Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jimi Hendrix

Update 7/23/12: New Like At Berkeley 2nd show live album release news.

are you experienced, The inside story of the Jimi Hendrix Experience by Noel Redding & Carol Appleby is a very interesting, revealing autobiographical book. This is basically a tell all book about all the inner workings of the business side as well as the musical side of The Jimi Hendrix Experience from an insider's point of view. The book also goes into detail about all the legal hassles that Noel went through to try and get his fair share of the Hendrix pie after he died.

Jimi Hendrix: Experience The Music by Belmo and Steve Loveless.

This book is a comprehensive, unique book that covers all of Jimi Hendrix's musical output before and after he died. It documents the 650 or so official and unofficial studio and live recordings that have Jimi Hendrix's name on them up until 1998. It also covers Jimi's TV appearances, tour dates and has a Jimi Hendrix song index that has over 4000 songs!

The index tells who played what on each song, what year they were recorded and where they were recorded.

Chances are if you have a Hendrix bootleg you can find out all the info about it in this book. What's sad is that according to this book Jimi doesn't even play on alot of the unofficial, unreleased music.

Hendrix In The West

New CD back cover.

Update 9/15/11: A New Hendrix Winterland 5 CD Box Set was released as of 9/13/11. Includes some never before released live songs from the legendary venue, a venue Hendrix headlined 3 straight days in a row in 1968. Also a Hendrix reissue of a out of print record since 1974 "In The West" has finally been rereleased in CD form. Any Hendrix fan who hasn't heard the 13 minute and 12 second live version of Red House from 1969 that's on "In The West" should be ashamed, one of the best ever. Although if I'm not mistaken this version is on the 2000 purple 4 CD box set as well.

I am a serious Jimi Hendrix fan and I wanted to post some links to some articles I wrote about Jimi on my article page. I wanted to cover some parts of Jimi's career that are widely unknown but still extremely relevant and interesting.
Here's the links...
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Click and enjoy!

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