Friday, January 4, 2013

Joshua Ketchmark - EP The Ignited

Joshua Ketchmark returns with the alt-rock infused EP “The Ignited,” his third and final EP release of the year on October 30th, 2012. Staying true his raw and authentic quality, Joshua shines as he returns to the rock genre, his gritty vocals and remarkable songwriting are peppered with a steadfast mainstream quality, leaving no doubt that “The Ignited” will stand-out among his critically acclaimed previous releases. Produced and engineered by Davey Julson Rieley (Kill Hannah, Kelly Clarkson, Elvis Costello) along with engineer Jeremy Hatcher (The Used, Black Veil Brides) the album is brilliantly chiming, with anthemic songs of real restraint and grace that include a little bit of everything, from a thrashing fire of the drums to the invigorating melodies. The perspective of this record comes from a man that’s been hurt and heartbroken, a bitter and angry voice that allows itself to be exposed and wavering throughout each track; a true departure from his previous release in all the right ways. Each aspects comes together to make for a radio ready alternative rock album that could easily find itself among the likes of the Foo Fighters, Hinder, and Paramore. 

The opening track, “About to Break” is a gutsy fist-pumper, Joshua’s wail of a voice yells out over each chorus on a justifiably pissed off vocal track. It’s a mix with a welcome focus on the drums, though it manages to remain melodic despite the exhilarating track that hammers on from the opening chord to the explosive finish, brandishing a real heavy-metal esque moment. Next up is “Fallen,” its pleasingly quirky instrumentation and a bouncy, visceral pop rock arrangement make it a standout track. Joshua’s vocals add a glistening charisma despite the content of the lyrics, an upbeat break-up song that somehow manages to add a sense of fun to the keenly emotional content. If “Fallen” is something of a break-up anthem, “Hurt” is where the sadness turns to bitterness, full of biting lyrics that express caution and remorse, its energetic chorus gives way to a raucous, emphatic beat that stands out beautifully and quickly becomes a staple throughout the album. The melody is lifted by the intoxicating sound of Joshua’s voice, who only manages to add the gritty emotion in an almost effortless fashion. The first single off “The Ignited,” is the ethereal “Without You.” It is a collision course of sound that is both dissonant and enthralling, all married together by a strong, vigorous vocal lift that shines brightly as the centerpiece when the chorus builds to a riveting emotional place. It’s the last breath of a dying relationship, desperately trying to thrive in a barren place, and you feel the frustration and desperation in each raw high and low of the vocal.
Joshua Ketchmark‘s talent sits at the forefront of “The Ignited,” from the rich tone of the guitar to his uninhibited vocal prowess, made more powerful by the stunning instrumentation. There is no question that his ambitions match his abilities, which will surely allow his music to find a place in the collections of any music fan and find himself a definitive place in the spotlight. 

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