Monday, March 11, 2013

Home Body

Home Body has been quietly blowing minds and charming Buffalo audiences with every pass through the area with their fresh, danceable sound and magnetic stage presence. The duo’s animated performances include modern dance, creative costuming, and light manipulation, resulting in a feverish spectacle that amplifies their edgy and heartfelt sound.

Home Body consists of sweethearts Haley Morgan and Eric Hnatow, who recently released their debut full-length album, In Real Life (Feeding Tube Records) this past Valentine’s Day. Citing “ancient civilizations, astronomy, architecture and colorful plastics” as inspiration for their new album, Home Body parades their unique blend of humanistic electro pop to new ground, while invoking the likes of The Eurythmics, The Knife, and Bjork. Like fireworks during a thunderstorm, this record is akin to a dark sonic landscape punctuated with flashes of color, light, and shape. The synthesizer sizzles; the bass booms and decays. A comet suddenly passes and a clear bright voice swims through the sky. "Let’s live on the edge," she wails, "let go!" The duo successfully illustrates through this new album and their live performances that Home Body is not just electronic music; but music that is electric.

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