Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kate Bush

I've always been a big Kate Bush fan. Her music can be inspiring, powerful and uplifting at times, at other times her music can be very introspective and quite melancholy.
I believe many of the new generation of 90's female artists' were (obviously) influenced by Kate Bush.
Kate's influence can still be heard in the music of today and she is still releasing ground breaking music.
Any musician or big music fan seeking to expand their musical horizons should check out Kate Bush's music.

Thank you Dad and Kate!

Kal'L, Love & Loss

R&B singer/songwriter, Kal’L, brings his expressive storytelling ability and unforgettable melodies to the streets with his debut EP, “Love & Loss” on October 23rd, 2012. His music is a modern meeting of the classic Motown R&B of the Jackson 5 and the harmony infused, vocal-heavy pop and R&B music of 90’s artists like Jamie Foxx and NSYNC. Self-produced and written entirely on his own, it showcases his undeniable talent at building a musical experience that takes the listener through a myriad of emotions, with his signature emphasis on being emotionally expressive and telling a story that listeners can relate  to above all else.

Kal’L brings his own personality to his tracks, always suave, smooth and something of a debonair, he allows his vocals to shine right along with his attitude, whether the lyrics are a quest for love or a heartbreak anthem. Despite his old-school influences his music is peppered with modernity, bringing with it comparisons to Ne-Yo and Usher, he finds himself in great company while he sets himself apart with his intense focus on building a story.

The album gets off to an intense and emotional start with the unwavering ballad “Count On Me,” Kal'L' soft and fluid falsetto soars above the lullaby-esque piano while he exposes raw emotion. The crashing beat of the drums and the scattered yet gentle sound of the synth heighten this story about a man’s love for his child, creating a mellifluous melody atop his eloquently colorful lyrics.
“Cheating,” a slow jam about confronting a cheating lover that’s harmonic melody is layered over a stripped down beat. The bare instrumentation allows Kal’L’s smooth, soulful vocals and lyrics to be the focal point, exposing the best of his talents in one solid, 90’s-esque sound.  Featuring rap artist Kiza Sosay, the stand-out first single is “Fly Away,” a danceable jam that’s infused with the sound of summer time from start to finish.  The relaxing cascade of the piano building on the pulsing and fresh beat lays the groundwork for Kal’L’s vocals, which emanate sweetly along, merging with Kiza’s refreshing verse harkening back to the days of old school hip hop. In signature fashion, Kal’L crafts perfectly descriptive lyrics over a melody that feels as if you’ve stumbled across paradise.  He heads in a different direction on “Whisper” (featuring Qewl Miles) for a seductive song about two lovers, adorned with slow-drip synths and a sonorous bass.  Kal’L’s voice melts over the slow groove in which he urges his woman to take control with a kind of languid desire one has to when they want to lose themselves beneath the sheets. Kal’L finds himself reflective and deeply personal on the incandescent “Our Love” is layered with gentle guitar over a hypnotically slow synth-beat, rounding out a beautiful, full sound that pushes the song to a powerful chorus. A love song by every definition;  the vocals are an instrument unto themselves in their expressive warmth, a feast of brilliantly gleaming R&B that is astounding in its frail vulnerability.

Kal’L weaves together intricate stories on each of the tracks on his debut EP “Love & Loss”, his introspective nature gives listeners an inside look into who he is, particularly his ability to be raw and unequivocally honest with his lyrics.  From heartbreaking ballads to jamable, radio-ready tracks, “Love & Loss” has something for every listener.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Joshua Ketchmark - EP The Ignited

Joshua Ketchmark returns with the alt-rock infused EP “The Ignited,” his third and final EP release of the year on October 30th, 2012. Staying true his raw and authentic quality, Joshua shines as he returns to the rock genre, his gritty vocals and remarkable songwriting are peppered with a steadfast mainstream quality, leaving no doubt that “The Ignited” will stand-out among his critically acclaimed previous releases. Produced and engineered by Davey Julson Rieley (Kill Hannah, Kelly Clarkson, Elvis Costello) along with engineer Jeremy Hatcher (The Used, Black Veil Brides) the album is brilliantly chiming, with anthemic songs of real restraint and grace that include a little bit of everything, from a thrashing fire of the drums to the invigorating melodies. The perspective of this record comes from a man that’s been hurt and heartbroken, a bitter and angry voice that allows itself to be exposed and wavering throughout each track; a true departure from his previous release in all the right ways. Each aspects comes together to make for a radio ready alternative rock album that could easily find itself among the likes of the Foo Fighters, Hinder, and Paramore. 

The opening track, “About to Break” is a gutsy fist-pumper, Joshua’s wail of a voice yells out over each chorus on a justifiably pissed off vocal track. It’s a mix with a welcome focus on the drums, though it manages to remain melodic despite the exhilarating track that hammers on from the opening chord to the explosive finish, brandishing a real heavy-metal esque moment. Next up is “Fallen,” its pleasingly quirky instrumentation and a bouncy, visceral pop rock arrangement make it a standout track. Joshua’s vocals add a glistening charisma despite the content of the lyrics, an upbeat break-up song that somehow manages to add a sense of fun to the keenly emotional content. If “Fallen” is something of a break-up anthem, “Hurt” is where the sadness turns to bitterness, full of biting lyrics that express caution and remorse, its energetic chorus gives way to a raucous, emphatic beat that stands out beautifully and quickly becomes a staple throughout the album. The melody is lifted by the intoxicating sound of Joshua’s voice, who only manages to add the gritty emotion in an almost effortless fashion. The first single off “The Ignited,” is the ethereal “Without You.” It is a collision course of sound that is both dissonant and enthralling, all married together by a strong, vigorous vocal lift that shines brightly as the centerpiece when the chorus builds to a riveting emotional place. It’s the last breath of a dying relationship, desperately trying to thrive in a barren place, and you feel the frustration and desperation in each raw high and low of the vocal.
Joshua Ketchmark‘s talent sits at the forefront of “The Ignited,” from the rich tone of the guitar to his uninhibited vocal prowess, made more powerful by the stunning instrumentation. There is no question that his ambitions match his abilities, which will surely allow his music to find a place in the collections of any music fan and find himself a definitive place in the spotlight. 

Brock Zanrosso - Love Kills

Brock Zanrosso is set to drop his electro-pop album "Love Kills" on September 18th, 2012 Produced by West Pryde and Tommy Armitano, Brock had a hand in the writing of every track, crafting an album with a winning formula that includes party ready anthems and simplistic yet sexy lyrics that explode into club banging beats. His first radio single, “Drowning,” has already seen a multitude of success and the release of his up-coming single “Take It Off” is sure to solidify the album a deserving place in the pop culture dance-phenomena taking over the airwaves.

Brock Zanrosso set to drop electro-pop album “Love Kills on September 18th, 2012

Brock Zanrosso’s electro-pop album “Love Kills” will hit the streets on September 18th, 2012, hot off the success of his radio-ready dance-pop single “Drowning.”  This YTV’s ‘The Next Star’ alumni follows up his debut album "Prelude" and finds his place with an edgy and  hard hitting, electro-pop meets dub-step inspired album that fits in perfectly with today’s market, with a sound that has been  likened to artists like Justin Timberlake, The Wanted and Rihanna.  Zanrosso is no stranger to the club scene, from his club tours throughout Canada to a stint on Stef Langs “Fighting Mirrors” tour, and most recently performing at Canada’s Wonderland; it’s easy to see where the relentlessly catchy, danceable pop inspiration for “Love Kills” came from. Produced by West Pryde and Tommy Armitano, Brock had a hand in the writing of every track, crafting an album with a winning formula that includes party ready anthems and simplistic yet sexy lyrics that explode into club banging beats. His first radio single, “Drowning,” has already seen a multitude of success and the release of his up-coming single “Take It Off” is sure to solidify the album a deserving place in the pop culture dance-phenomena taking over the airwaves.  
“Love Kills” begins with the slow and steady “I Found It” which serves as an effective intro to the electro-infused, heart pumping album. It builds the listener up for the explosion of noise and beats that’s about to take a place, an anthem where Brock stands poignant and his voice wails in anticipation of what’s to come. It’s hard, chilly synths pound under the stronger side of his voice until it segues effortlessly into the lead single “Drowning.”  A punchy yet identifiably melodic club track, it’s full of a sort of sassiness that defines the mature attitude Brock has carefully cultivated throughout the album. His anger is matched by the pounding of the bass and the stripped down, electro-infused dance break. The title track, “Love Kills,” is a hauntingly harmonic, pulsating ballad that is both seductive and painfully tragic. Brock’s voice stands alone, undulating over the electric guitar and bump-and-crash of the bass hitting the synth.  It serves the title well, the listener able to feel how much the loss of love is killing his strength and faith as he croons, “Tryin’ to find, someone to replace you… I want you to be my girl, I want you inside my world, no one can replace you.” “Every Night” pairs ample ‘edge’ with the romanticism of the lyrical content  for a powerful mid-tempo ballad that exposes a vulnerable side to Brock that’s not seen on the more banging, up-tempo cuts.  The percussion snaps and the piano fades in and out, for a powerful sound that’s topped with a subtle desperation enhanced by Brock’s warm falsetto.  The final track “Take It Off” brings the listener back to the rowdy, ludicrously hard-hitting trancepop, a place where Brock consistently shines with a gritty and seductive attitude that seems to come effortlessly to him.  It finds that balance of vocals neatly flipped over an extra cavernous beat that ramps up the drama and will keep any club-goer moving from start to finish as “Love Kills” comes to its climax and ultimate end.
Brock Zanrosso’s “Love Kills” is a stand-out, mainstream masterpiece that can stand alone among the brightest stars in the industry.