Friday, February 19, 2010

Lenny Revell "Lessons" CD Review

I was first exposed to Lenny Revell through the Spy Guys TV Show free newspaper and when I first seen his picture I thought to myself "Cool, T-Shirt Lenny".
Lenny was wearing a black Spider-Man T-shirt.
Being a Comic Book Freak/Geek I noticed it right away, and being internet savvy I went to the Spy Guys website and seen a video of Lenny singing and playing and I must say I was impressed by his talents.
Lenny is a talented singer/songwriter who accompanies his singing with his own skillful piano playing.
Lenny is a 1-man show who writes his own music and covers other artists' music as well.

OK, on with the review...

First of all Lenny is backed up by an excellent back-up band on "Lessons", the full band fills out Lenny's impressive arrangements and enhances Lenny's overall sound.
The few times I have seen Lenny perform he has been by himself so I was pleasantly surprised to hear Lenny backed up by a full band.
Song 1 "All In Your Head" is very positive and upbeat, a good choice for kicking off the CD.
Lenny's overall sound on this track reminded me alot of Billy Joel.
"Expectations" sounds like it could be a cool 70's TV show theme-song turned Top-40 hit, the verses are very catchy and melodic and they are filled out with some nice, reggae guitar rhythm playing and a melodic piano solo rounds out this track.
The arrangement and singing on this song are reminiscent of a song you may hear on a Broadway, New York sound stage.
The title of track 5 interested me as anyone who knows me knows I'm kinda of a "Ghost" freak/fan...I can envision some hot dancers clicking their fingers to the,click,...
anyway, the initial progression has a familiar sound but Lenny quickly makes the familiar sounding melody into a unique song all his own, the subject matter is scary good!

"Who Am I?" is my fave song on this CD, the subject matter (Spider Man) is right up my alley and the guitar playing on this track is amazing, being a guitarist/bassist myself I was waiting to hear some nice guitar on the "Lessons" CD and this track provided it.

Track 7 "My Passion Of Life" has a Broadway Show Tune feel to it.

"Serenity" moved me with it's melancholy feel and melody.

"Love Is Just Her Fix" is one of my fave tracks on "Lessons", the guitar solo is fantastic and the groove and melodic lyrics are top notch.

Track 10 'Til Death To Us Part" has a 70's era Disco groove to it.

"Prelude/Revenge Of Little Red Riding Hood" is a tour de force in piano playing, impressive and melodic, the classical piano playing on this track highlights Lenny's talented and masterful piano playing. The intro sounds like a horror film soundtrack, the track continues into a classical/rock E.L.O type of song, I very much enjoyed this song.

Lenny sounds and plays like a true recording artist should, in my humble opinion Lenny should take a musical trip to New York City and/or Hollywood where his piano playing and melodic singing will probably take him very far in the music business, Buffalo doesnt have a whole lot of opportunities for talented singer/songwriters like Lenny, which is a shame because Lenny is such an amazing talent.

Buffalo Drum Outlet

Joey promoting B.D.O. on 2/14/14...

Friday, February 12, 2010

2 Minutes To Maiden

2 minutes to Maiden show flyer, join 2M2M on Facebook...

Killers album of the best Metal albums af all time...

Another version...Thank You Jason!

Like sheep to the slaughter, join the huddled, unwashed masses and go see 2 minutes to Maiden @ Club Infinity...Tell Eddie I said Hi...Up The Irons!

Amanda Nagurney - Buffalo Music Award Winner

Look at and for all the latest on Amanda, her duo and her new band, Mason Dixon. Amanda won a BMA this year with Joe Childs, he is part of Mason Dixon. Congrats! Amanda has an amazing voice and is quite skilled on the acoustic guitar and is a country music Superstar! in her own right. Singing and Songwriting her own original music is where Amanda really shines and she can belt out a cover tune at the drop of a hat, a 10 gallon hat that is. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Joyce Wilson Nixon "In Flight"

I asked Joyce for this (her) CD at a Spy Guys TV Taping @ Club W in 2007, after she so graciously answered my request with a "Yes" (Thank You Joyce!) I promised her I would listen to it and little did I know I would still have it in 2010 and after listening to it (and enjoying it!) I would be doing a review for it on my own blog in 2010.

So here we go,

Track 1 "Softly" is a smooth and sexy track backed by a sweet R&B groove.

Track 3 "Come Fly" is a slow, R&B flavored ballad that will definitely get you "in the mood" if you get my drift.

"Break Your Mind" has a nice, catchy chorus and a funky guitar solo, being a guitarist/bassist I would have liked to hear the guitar mixed more prominently.

Track 5 "Sweat" has a sexy, funky drumbeat and some tastefully played wah-wah lead guitar...the overall feel and groove of this track oozes sexuality..."Sweat" is my fave track on "In Flight".

"Envy" has a heavy guitar intro and then Joyce's sweet, soaring vocal lines take over the rest of this track, Joyce gives us a taste of her vocal ability and range.

This track has some of the best singing on the entire CD.

A perfect choice for a final track, "B-Low" has a Rap/Dance feel to it and the "D.J." (or is it M.C.?) adds some cool shout outs while Joyce sings her melodic lines about the "B-Lo"...

...FYI if you don't know by now "B-Lo" is the new nickname the kids have been using for the City of Buffalo lately.

This CD has elements of classic R&B, blues, funk, rock and jazz all topped off with some silky smooth, sex infused grooves and vocals, but nothing blatantly sexual, this CD is classy and it sounds like a "Top 40" record, yknow, like something you might hear on "KISS 98.5" or "STAR 102.5".

"In Flight" came out in 2007 so it's probably sold out, but you can find Joyce Wilson Nixon on Facebook and Myspace, being on Facebook myself I recently received an invite to 1 of Joyce's recent shows so she's still out there doing her thing, probably with a great new CD in tow.

All these songs were written by Joyce and Flick Williams.

This CD was recorded, mixed and mastered at Pharoah Productions.

Produced by Flick W. and distributed by Pharoah Productions. 2007

Thank You Joyce and The Spy Guys!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Right-On Printing

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nobodys Art Center

Friday March 12th @ Nobodys NO NAZI NOISE TOUR IN BUFFALO!

RJ Myato - Pittsburgh noise kid. (
Cincinnatus C - Philadelphia weird electro/freak folk/songwriter. (
Black Bloc - Buffalo/Fredonia personal/political death-ambient/power electronics (
NPV - Rochester minimal noise ambient trio with jazz influence (
Another Dead Sharon - Buffalo/Erie improv soundscape legends. (
Inerds - Brutal dual female fronted power violence from Buffalo! (
A very diverse show with plenty of interesting stuff.
Hope some of you will come out for this one.