Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nothin' To Lose - The Making Of KISS 1972 - 1975

Picked up this book today.
This interesting rock and roll KISS bio book traces all the way back to the very first meeting between Gene and Paul.
Wicked Lester is covered in full detail and the book goes on to describe all the famous people Gene and Paul rubbed elbows with when they used to hang out @ Electric Ladyland studios all the time.
The book recounts the numerous recording sessions Gene and Paul did after they disbanded Wicked Lester before KISS was formed.
Every beginning step of the band's epic rise to worldwide fame is covered in full detail with rare pictures.

I could go on forever, but, from my experience, the band KISS tends to be a band that people either love to love or love to hate and I happen to love KISS.
A book covering the best version of KISS, back when they were young, hungry and paying their dues is something I would definitely enjoy reading.
I bought a fresh copy today, they are available @ all Barnes and Noble bookstores.
Any KISS fan who read Ace or Peter's bio books will definitely enjoy this book.

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