Thursday, April 21, 2016

Savannah King "She Sends Her Love"


Thank You Savannah! for submitting your CD for review for this very musical blog.
The musical talent, lyrical content and songwriting skills contained on "She Sends Her Love" are exceptional.
Fans of Sarah McLachlan, Karen Elson and Jewel will love "She Sends Her Love".
Click on to secure your copy today!
She Sends Her Love leaves me wanting to hear more of Savannah's music, now if I can only get my hands on a copy of her 1st EP "Throwing Stones"...

Above is Savannah's "Throwing Stones" EP cover.

Photo below courtesy of Savannah's website

Here are Savannah's online links...

...notice the "red" curtain and "red" fire extinguisher and my fave element of this pic, the Wham album cover!
Photo courtesy of JTell Photos, taken @ Record Theater after a recent Savannah King performance.

Savannah's online Music Links...

"She Sends Her Love" music links...

"Throwing Stones" music links...

UltraViolet Band

UltraViolet Band

UltraViolet logo courtesy of UVs FB page:

Amy Z:  lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, tambourine, wah pedal, and witty banter.

MIKE: lead guitar, lead and backing vocals, kill switch, and head banging.

JOE: bass guitar, cool hair, being hilarious, bass scrunchies, and writing out sheet music for the band.

All above photos courtesy of JTell Photos 

And last, but certainly not least, DOUG: drums, backing vocals, sound, lighting, ambiance, and having a bad ass beard.

Photo of Doug courtesy of John Ritz and UltraViolets FB page