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Gaia Miranda "All in Time" CD Review

"All In Time" CD Review, before I start I 1st want to Thank Gaia for submitting her CD for this blog for me to review. Thank You, Gaia!

The 1st track "All In Time" has a really great intro, I enjoy listening to the skillfully fingerpicked acoustic guitar intro, the song has a nice, flowing, melancholy feel to it, it reminds me of a Fleetwood Mac type of song but it still has a unique sound and feel all it's own. "All In Time" contains some very well played lead guitar playing provided by Pat Travers. Pat Travers has been entertaining audiences and releasing top quality Rock n Roll music since the 70's. (See Bio.) "All In Time" is a great opening track.
"Heart of Mine" highlights the unique vocal stylings and talented, excellent, acoustic guitar playing of Gaia Miranda. Her voice is reminiscent of K.D. Lang and Tracy Chapman at times. This track has the classic sound and feel of a song you may have heard on FM radio, or maybe even AM radio, in the 70's. Think "Soft Rock" in a James Taylor type vein.
The 3rd track "Keep on Runnin" is an uptempo Rock n Roll song with a unique and somewhat mesmerizing electric guitar intro which doesnt last very long before the song bursts into a full-out Rockin' tune, this song features some excellent lead guitar playing by Eron Chambers. (See Bio.)
"You Know it's Spring" is another nice, melancholy, mellow song that features Gaia's unique and soaring vocal phrasing accompanied by another, well executed and well played acoustic guitar track.
The 5th song, "The Lone Zone" is another uptempo rocker that features some powerful drumming by Sean Shannon and more excellent lead guitar by Eron Chambers. The guitar pick scratches sound cool on this rockin' track.
"The Sun is High" is reminiscent of "Heart of Mine" and "You Know It's Spring" featuring a solo Gaia on acoustic guitar and vocals.
The final track, "Sweetest Part of Heaven (RoughCut)" strikes me as a Christmas ballad for a former or lost love or maybe a tribute to a lost family member...either way it's a great closing track featuring Gaia on electric guitar and vocals.
You can more find info on Gaia on YouTube, MySpace and Facebook!
"All In Time" is a winner, pick up your copy online on Gaia's website or directly @ Record Theater today!
Thank You Gaia!

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The Path

The Path donating their time and talent entertaining and educating some very special listeners about Autism thru a very special song written by Elaine about her son.
Anyone who knows me knows where this photo is from.

The Path finds its way into the famed "Night-Life Magazine". Thank You, Night-Life!