Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fist Fight

New movie Fist Fight is being marketed as a comedy but there are many negative ideas that can be verified just by looking at the movie poster. First off the movie poster is basically saying that racial violence is funny as the movie is supposed to be a comedy. My opinion is that it's definitely not OK to use racial tension/violence to promote a movie. Second, the fist fight takes place on school grounds. When is a fist fight OK on school grounds? Never! Violence on school grounds isn't funny at all and it should not be used to promote a movie. Especially with all the gun violence that has taken place on school grounds over the last few years. Third the movie is using violence between teachers as a promotional angle. This is not good, violence between students is one thing but between teachers? How is that funny? Teachers should be trying to stop violence on school grounds, teachers should not be starting or participating in any type of violence. I would think that any teachers who choose to fight on school grounds would be immediately out of a job. Schools should be a safe place for students, not a place where violence between teachers can erupt on any given day. I'm sure there are a few good comedic sequences in the movie seeing as Tracy Morgan stars in it, but I have no desire to see this movie. I would never take any child that is still in school to see this movie either. Please comment below or send any comments to, thank you.