Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Industry Of Life Divine

The Industry Of Life Divine was a Buffalo band from '95. One of many projects, Buffalo Legend, Mark Freeland was a part of.
Thank You to The Professor.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ian McFeron Band

Alisa Milner and Ian McFeron 

Ian McFeron (from Seattle, WA)
Friday, October 5th, 2012 – 8:00pm / opening for The Road
The Sportsmen's Tavern, 326 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY, 14207 - (716) 874-7734

Ian McFeron, whose lyrical prose has been compared to Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and David Gray, weaves together a variety of roots-Americana traditions to create his own unique form of roots-oriented American music.

“2011 was a big year for us,” McFeron says. “We recorded the new album in Nashville with some of our heroes, toured the United States from coast to coast twice, and played our first international tour.” His sixth and newest album, “Summer Nights” was recorded and mixed in just ten days at Studio G! in East Nashville, Tennessee. The album was produced by Patty Griffin’s long-time guitarist and musical collaborator, Doug Lancio and features musical performances by Lancio as well as Ryan Adams and the Cardinals’ drummer Brad Pemberton, Ryan Adams’ bassist Billy Mercer, keyboardist and Seattle-native Micah Hulscher, and McFeron’s long-time musical partner Alisa Milner on fiddle and cello.

After the Spring release of “Summer Nights” McFeron and Milner embarked on a three month, 68 show tour of the U.S. followed by a summer packed with regional performances with the band. “We’ve stayed hungry and ambitious over the years. I was talking with a friend, and counted that I was only home for eight scattered weeks in 2011. Every year or two we try to double our touring route,” said McFeron. After two years of living on the Interstates of America, McFeron pushed across the Atlantic, adding 32 Fall performances spread throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

The performances in Ireland were of personal significance to McFeron. Exactly ten years ago, he spent three months in Belfast with the University of Washington’s Comparative History of Ideas department. “We studied the Northern Irish conflict and looked how competing versions of history presented challenges to making peace. Belfast became really dear to me, and it was a surreal sort of homecoming being back.” McFeron was excited to see how the city had grown and changed. “When we were there this November, Belfast was hosting the European MTV awards. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, all these celebrities were staying in the Europa Hotel downtown. Ten years ago, the Europa was infamous for being the most heavily bombed hotel in Europe. To see how far the peace process had come in such a short time was really inspiring.”

Even though McFeron is scheduled to perform over 200 shows in 2012, he is most looking forward to time in the studio this winter. “I’m always writing music and looking ahead to the next album project,” he says. “That’s what really keeps the wheels rolling for me.” So whether he is planning another world tour, or recording albums that make friends out of heroes, you can always bet Ian McFeron is dreaming big.

Ian McFeron takes the stage at The Sportsmen on Friday, October 5th at 8:00pm, opening for The Road. He will be joined by long time musical partner and accompanist Alisa Milner, a Texas-style fiddler, cellist, and harmony vocalist.

“…McFeron is a fine singer and songwriter, an alt-folk/rock/Americana performer who strikes a cool balance between the mellow and the edgy.”
- San Antonio Express-News


For more information about this show, please contact The Sportsmen by phone (716) 874-7734 or visit them on the web at

For more information about Ian McFeron , visit him on the web at:

"...You don't have to know about Ian McFeron's background to know that these songs were all probably written in cheap hotels in the middle of the night, and history tells us that's where the best ones come from..."
- Alan Harrison, Maverick Magazine, UK

"Ian McFeron plays an earthy yet sophisticated blend of folk, rock, alternative-country and blues that belies the band's youthfulness. And it's danceable, too.”
- Gene Stout, Seattle Music Critic

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Buffalo's Big Deal

Buffalo's Big Deal
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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Etchings

The Etchings are a Buffalo NY based band who have just completed a new video for 1 of their new songs on their upcoming new album, click on to see and hear this great song by The Etchings.

The Etchings website

The Etchings are on Sonicbids, click on 
for The Etchings press page.
To goto The Etchings main Sonicbids page click on 

Thank You Nick & The Etchings!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Music City presents The Sound Of Bass, Andy Irvine Bass Clinic

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Chicks Barbershop

Chicks Barbershop
1222 Hertel Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14216

Thanks for the great haircut Dominic!
Once again, if you need a Haircut or a Straight Razor shave, goto see Dominic, Master Barber, tell 'em JoTell sent ya!

Carey Custom Guitars

Need a custom guitar built to your specs? Talk to Jack, tell 'em JoTell sent ya!
Here's the Facebook link for Carey Custom Guitars

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jason Myles Goss "Radio Dial" CD review

Jason Myles Goss "Radio Dial"

Jason Myles Goss "Radio Dial" CD review by Cheryl Manzella.

Jason Myles Goss is a up and coming singer/songwriter who recently released a CD called "Radio Dial". Your fave blogger was happy to recieve a review copy. I was even happier when Cheryl Manzella agreed to review this great CD for me.

For those of you out there who don't who Cheryl is, she's Dan the Man's wife. Dan the Man is an accomplished singer/songwriter in the Buffalo N.Y. area. Dan currently sings for "55 Main" and has done many high profile gigs with the bands "City Streets" and "Forever Green".
Needless to say, Dan and Cheryl are both good friends of Joey Tell.
I'd like to Thank Cheryl for submitting her 2nd CD review for this blog.

OK on with the review...
"Into The Night" starts off "Radio Dial". "Into The Night" is a strong, upbeat song. A great song to kick off a music CD with.

The next song, "Heavy" has a sound that is immediately likeable. "Heavy" sounds like it could be right off of the Dire Straits album "Brothers In Arms".

"Lion's Mouth" is a song that tells a story. The music sets up a perfect ambiance and mood for Jason's story telling lyrics.

The 4th song, "Red Letter Man", is a catchy, melodic song that has a country music sound.

"Keep Your Love With Me" is a sweet and touching song. This song tells a story of a love that once was but is no longer. Jason shows his softer, more sensitive side on this track.

"Come Back To Me" is a heartfelt and emotional track.

"Chocolate Croissant" is a very enjoyable song that has a playful, fun loving feel and sound. A great singer/songwriter type of song.

"Dark Dark Winter" is a great sounding song. The music and lyrics have a great flow and feel, blending together to carry this song along very well.

"Black Lights" is a excellent song with great lyrical content. This song is about a boxer who had big dreams but couldn't rise to the occasion when his big opportunity came along.

"Hospital Shirt" is also a very good, well written song. The sound and feel is very melancholy but the lyrics are about a man who is rebelling against a debilitating disease. The subject is stuck in a "hospital shirt" and is desperate to leave it all behind even though he knows he cannot.

To find more about Jason Myles Goss Click on these links...

Thank You Sera, Jason and Cheryl!

(CD review was edited and slightly enhanced by Joey Tell)