Tuesday, December 22, 2009

CD Review of The Vincent James Explosions 2009 Release "Blown"

2/12/2010 Flyer, Thanx Vince and Dad!!

CD Review:

On Track 1 "Blown" both the Guitar and Bass make their presence instantly known, I really dig the Bass sound and the Guitar sweeps and fast blues/metal lead breaks. The psychedelic middle pt. is great and the Bass/Drums stacatto fills @ the end, blew me away.

"Big Poppi" has some Awesum Jeff Beck inspired soundz.

#3 "Merrimac St." is a pure Jazz/Sex groovefest.

Track #5 "Love Is The Word" starts off mellow 'n jazzy then, The VJX turn it in 'n out into a rock inspired throw down with some blazing rock solos and a Bass solo thrown in @ the end for good measure.
Track 6 is a funky rocker thru 'n thru with some interesting sounding sample trax which add to the track rather than detract from it.

#7 Naurel strikes me as a Jeff Beck, melancholy Guitar instrumental, which I really, really enjoyed being a big, big J.B. fan myself. The title name may be an interesting take on someones name?...

"City Slicker" has some inspired Stevie Ray Vaughn type soloing exposing yet another skill Vincent James has mastered and obviously enjoys playing.

Any serious fan/student of the Guitar should check out this CD. Funk, Blues and Rock fans will not be disappointed by this CD.

Check out The VJX @ The Central Park Grill every month.

Vince also works his magic with another local band, The Rod Nixon Project.

All The Vincent James Explosion releases are available Music City, tell 'em JoTell sent ya!

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