Tuesday, March 9, 2010


All Photos courtesy of The Right Ons Myspace page.

Spain's The Right Ons will be playing at Union Hall on March 10th as part of their 3rd U.S. tour in support of their new full length release Look Inside, Now! on Q Division Records.
They'll also be playing the following SXSW dates:
Wednesday 3/17/2010SXSW: @ Hole In The Wall, Austin, TX Electric Western Party
Wednesday 3/17/2010SXSW: Official Showcase, Austin, TX @ Barbarella's
Friday 3/19/2010SXSW: @ Sonny's Vintage, Austin, TX Get Hip Showcase
Friday 3/19/2010SXSW: @Gingerman Pub, Austin, TX Q Division/Heart Of Gold Party
Saturday 3/20/2010SXSW: @ Gingerman Pub, Austin, TX Q Division/Heart Of Gold Party

The most American sounding Rock n' Roll band isn't from America. The Right Ons are, in fact, from from Madrid, Spain - and sing entirely in English. Drawing heavily on the Detroit Garage Sound, as well as funk and soul from the 60s and 70s, the band's energetic live show has become legendary on the festival circuit in Spain. For more info, music, and other multimedia related content, head over to their myspace.
Look for their new record, Look Inside, Now!, coming out soon. Preorder it starting March 1st.


EZEKIAL are Buffalo music veterans who have been blowing people away and tearing peoples' heads off with their double lead guitar attack since 1985.
Any fan of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock should be there and worship these Metal gods in action as they tear up a stage near you.
Once again, tell 'em JoTell sent ya.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Goo Goo Dolls

The Goo Goo Dolls are a Buffalo born and bred band and they are an extremely talented bunch of musicians. "A Boy Named Goo" was their big breakthrough CD, this CD contains the 1 hit "Name". I am and always will be a Goo Goo Dolls fan.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Talas - Buffalo, NY

Not exactly a Talas event but Talas related none the less...



I never had the opportunity to see the original Talas lineup live but I witnessed the 2nd revamped version of Talas many, many times when Phil Naro fronted the band. I spent many a teenage night learning to play the bass (and guitar) being influenced and inspired by Billy's awesome performances. I actually met Billy once in Buffalo but I was starstruck into virtual silence...I think I got up the courage to say "Hi" and that was it. I have seen Dave and Paul play together with the Tweeds in the 80's and I had the immense pleasure of sitting in with them a couple of times. I even had a chance to open up for Talas at the now defunct Uncle Sam's/Spit nightclub with a band called Charmer but this was after Billy had left the band...which baffled me because I always thought Billy made Talas what it was...needless to say the Talas version without Billy didn't last long.
Billy's bass playing continues to amaze and influence me after all these years. I enjoy listening to all the bands that Billy has recorded with over the years, especially Niacin. For those of you who aren't aware of Billy Sheehan's style of bass playing, here's a little info. Billy has the ability and the know how to lay back and seemlessly fill a groove when needed. He also has the amazing ability to blow your head off when it comes time to play a bass solo! Remember that the electric bass has only 4 rather thick strings that are tough enough to play...Billy has mastered the ability to play lead bass guitar, a skill he virtually created on his own, I've never seen or heard anyone play the 4-string bass like Billy. He's in a class all his own.
Dave has a couple of solo CD's out which are amazing in their own right. Dave and Paul continue to play the Buffalo club and summer festival music scene. Anybody who is a fan of the Buffalo Music scene needs to see Dave and Paul play live, they helped create and make the Buffalo Music Scene what it is today. I've had the pleasure to meet and talk with both Dave and Paul and they are friendly, approachable, class A guys. If you've never heard them play their musical talent is instantly apparent from the first note you hear either of them sing or play. Stick around long enough and you may hear a Talas classic! Tell 'em Joe Tell sent ya!

Riff's Guitar Shop

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caitlin Koch

Here's a recent Buffalo New Gusto cover featuring Caitlin and Vincent James

2012 Buffalo Music Award show pictures courtesy of JTell photos.

Caitlin Koch with her 2012 Best Female Vocalist Award.
Photo courtesy of Caitlin's Official Facebook Fan Page

Caitlin & The Moses Band ad.

Caitlin Koch TV Star! (X-Factor still photo)

Caitlin Koch is an extremely talented lead vocalist from Buffalo. Caitlin has competed and appeared on The X Factor and American Idol shows on worldwide television. The X Factor is Simon Cowell's singing talent show, The X Factor reunites Simon with Paula Abdul on the judging panel. I find The X Factor really cool because all of the auditions are held in arenas. When in Buffalo Caitlin performs with The Jamie Moses Band. If you have ever seen Caitlin sing in person or on TV it's obvious that Caitlin has the singing talent to go far in the music industry. Go Caitlin!

Thank You Caitlin and Artvoice Magazine!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Redwater "Time Is A Lie" CD review

First off I want to say Thank You to Redwater for sending me a promo copy of their CD for me to listen to and review.
Redwater is comprised of Kevin on Guitar and Vocals, Tony on Guitar, Jay on Bass and Mike on drums.
OK here we go with the review...
Track #1 "Yet Another Girl" is a great choice for the opening track, "Yet Another Girl" is upbeat and manic, the singing and playing are very spirited on this song and they sound like they were executed with reckless abandon. The opening track induces a sonic adrenaline rush that leaves the listener wanting and waiting to hear the next song ASAP...
"Can't Stand My Life" has a groovy, retro, 70's rock feel to it...which means it sounds cool. This track features some tasty slide guitar playing.
Track #3 "Sleazy" starts off with a sexy, funky groove then the song takes a twist that leads into some very awesome drum, bass and solo guitar playing.
"Off To War" is a timely subject these days, this song sounds like it could've been written by Bob Dylan or 1 of my faves, Johnny Cash, the country groove is a surprising and refreshing change from the 1st 3 songs and upon hearing the 1st few bars of this song I honestly had a happy grin on my face, thanx Redwater, this song has a real nice, clean, lead guitar solo.
Track #5 "Oh Lord" brings the tempo of the CD down, but not in a bad way, with another country rock song, "Oh Lord" has some sweet, melodic, melancholy laced singing by Kevin.
"Time Is A Lie" the title track reminds of the Alice In Chains CD "Jar Of Flies", I really enjoyed the acoustic guitar sound and mellow feel of this song.
"You Don't Get It" starts off slow but speeds up slightly, this song has a hippie groove to it with it's bongo playing and backward tracked guitar right in the middle of the song...pass it on.
Track 8 "Our Own" is a mellow rocker that features a jammin' solo by Jay on the electric bass guitar.
"Too Far Behind" is an acoustic guitar driven rock song that highlights Kevin's soaring and melodic vocals.
Track 10 "Clay" brings up the tempo of the CD with it's driving beat, slide guitar playing and syncopated guitar and bass rhythms.
The closing track "I Still Don't Want You" has a nice hard rockin' rhythm, I enjoyed the psychedelic soundz at the end of the track.
Redwater's contact info is on the CD insert above the review, contact them to get your copy today.