Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blogger business cards

Update: 2/18/15, I am currently looking for a new background to use on a new biz card. I am open to suggestions and artistic submissions.

Version 3.0 from 2013-2014...Thank You Maria and The Machine! 
There's a cool video on youtube of the song being performed in the picture.

Above is the 2nd version of my biz card from 2011/2012. Yes, Amy Z granted me permission to use her photo on the card! I thought it was a cool enough pic to use on the card. 
Typo: my comic book blog is now under a different web address.

Below is my original Biz Card, I gave out 250 of these and made some great connections. 
Les Paul logo was given to me through a blog piece contact. Typo: Google owns my blog I don't.

Bloggers are people too!