Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Digital Afterlife


Digital Afterlife is on the Facebook.
Thank you Greg!

Home Body - In Real Life

Home Body "In Real Life" CD cover
Home Body will be playing Buffalo at Milkie's Bar on March 22nd
Check out the event on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/342652769181805/
Listen to a couple tracks from Home Body's In Real Life : www.soundcloud.com/home-body
Watch Home Body's new music video for “Ram” : http://youtu.be/vXGYfu2KdKw
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/hellohomebody

McGee Art Gallery

Aquaman by Chris McGee

Greetings and "Transmutations": a visual celebration of Fine, Functional, decorative and Multi-purpose Artwork. 
The opening reception for this event will be on Saturday March23 from 6pm-10pm at
McGee Art Gallery 10931 Main St. Clarence, New York 14031.
This show will run through May 5 and will feature artists: Keilka Salsbury, Betsy Marie, Joe Agen, Barb Ernst, Bill Huggins, Enid Edelman, Faranack Nader Benz, Alyssa Brothman, Dario Mohr, Jackie Burdman, Lisa Rapsi and Chris McGee.
Hope everyone will stop by and experience this quirky, fun exhibit!

The Yvonne Schmidt Band - Buffalo, NY

Update 3/12/13: This is Turtle Blues, performed by "The Yvonne Schmidt Band". This video was recorded by Roberta Harter, Joey Tells Mom at The Sportsmen's Tavern in Buffalo, NY. I put this video up to show the band. They are really good. Maria is a member in this band and sings a few songs, and sings back up for a bunch more. Her husband, Joey Tell is the Bass player here in this video. Please enjoy.
Thank You, Bruce Markwardt

3/1/12: BRAVO!!! A hand clapping, round of applause with a big ole BRAVO to the wonderful people that joined us for another whipped up show! A huge thanks to Richard Wicka for allowing us to invade his studio along with Yvonne Schmidt, Greg Bravo and Maria of the Yvonne Schmidt Band and of course the drop dead gorgeous Iann Miller, drummer from Almost Ready. We sure can't forget about our Poster Belly Button Child, Crystal (a.k.a. Lucy Love), for her surprise guest appearance! 
Click on the link to hear the Patsy Silver and Dottie Kenney: Variety Show podcast interview

The Yvonne Schmidt Band

After hearing 2 different pronunciations of Yvonne's name tonight I'm feeling a really strong need to spell out the proper pronunciation of Yvonne's full name in an attempt to correct any further mispronunciations. 
OK here we go, 
Yvonne Schmidt's first name sounded out is YEE - V - ON, 
the last e is silent, 
her last name Schmidt is pronounced SHMIT, 
the c and d are silent. 

anyway, back to the music Yvonne has produced 2 great, full length CD's.
Here's a link to her cdbaby site http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/YvonneSchmidt
...scroll down to see more famous Schmidt's and even more about The Yvonne Schmidt band...

...other famous Schmidt's, Mike Schmidt, 1980 World Series Champion and a member of The National Baseball Hall of Fame.

I'm missing Hockey in a BIG way so I'd thought I'd include Milt Schmidt as well 
(even though he played on the Boston Bruins)
As a player Milt Schmidt helped lead the Boston Bruins to two Stanley Cup Championships, 1 in 1939 and the second in 1941. After retiring from the ice Schmidt was promoted to general manager of the Bruins in 1967, as general manager Schmidt led the Bruins to 2 more Stanley Cups, 1 in 1970 and the 2nd in 1972. Schmidt was inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1961.

Left to right, Mike, Vince, Yvonne Schmidt, Maria and Joe.

Vincent James on Lead Guitar.

Joe Tell on Bass guitar.

...and Mike Boncaldo on Drums.

All photos by Studio 112 Photography except the 2nd photo of Yvonne.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Home Body

Home Body has been quietly blowing minds and charming Buffalo audiences with every pass through the area with their fresh, danceable sound and magnetic stage presence. The duo’s animated performances include modern dance, creative costuming, and light manipulation, resulting in a feverish spectacle that amplifies their edgy and heartfelt sound.

Home Body consists of sweethearts Haley Morgan and Eric Hnatow, who recently released their debut full-length album, In Real Life (Feeding Tube Records) this past Valentine’s Day. Citing “ancient civilizations, astronomy, architecture and colorful plastics” as inspiration for their new album, Home Body parades their unique blend of humanistic electro pop to new ground, while invoking the likes of The Eurythmics, The Knife, and Bjork. Like fireworks during a thunderstorm, this record is akin to a dark sonic landscape punctuated with flashes of color, light, and shape. The synthesizer sizzles; the bass booms and decays. A comet suddenly passes and a clear bright voice swims through the sky. "Let’s live on the edge," she wails, "let go!" The duo successfully illustrates through this new album and their live performances that Home Body is not just electronic music; but music that is electric.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New York City, The Big Apple, NYC

My wife, Maria recently went on a trip to NYC and brought back some cool postcards, (which can see above, notice the ghosted in twin towers) she also brought home an informative NYC city guide....

I included a couple of cool ads that caught my eye...

Thank you Maria!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Miss May I - At Heart CD Review

Please Check out my recently published Miss May I "At Heart" CD review
Thank You MISS MAY I!