Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ani DiFranco, Asbury Hall, Babeville, Buffalo, NY

Ani DiFranco was recently featured in Guitar Player magazine, the Jimi Hendrix 70th birthday tribute issue no less, how cool is that? ...very. Ani DiFranco is an inspirational sensation, in other words I dig her music.

Some CD insert photos of Ani which I think are really cool!

Colorized version of the talent and beauty that is Ani DiFranco.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Great Train Robbery "Not Until The Spaceships Come"

The Great Train Robbery was/still is...? a Great Local band (Somebody Please ! tell me if they are still gigging!) who were part of a Great local original music scene that seemed to be thriving in the early 90s in Buffalo along w/Gods Children, RULE!, Jive Injection, Aceifer, Cheshire Cat, George Puleo, The Need etc. etc. ...just as the Goo Goo Dolls were getting a big push from the big boys the Buffalo Original music scene seemed to be inspired and thrived on a few big venues and some strong local radio support, namely Jessie Galante and The Fox (see Jessies blogs)...the scene was very exciting and seemed to be leading to a beneficial outcome for all the bands involved before it sorta fizzled out toward the late 90s.
My good friend Dan loaned me this CD which has all the lyrics for every song on the insert (cool!)
Musician credits are as follows...
Vincent Fossitt saxophone vocals percussion
Gregory Horn trumpet vocals percussion
David Malia lead guitar
John Caruso bass baritone guitar
Rodney Chamberlain drums
David Watts vocals guitar
Jon Mathias recorded and mixed the CD
David Watts produced and takes all the writing credits
For Contact and Information: The Great Train Robbery, P.O. Box 0506, Buffalo, NY 14205
This blog post is dedicated to the Memory of Mike Piazza.
Thank You Dan & Cheryl Manzella.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Bobby Militello Quartet Live Every Thursday!

The Bobby Militello Quartet will be performing every Thursday from 730-1030pm
@ Citta di Militello restaraunt loated @ 760 Wehrle Dr, beginning January 14th.
$8 cover charge.
Reservations are suggested, to make your reservation call 632-0500.
Valentines Day Specials for you and your Valentine.

Super Bowl Sunday 2/7 package deal flyer.

Visit for more info on these and upcoming specials.
Thank You Lisa & Bob!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jessie Galante

Check out the awesome flyer for Jessies new upcoming show.
The flyer contains complete Tralf locale & ticket info, click on it to take a closer look.

Flyer courtesy of Jessies Facebook pg.
Thank You Jessie.

Goto to find out more about this show and all upcoming tour scheduling information on Jessie Galante.

Visit to learn more about this show and all the upcoming Tralf Music Hall shows.

Beat the rush and Order your tickets online, goto

Very nice B&W photo of Jessie Galante "Buffalos First Lady Of Rock 'n Roll" courtesy of Jessies Facebook page.

Jessies New Album is called 'Spitfire' featuring the songs "Spitfire" and "No Fool No More".
Pick up your copy on iTunes or visit to pick up your copy today.
Jessie Galante is also on Myspace & Facebook, please goto her pages and tell her JoTell sent ya!
Thank You Very Much Jessie!