Remember that the band can always learn a new song to replace a song that sounds bad. If individual egos get in the way a "even if it's bad it's good" song policy can really stifle any positive progress the band can ever make. Many songs can end up sounding bad, this is not a good thing, especially if you want to keep a following. Being flexible with a song list and smart enough to keep good energy flowing are often overlooked but these are a couple of key elements if you desire to keep a good cover band together.

It's important to recognize your weaknesses and play up your strengths when learning new songs.
A potential new band song may sound great when you're singing and playing it at home alone with your acoustic guitar but suffers when played with the entire band.

If you're inexperienced you should be open to honest and constructive criticism from fellow band members when practicing new songs. This is a good thing. It's a very bad thing if you're ego gets the best of you and you can't accept any kind of criticism from your fellow band members. Just wait until you get up in front of a hostile and intoxicated audience! They do not hold any comments back no matter how well you think you are playing and performing!

OK, back to learning new songs, if 1 or 2 band members learn the new songs and a couple haven't yet it's best to put these songs aside for next practice. It may seem like a good idea at first but you should never try to go ahead and teach the band members who don't the songs how to play them during practice, this is a bad thing. Trying to teach them can become a very long and tedious process, especially if that player isn't a quick learner. The band members who already know the songs will become increasingly bored the longer the lesson continues. They now have to find something else to do and that something will probably be interrupting you while you are attempting to teach the song. They may even leave the room and become disinterested in continuing practice altogether. If and when the lesson ends you may have to find everyone, get them back together and convince them all to continue practicing a song that the member you just taught may still not know good enough to even bother playing. If this becomes a regular thing then that member will stop learning new songs and will start to rely on you to teach them to him at practice, this is a really bad thing.

Going ahead and playing the songs without the entire band knowing them is not a good idea either.
If you play the songs the end result may be a really bad sounding attempt at a potentially good addition to your song list. Playing any new song badly over and over again is a great way to kill any positive momentum you have flowing at a good practice. It's important to develop good listening skills in order to realize when a song isn't really working out. Another result can be that if the members who haven't learned the songs play the wrong notes or the wrong groove the fluffed part will probably end up being the part they continue to play every time. Especially if everyone in the band says "that sounded great!" after the song is over. Why should that player bother learning the correct notes if playing it wrong or just plain bad "sounded great"? If a fluffed part "sounds great" then they may begin thinking that they can get away with fluffing their parts for all of the songs, this is not a good thing. If you are always fluffing parts and you can't be bothered to put the time and effort in to learn songs correctly you should not join a working cover band.

It's important to realize that the entire band should work as a team, no one's singular opinion should ever be considered more important than any another band members. If you think your opinion is better than everyone else's then you are letting your ego get in the way. This is not good thing. Stubborn egos will result in a member quitting, the band constantly changing members or a break up.
If you want to keep a good working band together for awhile it's a really good idea to put your ego aside and do what's best for the band. If you can't do this you shouldn't start or join a cover band.

Through my 34 years of musical experience I've learned that it takes at least one solid year for a new band to really gel and sound good when playing together. If you don't think the audience can hear the difference between a seasoned line-up of good players who have learned to play well together and a bunch of new members who have thrown together a set list to play out then you're fooling yourself because they can.

Experienced cover bands realize that it's a really good idea to have a ton of great sounding songs ready to play so the songlist can be a little different every time you play out. A song that doesn't go over in one bar may work well in another. Playing the same setlist will get old real quick and may lead to a member quitting or the band breaking up out of sheer boredom. If the band you're in can't be bothered to learn any new songs band members may turn to alcohol, drugs and the most dreaded scourge of any band, overplaying! to keep thing interesting when practicing and playing out.

Please email any inquiries to, thank you.

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Rick and Morty

Even though I am credited online in a off hand kind of way for my Deadpool Dead Presidents graphic novel review, I will continue to expand and express my sincere interest in the comic book as an art form. I am always properly credited in the print version of Artvoice. The cause for the miscredit on the Artvoice website remains a mystery. Nevertheless I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity to write reviews for Queen City Bookstore and the Graphic Traffic Column in the Artvoice Newspaper. My next review will be for Rick and Morty Volume One. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

After that review is completed, I have 2 music reviews lined up.
Thank You Queen City Bookstore and Artvoice Newspaper.

Red Francis - Chicago, IL

Red Francis is a rock n' roll group out of Chicago. They've played the Midwest, the West Coast and are checking out the East Coast right on a 3 week tour right now. Red Francis have put out three albums so far and will be recording their fourth studio full-length right when they return to Chicago. Stay updated on everything at

Thank You, Red Francis!

Under Arrest - Buffalo, NY

Under Arrest is a rockin' cover band that plays classic rock songs and country music from the 60's to the present day.
Check out their website for show dates, videos, photos and contact info
Band members include (from left to right) Casey - Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals. Al D. - Bass and Lead Vocals. Debbie - Keyboards and Lead Vocals. Doug - Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals and Will - Drums and Vocals.

"Under Arrest" Current Song List:
Ex's & Oh's- Elle King
Don't Stop- Fleetwood Mac
Somebody To Love- Jefferson Airplane
Hit Me With Your Best Shot- Pat Benatar
No Matter What- Badfinger
That'll Be The Day- Linda Ronstadt
Drive to Survive- Jimmy Thackery
Harden My Heart- Quarter Flash
Keep On Loving You- R.E.O.
You're So Vain- Carly Simon
All Over Now- Rolling Stones
Little White Church- Little Big Town
Temptation Eyes- Grassroots
Red- Taylor Swift
Summer of '69- Brian Adams
Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me- Terry Clark
Change in My Pocket- Georgia Satellites
Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood
Half Breed- Cher
It's So Easy- Linda Ronstadt
Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac
Stop Draggin My Heart Around- Petty/Nicks
Take it On the Run- R.E.O.
I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor
Cool Guitars- Jimmy Thackery
Done- Band Perry
Bad Case of Loving You- Robert Palmer
Because The Night- Natalie Merchant
When Will I Be Loved- Linda Ronstandt
Let'er Rip- Dixie Chicks
Alone- Heart
Jolene- Dolly Parton
Heartbreaker- Pat Benatar
Raise Your Glass- Pink

General Manager - Will Schulmeister
Email contact -
Website -
Facebook -

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hard Rock Rising 2016

The artists listed below have been selected from over 7000 entrants to play at Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls, USA for a chance at $50,000 and a performance in Ibiza, Spain. Check them out here and be sure to come to the show on June 1st at Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls, USA.

Dragonfly -

"My story is on the websites, or in my song lyrics. Been to the end of the musical rainbow more times than I care to share...Times are much different now (better or worse?)...   I write and perform to whomever will listen. Still trying to "make my niche" in a world that forgot about rock n roll...
Click the ALL SONGS tab NOW!  I GOTTA MAKE A NEW BIO - sorry you've heard it all before...And it's sorta weird to write about "how spiffy" you are...seems totally narcissistic...well now I think of it... isn't music mostly that anyways? I mean if we all weren't driven our species would've never left the campfire...but I digress...  GO TO:  READ MY BIO THERE...   In the meantime I am staying alive, and trying to stay positive in a mad gone world ... See you in the musical breadline."


Influenced by 90’s rock and a love of late night mischief, pop-rock group So Far So Good banded together after an inspiring shift at T.G.I. Friday’s. Losing their heads, the artists’ defiantly stole the defaced sign from the restroom door to claim as their logo. The four fled the scene, their act of vindication causing their jobs to be replaced with mug shots. That tarnished bathroom sign created the band’s iconic logo and marked the beginnings of So far So Good. The band resides in Hamburg, New York and consists of lead vocalist Craig McDorman, lead guitarist Jeff Foley, bassist Rob Buskirk, and drummer Ryan (Urwin) Urbank. So Far So Good made their debut in 2009 after gaining the attention of award-winning record producer Armand Petri. Taking influence from such artists as the Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind, Weezer, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, So Far So Good has written a number of original singles, including the catchy riffs of “Last Call” and the edgy melody of “Something New”.  Currently, the band is working with Petri to finish their first national studio EP “Through the Static”. The EP is expected to be released this spring followed by a national tour. From stealing signs to stealing the spotlight, the band continues to climb towards success, attaining a career that is So Far So Good.


From foot-stomping rock and roll to retro-soul influenced vocals, The Main Street Lights, established in Rochester, NY, are an incredible entertainment act. Infusing their catchy melodic riffs with jam-based live performances, this group of ambitious, young musicians is a hit at bars, concert halls, and festivals. The 8-piece band balances classic Rock roots with Soul, Blues, and Jazz influences, original songwriting, multiple lead singers and a horn section while still managing to leave room for improvisation.  The Main Street Lights released their debut album, "Manifest Destiny", in the summer of 2015. The title track quickly became one of the band's most popular songs among fans, highlighting the band's rock-centric sound and powerful lead vocals by Luciarose Barone. "Dear Sister" shows a softer side of the band while Luciarose's vocals demand the spotlight. "Cadillac Hotel" is The Main Street Lights at their best; shredding guitar and explosive vocals make this rock ballad a clear stand-out on the album.  The Main Street Lights sophomore album has been announced and titled: American Love. The single, "American Love" was released on Valentine's Day in 2016. The album is set to be released sometime in 2017.  
To contact the band as a fan or business, please email:

Savannah King "She Sends Her Love"


Thank You Savannah! for submitting your CD for review for this very musical blog.
The musical talent, lyrical content and songwriting skills contained on "She Sends Her Love" are exceptional.
Fans of Sarah McLachlan, Karen Elson and Jewel will love "She Sends Her Love".
Click on to secure your copy today!
She Sends Her Love leaves me wanting to hear more of Savannah's music, now if I can only get my hands on a copy of her 1st EP "Throwing Stones"...

Above is Savannah's "Throwing Stones" EP cover.

Photo below courtesy of Savannah's website

Here are Savannah's online links...

...notice the "red" curtain and "red" fire extinguisher and my fave element of this pic, the Wham album cover!
Photo courtesy of JTell Photos, taken @ Record Theater after a recent Savannah King performance.

Savannah's online Music Links...

"She Sends Her Love" music links...

"Throwing Stones" music links...

UltraViolet Band

UltraViolet Band

UltraViolet logo courtesy of UVs FB page:

Amy Z:  lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, tambourine, wah pedal, and witty banter.

MIKE: lead guitar, lead and backing vocals, kill switch, and head banging.

JOE: bass guitar, cool hair, being hilarious, bass scrunchies, and writing out sheet music for the band.

All above photos courtesy of JTell Photos 

And last, but certainly not least, DOUG: drums, backing vocals, sound, lighting, ambiance, and having a bad ass beard.

Photo of Doug courtesy of John Ritz and UltraViolets FB page