Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kaleo Futuristo "The Future Is Now"

Kaleo Futuristo has been described as a Hip Hop combo of Andre 3000 and Eminem, Kaleo is being recognized worlwide as a up 'n coming new talent.
Visit and for all the latest info on Kaleo.
Thanks Kaleo!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Vincent James Explosion - Blown

2/12/2010 Flyer, Thank you Vince!

Blown CD art.

Photo by Joe Tell from the Central Park Grill.

Blown CD Review by Joe Tell.

On Track 1 Blown both the Guitar and Bass make their presence instantly known, I really dig the bass sound and the guitar sweeps and fast blues/metal lead breaks. The psychedelic middle pt. is great and the bass/drums stacatto fills @ the end, blew me away.
Big Poppi has some Awesum! Jeff Beck inspired soundz.
Merrimac St. is a pure Jazz/Sex groovefest.
Love Is The Word starts off mellow 'n jazzy then, The VJX turn it in and out into a rock inspired throw down with some blazing rock solos and a bass solo thrown in @ the end for good measure.
Track 6 is a funky rocker thru 'n thru with some interesting sounding sample trax which add to the track rather than detract from it.
Naurel strikes me as a Jeff Beck, melancholy Guitar instrumental, which I really, really enjoyed being a big, big J.B. fan myself. The title name may be an interesting take on someones name?...
City Slicker has some inspired Stevie Ray Vaughan type soloing exposing yet another skill Vincent James has mastered and obviously enjoys playing.
Any serious fan/student of the Guitar should check out this CD. Funk, Blues and Rock fans will not be disappointed by this CD.

All The Vincent James Explosion releases are available Music City, tell 'em JoTell sent ya!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Glenn Colton, 2009 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductee

The Glenn Colton Christmas Album is a great holiday CD for the entire family. This highly entertaining CD is full of all the holiday favorites that we all grew up with. Kiddies will be able to learn these songs easily while having fun and I think parents will like the CD too! I liked his reading of "The Night Before Christmas" - it adds a special touch to the CD. Included on this CD is a version of "Must Be Santa" which was also covered on Bob Dylan's new Christmas CD, both versions are "hip" and enjoyable to listen to. There's even some songs that I haven't heard since I was a wee little kid myself, like "Up On The Rooftop". I highly recommend this for your children.
I recently had the pleasure of witnessing Glenn Colton working his magic live and in color, he puts on a highly entertaining family show, all the kids in attendance had a great time.
Glenn has been performing for Buffalo audiences for a long time and he has perfected his craft and sharpened his skills over the years. Glenn's performance was a professional, seemless presentation of singing, guitar playing and entertaining, knowing exactly what to say and what to play to keep the audience interested and entertained the entire show.
Glenn's music, performace schedule and booking information are all available on his website, goto for all his information.
Thank You, Glenn! You Rock!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Queen City Bookstore - Buffalo NY

All interior photos provided by Emil Novak. Thank You, Emil!!!!

Established in 1969 Queen City Bookstore is one of, if not, the most popular comic book stores in all of Buffalo.
In terms of the volume of new and back issue comic quantities available Queen City is certainly the best.
Queen City's main focus is comics and they also carry many comic collectibles, specialty toys and action figures for all ages to enjoy and collect.
Queen City's knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing staff will be glad to help you with any special orders you have and they also have a subscription department to fulfill any monthly orders you need.
So whether you're an avid collector looking for that rare back issue to round out your collection or just a casual reader stop by Queen City Bookstore, 3184 Main St., Buffalo N.Y. 14214 and get your comic fix today.
Phone 716-833-6220
Fax 716-833-1781
Thank You, Emil!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BM Linx "The Portable Genius"

The Portable Genius, BM Linx's 2006 debut release is best described, in my humble opinion, as a New wave version of N.I.N.s with a good dose of Punk/Metal Angst throw in for good measure.
Track 4 "Some Girl" has a really nice, melancholy keyboard intro.
"The Guest List" has a sweet, distorted guitar intro and some special punk/rap like lyrics.
I really enjoy the light and airy, spacy retro feel of "Freezing".
"The Chance" has some great upfront bass playing, rebel/punk/metal lyrics and some awesome psuedo metal guitar solos.
My favorite U.O. remix is UO vs. Jason Tyler.
Overall my fave Understanding Orange version is the version on "Black Entertainment" having heard that version first.
Good Job guys, hope to see you back in Buffalo soon.

Tony Diodore and Andrew Griffiths.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Vincent James Explosion

Vincent James, Master Guitar Player. Pick up VJXs latest CD, Blown at Music City.
Visit for additional info on The Vincent James Explosion.

Righteous R&B Bassist and '09 BMA award winner, Jerry Sampson.

Jim Linsner, drummer extraordinaire and multiple BMA award winner.

Visit Jims website

For some displaced paradiddle licks by Jim goto

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ezekial at the B.M.A.s '09

Richie and Bob Avino enjoying a brew @ the BMAs.

Ezekial circa '05
Goto for more info on Ezekial.

Visit for info on 1 of Chris' past music projects.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bitter Sweet, Buffalo, NY

Bitter Sweet, "Buffalo's Hottest New Party Band!" Nick from Bitter Sweet and Maria from Hey You enjoying the festivities @ the B.M.A.s.
Big Dangerous World... Nick from Bitter Sweet, Tim from eXit!, Kelly from Hit 'n Run and JoTell circa 1998.
No Split Image is not playing tonight, this is an old B&W pic I scanned from an old Gusto I had stashed away.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Vincent James Explosion "Jammin' with J.T." 2006

Jammin' with J.T. is the first release from The Vincent James Explosion, it was released in 2006 and it features Vincent James on Guitar, Tom Zielinski on Bass and Jim Linsner on Drums.
This entire CD is defined by an Out Of Phase, slightly Distorted, Chorusy & Leslie cabinet rhythm guitar sound, in other words a good, solid, very listenable guitar sound. The guitar playing is technically sound but never too technical, a rock/blues/metal edge is always waiting to explode onto yer eardrums at any given moment. Track #1 features a excellent Explosive! guitar solo. Track #2 features a very impressive bass solo. Track #4 combines fairly laid back, clean jazz/distorted rock guitar sounds, reminiscent of Steve Vai, with some awesome drum playing and a bass solo to boot! This CD isn't just about solos though, it's a jazz/rock fusion instrumental delight, sure to please fans of Jeff Beck & Jimi Hendrix.
Pick up your copy @ Music City or Record Theater today.

Thrown To The Wolves

Visit for more info.
Flyers courtesy of

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Revelation by The Vincent James Explosion 2007

The Vincent James Explosion is an innovative, explosive, outstanding, accomplished & polished trio of musicians who mix Rock/Jazz/Jazz Fusion/Blues/Funk/Acid Jazz Blues styles with a little bit of vocals thrown in for good measure. I ask you how can you go wrong when mixing these styles? You can't, these guys stir the pot up resulting in a very interesting and unique sonic brew which is highly palatable to even the most discerning of eardrums.
The Vincent James Explosion is compromised of Vincent James - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Jerry Sampson - Bass, Vocals & Jim Linsner - Drums, Percussion, this CD is significant because it marked the inclusion of Award Winning bassist Jerry Sampson into The Vincent James Explosion replacing former bassist Tom Zielinski.
This CD features also features some excellent saxophone playing by Eric Crittenden on Track 3, JB's Bounce.
The Vincent James Explosion sound can best be compared to Jeff Beck Jazz/Fusion era, Jimi Hendrix & Stevie Ray Vaughn to name a few.
Track #4 Jialu is a Must Listen to...for any serious guitarists out there, way cool effects going on throughout that instrumental.
Track #2 Into The Light has some impressive tremolo bar/fuzz work.
If you're looking for something new & exciting to listen to pick up a copy of this CD today @
For further info on The Vincent James Explosion goto

Monday, November 16, 2009

Female Musicians Fighting Breast Cancer '09

The beauty and the brains behind the benefit, Ida. with Maria, Thank You, Ida. Great Show, Great Bands, Awesome Cause!


4th band up and worth the wait...Passion Works.

3rd band up...East Of Eden.

2nd band up...Whatsie.

First band up... Mystic Traversion.

A few of the guitars so generously donated for the benefit.

Violin donated by Music City.

Visit for more info.

Thank You Ida & Music City.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dogghouse Rocks!

Dogghouse is a Rockin' cover band who play a wide range of music from the 60s to 2009.
Aiming to please, Dogghouse also plays cover tunes in the Alternative, Easy Listening, Grunge & Reggae style. I recently had the pleasure to be invited out a Dogghouse gig where I took a few photos.

Dogghouse is comprised of Scott K - Guitar and Vocals, Frank C - Guitar and Vocals, Chris W - Bass and Vocals, Dave L - Lead Vocals & Mark K - Drums and Vocals.

If you're sent out to the Dogghouse don't be sad, be glad, because these guys will rock yer sox off.
Goto for upcoming dates & booking info.

For Marks MySpace pg, goto

Special Thanx to Mark & Chris for letting me sit in.
Thank You Dogghouse!

Joseph Michael Mahfoud

Joe in action.

for more info on The Stevie Project.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mystic Traversion "Tattooed In You"

Check out Mystic Traversion online @
*3 Time Buffalo Music Award Nominees
July 2008 Messa Music Artist Of The Month
*Watch "Miss You" video @

*7/27/10 Update
I recently picked up a sealed copy of this CD @ A recent Library Sale and I enjoy the mellow, melancholy feel of this all original CD, the liner notes explain the meaning behind of every song.
Kudos to M.T. for being honest and fairly revealing on the liner notes, most Buffalo bands are not that honest, if at all.
I'm looking forward to seeing M.T. live again and listening to their next release.