Monday, December 7, 2009

Glenn Colton, 2009 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductee

The Glenn Colton Christmas Album is a great holiday CD for the entire family. This highly entertaining CD is full of all the holiday favorites that we all grew up with. Kiddies will be able to learn these songs easily while having fun and I think parents will like the CD too! I liked his reading of "The Night Before Christmas" - it adds a special touch to the CD. Included on this CD is a version of "Must Be Santa" which was also covered on Bob Dylan's new Christmas CD, both versions are "hip" and enjoyable to listen to. There's even some songs that I haven't heard since I was a wee little kid myself, like "Up On The Rooftop". I highly recommend this for your children.
I recently had the pleasure of witnessing Glenn Colton working his magic live and in color, he puts on a highly entertaining family show, all the kids in attendance had a great time.
Glenn has been performing for Buffalo audiences for a long time and he has perfected his craft and sharpened his skills over the years. Glenn's performance was a professional, seemless presentation of singing, guitar playing and entertaining, knowing exactly what to say and what to play to keep the audience interested and entertained the entire show.
Glenn's music, performace schedule and booking information are all available on his website, goto for all his information.
Thank You, Glenn! You Rock!

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