Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BM Linx "The Portable Genius"

The Portable Genius, BM Linx's 2006 debut release is best described, in my humble opinion, as a New wave version of N.I.N.s with a good dose of Punk/Metal Angst throw in for good measure.
Track 4 "Some Girl" has a really nice, melancholy keyboard intro.
"The Guest List" has a sweet, distorted guitar intro and some special punk/rap like lyrics.
I really enjoy the light and airy, spacy retro feel of "Freezing".
"The Chance" has some great upfront bass playing, rebel/punk/metal lyrics and some awesome psuedo metal guitar solos.
My favorite U.O. remix is UO vs. Jason Tyler.
Overall my fave Understanding Orange version is the version on "Black Entertainment" having heard that version first.
Good Job guys, hope to see you back in Buffalo soon.

Tony Diodore and Andrew Griffiths.

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