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Jeremy Porter and The Tucos - Detroit, Michigan

Jeremy Porter and the Tucos - Detroit, Michigan

Jeremy Porter and the Tucos Don't Worry, It's Not Contagious music review by Joe Tell. Jeremy Porter and the Tucos sound like a band that is ambitiously striving for the mainstream. The band is very diverse showing off many styles punctuated by some unique sounds.  

Don't Worry, It's Not Contagious kicks off with Walk Of Shame. Walk Of Shame has an Americana  feel and packs a punch with it's twangy rock and roll guitars. The piano track played by Jeremy Porter adds a unique sound to this straight ahead rock and roll song.
Huckleberry has a infectious, urgent rock energy that's hard to ignore. This song shows off the band's alternative rock side with elements of pop punk. Patrick O'Harris provides a sweet sounding bass track offset with some great guitar melodies. This song reminded me of Huckleberry Hound.  
Watch and listen to Huckleberry on Youtube, here's the link

The title track, Don't Worry.. kicks off with a cool sounding bass line and neat little bass line takes the song out. A strong vocal delivery tops off this powerful and punky track.  
A slammin' drum track provided by Gabriel Doman punctuates Avenues Are For Heroes, an uptempo song about the hard life of the streets. 
Consolation Prize features Jeremy Porter and Jennifer Westwood on a vocal duet. Jennifer Westwood fronts a band called Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils.  
Torn features Jeremy on acoustic guitar topped with a lone, melancholy vocal track. 
The sound of Don't Have To Ask Twice is reminiscent of early 80's alternative rock. A sound at the end of the track sounds vaguely familiar adding a unique touch...
Urge To Cry is a rock ballad with a cool tempo change and a great guitar lick ending.
Patty's Not Impressed is a quick uptempo song about a rock fan who just doesn't "get it".   
Worth The Wait is a straight ahead rock song with a catchy chorus. This song reminded me of early 80's FM rock, like Tom Petty.
Somewhere New closes out the record with a bang. This song is one of my faves with it's old school drums, twangy guitar track and blowin' harp.

Jeremy Porter and The Tucos play a unique blend of classic American Powerpop and roots-rock and they are from Detroit, Michigan. They've been compared to The Replacements, Cheap Trick, Gram Parsons and X, and they're currently touring in support of their third album "Don't Worry, It's Not Contagious."  They are known for a tight live show that will get you rocking and dancing one minute and crying in your beer the next. Don't miss the band live!

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - Wikipedia Page
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" of America's best examples of pure talent and hard work." - Jersey Beat, November 2017

“…a great job combining roots rock and powerpop…highly recommended.”  - PowerPopAHolic, Oct 2015

“…as northern American blues as you can get before Canada. Whiskey-smooth, with the white hot licks of Ted Nugent, the veteran inspiration of Cheap Trick, and the experimentation of Hüsker Dü. They also have grooves, in all the right places.” – Dayton City Paper, Oct 2015

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Bleed The Freaks "All Is Lost"

Bleed The Freaks "All Is Lost" complete CD art. Kick ass art, Kik ass Muzik!!
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Will Rule aka "Angst" doin' the B.T.F. dance!


Bill Gurgoz aka "Angst"

Define Devine

Define Devine 
"Offering eternal liberation
Eye survive to peel away
Uncovering your tunnel vision
God is alive
Define Devine"

Define Devine was another Metal project from '04 that was fronted by "Angst". This is great heavy stuff! Hopefully I'll get around to doing a CD review soon.
"Angst" aka Bill Gurgol recieves writing credits on all of these songs.
Mixed by James Peter Labonte.
All songs copyright 2004 RULE! Entertainment

CD art by David Skonberg

Thank You Bill!