Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yvonne Schmidt "Nothing But Blue"

Yvonne Schmidt "Nothing But Blue" 2002.

Check out for info on her newest release "Foolproof" from 2011.

You can also find Yvonne Schmidt on Myspace, CD Baby & Facebook.

Nothing But Blue CD Reviews
Yvonne Schmidt Has Knocked My Socks Off

The Buffalo News-by Jeff Miers

"Yvonne Schmidt has knocked my socks off with her debut solo effort, "Nothing But Blue," a demo that has been haunting my CD player for weeks. Produced by Tom Hambridge, the album places Schmidt front and center, which is where she belongs. A vibrant, powerful singer, Schmidt belts the blues with moral and musical authority. Not surprising, considering the fact that she's been doing just that in Buffalo clubs for years. No lie; this stuff is of an international caliber and would be quite at home on a major blues label like, say, Alligator."

Yvonne Schmidt's CD is ...Gutsy and Authentic by WBFO 88.7/97 Rock DJ (Anita West)

Yvonne Schmidt's CD "Nothing But Blue" is a gutsy and authentic blues record which every music enthusiast should check out! From the lead track "Get You Back" an instant catchy radio song, to her version of Janis Joplin's "Turtle Blues" this disc is a home run! Yvonne gives Bonnie Raitt a run for her money with the sexy, laid back, "Mighty Tight Woman" and does Muddy Waters proud with "Mean Mistreater". Make no mistake, this record rocks! Once you hear "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" you'll be singing it for the rest of the day with it's infectious hook and country kick! From start to finish, you get a wonderfully produced CD of great songs performed by a true Buffalo Talent!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Andrea Godin

Andrea Godin CD Cover Photoshoot Picture.

Andrea Godin is a Independent Pop/R&B/Dance music artist from St. George, Ontario, Canada.
Andrea's debut album dropped on iTunes in April of 2011.
Andrea has been nominated for Pop Recording of the Year @ The Hamilton Music Awards this year. The Award Show takes place on November 20th, 2011.
Her Reverbnation page is #1 on the Pop charts for St. George, Ontario, Canada. You can hear seven original songs of Andrea's on her Reverbnation page.
Andrea is up and coming young artist who can sing, write songs, play guitar and has plenty of experience singing, dancing and performing in front of large, enthusiastic crowds.
Andrea has accomplished alot in her young career. Scroll down to read her Credits, Accomplishments & Biography. She has also appeared on television, radio and has recieved rave reviews from the press. Scroll down to read some reviews.
Andrea also has a strong online presence, she has pages on Reverbnation, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, iTunes and Youtube.
Here's all of her online links...Click to see them...
Reverbnation (where I first heard Andrea's Music)
iTunes (where you purchase Andrea's Music)

(Thank You Andrea! You Rock!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Bravuras

"Ain't No Doubt" 2011 CD Front insert.

New 2011 Bravuras line up, including CD guest stars.

Track listing.

The Bravuras 2011 release "Ain't No Doubt"

Special Thanks to John Puccio for sending me a promo copy to review and post on this blog.

The Bravuras "Jerry's Blues" CD insert from 2008.

The Bravuras can be found on Facebook.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Leslie on Lead Vocals.

Kelly & Leslie.

Kelly on Electric Guitar.

Promize member, label, management, website, contact & booking info.

Jon Boy on Guitar.

Promize Bio.

Scotty on Electric Bass.

Press reviews.

Rob on the Keyboards.

Press reviews part 2.

Dave on the Drums.

Press reviews part 3.

Promize is a modern, dark & melodic alternative rock band that is on the rise. Promize has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and they have been recieving rave reviews (see Press) everytime they perform. The list of rock acts Promize has performed with is long and impressive, these acts include Bush, Poison, Peter Wolf, George Lynch, Dokken and LA Guns. Promize has also shared the stage with many artists' from Reverbnation such as Rachelle Ann of TeknikalDiffikulty, Shay Smith, Mike White Presents, Killing Grace, Cortina Whiplash, Melody Moros, Exfixia, Allen Cox Music Productions, Spaceship Days and Saul Alvarado.

Promize is based in Greenfield, Massachusetts and the current lineup includes Leslie on lead vocals, Dave on drums, Kelly on guitar, Jon Boy on guitar, Scotty on bass, Rob on keyboards & Rich joins them on guitar while touring. Promize is currently #1 on the Reverbnation charts for Greenfield, MA. If you want to hear Promize they have 14 songs on Reverbnation, their album "Reason For Expectation" can also be purchased on Reverbnation.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jimi Hendrix

Update 7/23/12: New Like At Berkeley 2nd show live album release news.

are you experienced, The inside story of the Jimi Hendrix Experience by Noel Redding & Carol Appleby is a very interesting, revealing autobiographical book. This is basically a tell all book about all the inner workings of the business side as well as the musical side of The Jimi Hendrix Experience from an insider's point of view. The book also goes into detail about all the legal hassles that Noel went through to try and get his fair share of the Hendrix pie after he died.

Jimi Hendrix: Experience The Music by Belmo and Steve Loveless.

This book is a comprehensive, unique book that covers all of Jimi Hendrix's musical output before and after he died. It documents the 650 or so official and unofficial studio and live recordings that have Jimi Hendrix's name on them up until 1998. It also covers Jimi's TV appearances, tour dates and has a Jimi Hendrix song index that has over 4000 songs!

The index tells who played what on each song, what year they were recorded and where they were recorded.

Chances are if you have a Hendrix bootleg you can find out all the info about it in this book. What's sad is that according to this book Jimi doesn't even play on alot of the unofficial, unreleased music.

Hendrix In The West

New CD back cover.

Update 9/15/11: A New Hendrix Winterland 5 CD Box Set was released as of 9/13/11. Includes some never before released live songs from the legendary venue, a venue Hendrix headlined 3 straight days in a row in 1968. Also a Hendrix reissue of a out of print record since 1974 "In The West" has finally been rereleased in CD form. Any Hendrix fan who hasn't heard the 13 minute and 12 second live version of Red House from 1969 that's on "In The West" should be ashamed, one of the best ever. Although if I'm not mistaken this version is on the 2000 purple 4 CD box set as well.

I am a serious Jimi Hendrix fan and I wanted to post some links to some articles I wrote about Jimi on my article page. I wanted to cover some parts of Jimi's career that are widely unknown but still extremely relevant and interesting.
Here's the links...
Jimi Hendrix with "Others"
Hendrix Band of Gypsys CD Review
Jimi Hendrix, the Bass Player?
Click and enjoy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

K.O MCcoy

K.O MCcoy's CD cover for "U Can't Stop Me" featuring Young Buck. "U Can't Stop Me" is K.O's debut single.

K.O MCcoy is a up and coming R&B/Pop/Hip Hop singer/songwriter who is primed and ready to hit the Top 40 with her edgy sound and silky, smooth vocals. K.O is currently working on her full length album which will be released by Allure Records.

Visit K.O's page and you can hear "U Can't Stop Me", "2nd Wind" and "Marvin's Room Remake". Any fan of Alicia Keys, Beyonce & Rihanna will surely appreciate and enjoy K.O's Music.
Visit K.O's Twitter page!/infinityko
K.O facebook is
Allure Entertainment's website is
K.O MCcoy's Bio & Contact Info is included below...

"2nd Wind" CD single cover.

(Thank You K.O!)