Saturday, September 21, 2013

Liquid Think - Carina & The Six String Preacher

Liquid Think is the first CD release from Carina & The Six String Preacher.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MOTÖRHEAD - “Aftershock”

MOTÖRHEAD to Release New Album “Aftershock” in North America on October 22, 2013

Silence, silence
Silence when you speak to me!
-Lemmy Kilmister

Like the juggernaut you prayed would keep on crushing you, like the friend that still royally pisses off your parents and like a loyal standard of crunchy, greasy, punky, bluesy, gutsy screw-you rock’n’roll, MOTÖRHEAD stride out through their 38th year brandishing more swagger and attitude then your ears could begin to comprehend.

On October 22, 2013, MOTÖRHEAD will deliver their 21st studio album, an enormous and prophetic Aftershock. Recorded at NRG Studios in North Hollywood, it is a true leveler, a crushing confirmation of everything MOTÖRHEAD stands for, marching from the dust storm to deliver 14 belting statements which see MOTÖRHEAD in perhaps their best writing form for years. There’s swagger, there’s punch, there’s speed and there’s dirty filthy grooves, Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee showing clearly that MOTÖRHEAD is not simply a band, it’s a genre!

That genre, more than ever, resonates with hearty independence and swashbuckle. Whether it’s “Heartbreaker” throwing hooks and riffs into your head, the double-kick concussiveness of “Paralyzed” with Campbell’s fuelled attack, or the thunderous ride-off-the-Rickenbacker Motörcharge of “Going To Mexico”, Aftershock takes gleeful twists and turns which re-announce the Motörlegend. There’s the smoky biker bar blues in the shape of “Dust And Glass”, Lemmy’s late-night vocals evoking last-call and melancholy, the pogo-powered punk-spiked stab of “Queen Of The Damned” and the deliciously steamy, humid mournful “Lost Woman Blues” which midway through decides to kick over the stool and stomp out the saloon door.

Aftershock track listing:

Coup de Grace
Lost Woman Blues
End Of Time
Do You Believe
Death Machine
Dust And Glass
Going To Mexico
Silence When You Speak To Me
Crying Shame
Queen Of The Damned
Keep Your Powder Dry

Aftershock is available in four different formats, wherever music is sold! The album can be purchased in CD (limited edition digipack), CD (jewel case), Vinyl (gatefold – 180-Gram Single LP), and digital formats. A North American pre-order will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Steal it if you must, buy it if you can!” says Lemmy, who’s pride in the album is so immense that guests to his home and dressing room in the last couple of months have been treated to extremely loud airings of the rough mixes, while Phil Campbell adds, “I really think the variation on the album shows that we’ve dug deep and produced some of our best work for a long time.”

“It is,” says Mikkey Dee, “a really, really strong MOTÖRHEAD album, one that really does define everything this band stands for.”

He’s not wrong. Because MOTÖRHEAD are MOTÖRHEAD are MOTÖRHEAD…and their Aftershock will be felt worldwide…

Learn more about MOTÖRHEAD at these websites:

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nothin' To Lose - The Making Of KISS 1972 - 1975

Picked up this book today.
This interesting rock and roll KISS bio book traces all the way back to the very first meeting between Gene and Paul.
Wicked Lester is covered in full detail and the book goes on to describe all the famous people Gene and Paul rubbed elbows with when they used to hang out @ Electric Ladyland studios all the time.
The book recounts the numerous recording sessions Gene and Paul did after they disbanded Wicked Lester before KISS was formed.
Every beginning step of the band's epic rise to worldwide fame is covered in full detail with rare pictures.

I could go on forever, but, from my experience, the band KISS tends to be a band that people either love to love or love to hate and I happen to love KISS.
A book covering the best version of KISS, back when they were young, hungry and paying their dues is something I would definitely enjoy reading.
I bought a fresh copy today, they are available @ all Barnes and Noble bookstores.
Any KISS fan who read Ace or Peter's bio books will definitely enjoy this book.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIT - Buffalo, NY

WiT (What Is This) Debut EP artwork.
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