Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Live Music

Recently I came across a flyer for a benefit show that listed "live music" as part of the event.
First off the generic listing of "live music" made me wonder. What kind of "live music" was the benefit going to provide? A DJ? a live band? maybe karaoke?...
The generic connotation of "live music" is a really a turn off and not a good selling point if you want to have any kind of successful event. It is disrespectful toward the live music provider and shows that the promoters do not care enough about the "live music" to even announce who it is.
A good selling point would be to announce the band or DJ they will be bringing in to sell tickets. The fans of the band or DJ will know where they will be playing so they can buy a ticket to support them. What really got me is that the flyer listed "live music" in lower case and "Live Auctions" in upper and lower case!
My suggestion is that if you do not care enough about "live music" do not hire "live music" for your event. I would not be happy if I was providing music for an event that did not even bother to list the band name for their promotions. Ultimately the uncaring attitude that local bar patrons and owners display toward "live music" is bad for live bands. It's bad for the bands and all the venues they play in.
Please show the proper respect for local music and display all of the band names on all of your further "live music" event promotions.