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Sara Elizabeth "On The Rise" music review

Sara Elizabeth "On The Rise" CD cover.

                                        Sara Elizabeth 

Sara Elizabeth Genco is a 20 year old indie singer/songwriter from Alden, NY. She has been playing guitar since her ninth birthday, and since then has added piano, ukulele, and harmonica to her repertoire to help support her alto vocals. After eleven years of lessons, performing, and songwriting, she recently graduated from the University at Buffalo with a BA in Music, concentrated in Composition and Music Technology. She uses the sophisticated composition techniques learned at UB combined with instinct and a free ear to create unique and rhythmic song structures. Perhaps most importantly, her songs aim to tell stories through her carefully crafted and heartfelt lyrics.

Sara’s music is inspired by artists ranging from The Beatles to Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor – and from the musical theatre stylings of Stephen Schwartz to the gritty rule-breaking of the White Stripes – and so much more. Notable performances include Babeville’s Ninth Ward, The Town Ballroom, Tonawanda Folk Festival, Nietzsche’s, Water Street Music Hall, Music is Art, and live on CW23′s “Winging It! Buffalo Style”, and are supplemented by various coffee houses, bars, and churches around Western New York. With a plethora of influences and experiences both behind and ahead of her, Sara ultimately hopes to stand out in the indie music scene and find out what it truly means to be an artist.

Update 7/6/12: Sara is a immensely talented songwriter and I'm currently soaking in (listening to) "On The Rise" and compiling a CD review as I write this update...Great Job on the CD Sara!

Jive Injection - man

Michi, MT Press

Michi returns fresh of the success of her first single from her debut album “Where Your Heart Is” with the bubbly and exciting second single “Warrior.” The song highlights the strength of Michi’s unique voice, a tender yet electrifying sound infused throughout, finding quite the departure from the stark attitude she usually exudes. It’s a romantic and optimistic lyrical ode to the way standing together through every up and down makes not only the relationship stronger, but yourself.  Intensified by the blues-y and crisp electric guitar, Michi defines herself in the power behind her words, heartfelt and full of crystal clear imagery that pulls the listener in and keeps them captivated through every rushing chorus until the final chord is played. “Warrior” is a song that’s sure to attract a new audience, while still holding the attention of those that have already discovered this young, new talent.

Free MP3 of "Warrior" via

Thank You Sera and Michi!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tracee Perrin, MT Press

Los Angeles native, Tracee Perrin has been exposed to different cultures and ways of living that have influenced and elevated her music, allowing her to breathe refreshing authenticity into each track on her Debut EP "Providence." The EP was live tracked and produced by Daniel Dempsey (Rod Stewart, Chris Duran) and mastered by Mark Chalecki (veteran of Capitol Records with credits for Plain White T's, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pat Benatar), it explores socially conscious themes in an honest yet still hopeful and concise way. Her skills as a songwriter strip back just enough veneer to make her music beyond genuine and she is an expert at embracing her emotions, channeling them through unabashed sentiment.

The stand-out title track "Providence," a song about escaping what binds you to your past for the freedom of self-expression, the drums roll like a train over steel tracks as her lyrics carry you through the story. Mixed with the languidly fun strum of the guitar, she paints a whimsical picture of what it's like to let go, using her soaring vocals to speak fearlessly, "I am not running away/ I'm just looking for a change." The fluidity of the mix and the tale behind the story makes the listener want to continue the journey with her. With "Prince of Pride" her vocals float effortlessly, with beautifully weary resignation, backed by a barroom piano and a heartbreaking string accompaniment filling the space in the silence that's left. A song in which you can feel the sense of urgency for change in the world and Perrin's heart is emblazoned boldly in the gentle rifts and soaring heights of her voice. On "One Cry", a bittersweet ballad that points out the unforgivable flaws in a relationship, Perrin remains the epitome of dignity and grace, despite a loss of hope in the lesson of love. With a lush and tender vocal spread over a hollow and sparse piano chord progression, her lyrics are heartbreakingly truthful, showing her skills as talented and honest songwriter. Her music stays away from any surface symbolism, instead focusing on the honesty in the lyrics, building an undeniable EP of substance mingled with hopefulness and consistently strong material.

Fans of the soulful qualities of Sara Bareilles, Jewel, and Joss Stone will appreciate the release of Tracee Perrin's debut album "Providence."

More On Tracee Perrin
Tracee's Facebook page
For a free mp3 download of "Providence" goto

The Humphrey Road Band

Thank You Nick!

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Eddie Grey, MT Press

Eddie Grey is known as a musician that takes hold of artistic expression and never allows himself to be boxed in to one genre or sound. On his previous release "The Love Thief" with the Eddie Grey band he created an eclectic and unique album that transcended boundaries and genres, for a raw feel full of love-stricken lyrics. Now, Eddie heads out on his own taking only his remarkable songwriting  skills and his guitar, for a project all his own. His newest venture is an upcoming acoustic album, a sobering and reflective EP that’s due out later this year, capturing Eddie’s pure and honest songwriting in a way that leaves all emotion exposed and tugs gently at your heartstrings.

“Say You Will” is the first preview of what’s to come from the acoustic project. It is a gentle and subdued take on a desperate love song, the lyrics a hopeful plea for love, it’s both uplifting and uncertain. Eddie Grey’s unabashed emotion is apparent in the no-frills vocals, soft and understated; he stands alone and vibrant on this listless and heartfelt track. The beautifully filmed video fits in perfectly with the theme of the song, Eddie standing strong as the focal point in a decidedly unpretentious atmosphere, it’s conversational tone showcasing the struggle to find each other between a man and a woman in love.  Fans of Eddie Grey will love this stripped down sound, finding the thriving and electric energy that he posses with each project is still wrapped up in every track, starting with the stand-out single “Say You Will.”

Check out and download "Say You Will" via soundcloud
Official Video "Say You Will"
For More on Eddie Grey goto

Thank You Sera and Eddie!

Exposure Concert 3.0

Blue Rootz was 1 of the bands performing during the Exposure Concert.

Here's your favorite bloggity blogger with Suzanne Perry from the recent East/West MusicFest.

B&W scan above is the newest, published ad promoting Exposure (EXP) III from Night-Life Magazine.

The latest issue of Night-Life magazine has a interesting and revealing article about Suzanne Perry. The article explains the how and why Suzanne has done this awesome benefit show for the past 3 years.
Sponsors for the EXP III show this year include this very music blog (Thanks for the Shout Out Suzanne!), Regal Tip Drum Sticks, Certo Brothers, Rose Brook Golf Course, Dollar Galaxy, Stylin' Tattoo, Josie's Clothing, Yorkville Sound, Omega Health & Wellness and Night Life Promotions.
The article then goes on to explain some of the very special elements that Suzanne has planned for the show this year. Pick up the latest copy of Night-Life Magazine and find what Suzanne has up her sleeve!
The article also explains the what and why that is OP Music House and the radio shows that Suzanne hosts' on WBNY FM and Think Twice Radio. Like me, Suzanne is a big supporter of the local music scene.
I've been on her radio shows and Suzanne is a non-stop source of bubbly, positive energy. She enjoys supporting and promoting local music and her enthusiasm shows whenever you're around her. Every band and every musician that has played and will be playing her EXP shows should thank her for the opportunity.
Hats off to Suzanne Perry!
Please donate to the cause today via Paypal
To find out more about Suzanne Perry, OP Music House and The Exposure Concert Series goto:

Jon Jonsson

Jon Jonsson's newest single is “Lately,” a soulful and sunny track that highlights the talents that make Jon the distinctive musician and songwriter he is. “Lately” is a sweet and romantic song, peppered with compliments to an unforgettable crush, the lyrics are the love letter in song form that every woman wishes she could receive. Jon’s dizzying pop hooks are made authentic when mixed with the smooth licks of blues-inspired electric guitar and the ever present summer-y beat.  His warm vocals splash over the melody, endearing and raw, his voice remains the brightest element of the song. It has hints of John Mayer’s and Allen Stone's soulful style and the sugary infused pop of Gavin Degraw, making it a perfect track for those summer days on the sand.

An Icelandic native, Jon Jonsson has been working tirelessly to bring his bubbly and infectious debut album, “Wait For Fate,” to the States this summer. After graduating from Boston University, Jon’s focus shifted to the completion of this album off the success of his first four Icelandic singles (“Lately,” “Kiss in the Morning,” “When You’re Around” and “Sooner or Later”), which have all made it to the top 30 on Icelandic radio.  With songs that take you on a dizzying, love-drunk journey through the honeymoon phase of any relationship, his depth and range make each one of his songs a must listen. Just last week, Jon was named “Best Singer” at the FM957 2012 People’s Choice Awards, a respected honor in the Icelandic music industry, where he is the #1 selling artist on iTunes over the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse.

To find out more about Jon Jonsson goto Jon's website:

Thank You Sera and Jon!

Marilla's 9th Annual Civil War Days 2012

Maria, Joey and Joey's friend Brendan & I went to this event Sunday. We met my Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom there and we all seen and heard some great stuff, all related to the Civil War.
Marilla Civil War Days website

Civil War breaks out in Owego! Event flyer for another reenactment in Owego NY that is being held on September 8th and 9th.
Event website
Facebook event!/events/218431978239412/
My son's friend Brendan bought a wooden long gun from this woodworking tent.
to be continued...

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Empire Of One, MT Press

Wil Seabrook's band Empire of One’s newest single “Better Than,” the second release off of their self-titled debut album “Empire of One.” A heartening and romantic track about the willingness to fight for the right person, the lyrics lend themselves to the melodic piano, layered on top of the genuine and raw warmth that lead vocalist and frontman Wil Seabrook brings to every song. It’s a sweet cascade of emotions, wrapped around the budding and electrifying guitar riffs (Luke Thomas) and understated fills of drums (Alexander E. Gonzalez ), and bass (Darwin Johnson) for an insightful ballad that is sure to draw you in upon first listen.

Wil Seabrook, the founder of Empire of One, is a dedicated musician that has had many years of experience in the industry. Wil’s accomplishments cover a vast landscape of projects, including previously being signed to a major label deal with Maverick, and touring extensively throughout the US and Europe with bands like Sister Hazel and Dave Matthews. The search for his ideal sound led him to work with producers like Lior Goldenberg (Sheryl Crow/Macy Gray) and to appear as a stellar performer and contestant on the first seasons of Rock Star INXS. Each new experience in the industry led him to form Empire of One, using his knowledge and a combination of the sounds that have inspired him over the years to create their dynamic debut EP “Empire of One.” The album delivers carefully crafted pop songs that show an incredible sense of melody, with the same building choruses and emotional lyricism that one would find in the music of the iconic band U2, as well as radio friendly The Fray and The Script.

Check out the track "Better Than" and download the free Free MP3 via soundcloud. 

Website - 
Facebook - 

Thank You Sera and Empire Of One!

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Musical Soundz

Let's see...I thought I'd write a piece about some musical soundz that have been going through my head lately...

Apart from hearing Brian Best playing some killer guitar at his first rehearshal with the Yvonne Schmidt band using his signature "Space Ace Les Paul" guitar...(Sounded Great Brian!)
I'm currently listening to a cassette copy of VH II that my friend Dan gave to me when he moved recently, my old mini-van doesn't play CD's.

The guitar sounds that E.V.H. gets on V.H. II are innovative and amazing, The wang bar intro to D.O.A. really sounds like a Godzilla roar, the sound is aggressive, primal and exciting. The feedback intro to Outta Love sounds to me like it could be a giant stinging insect and then you've got the spanish guitar piece before Outta Love, which to me doesn't even sound like EVH at all, except for when the fretboard tapping part comes in then it's obvious it is Eddie. I like the quiet "hrmm" before the piece, the randomness of the voice sets the mood for the piece. It's obvious to me that Billy Sheehan was heavily influenced by the piece. The tapping and tap harmonic techniques that EVH uses on the clean, undistorted spanish guitar can be easily applied to the bass guitar, add some distortion and you've got some Billy Sheehan soundz happening! Speaking about the bass, the bass guitar on VH II could've been mixed more out front but the trebly edge to Michael Anthony's sound is still quite audible at certain points. All of the guitar solos are absolutely killer on VH II. Any budding guitar player who wants to learn a thing or 2 about guitar soloing needs to hear VH II.

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Ozzy & Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads played a Les Paul in a innovative and exciting style.
Randy's musical output and untimely death have made him a guitar playing legend.

If you can gets hands on one, there are many full color, glossy photos of Randy in action in the Ozzy Osbourne HM photo book.

I've always been a big fan of Ozzy and Black Sabbath. I especially love the Randy Rhoads, Blizzard Of Oz Ozzy stuff. I've also loved the above photo since I first seen it way back when in glorious B&W. So I decided to do a little online searching and I found a few color photos to post along with it along the same theme.

Randy Rhoads may have been small in stature but he was a giant talent on the electric guitar. A friend of mine once told me that Randy's playing is over rated but anyone who knows anything about playing a guitar knows that Randy's playing was innovative, exciting and instantly recognizable. Randy had a unique style and sound all his own.

This post is in recognition of the new re-releases of the 2 original Blizzard Of Oz records, each re-release has new bonus material. As soon as I heard about these new re-releases I instantly bought the Diary Of A Madman double CD. This double CD set contains an entire CD of never before released, Blizzard Of Oz tour, live material.

Now my only wish is that someone in the Quiet Riot camp will finally come to their senses and re-release the 1st 2 original Q.R. records in the USA. These records were only released in Japan.
These 2 records feature Randy on guitar and were released before Randy auditioned for Ozzy's band. You can occasionally find these records in CD form on e-bay.
This post is dedicated to the memory and the legacy of Randy Rhoads.

1987's Tribute album cover.

Bootleg album cover.

Thank you for taking an interest in my blog! I appreciate it very much.

Talas - Hard Rock Cafe, Niagara Falls

Here's a great pic from the show by Studio 112 Photography! You can find Studio 112 Photography on Facebook.

Jason Myles Goss, MT Press

Jason Myles Goss fourth album "Radio Dial" out June 17th, 2012.

 Massachusetts native, Jason Myles Goss, is gearing up for the release of his fourth album, "Radio Dial," out on June 17th, 2012. In his newest single, Black Lights, Jason's expert storytelling takes center in what is the most stirring and cinematic song on the record -- a gritty tale in the vein of Aimee Mann's "The Forgotten Arm," it's the story of a young fighter struggling to make a name for himself, and the punishment he endures in a vainglorious attempt to be somebody. It's an arresting comparison between the realities of both a fighter and an artist, how each is a performer at the mercy of their audience, and how each works tirelessly, and mostly in solitude at something which culminates in a public spectacle (ring vs. stage). Here we find Jason's gravelly vocal propelling the story over a haunting, stripped-down instrumentation, effectively layered, to evoke the loneliness and desperation of his character.

There are several themes throughout "Radio Dial", but the most prominent is that of struggle - the struggle to fight for things that you love, the struggle to find a place in the world, and the struggle that emerges when death injects meaning into the layers of your life. It's easy to see the ways in which these struggles have helped Goss grow, as an individual and a songwriter, discontent with making music for the sake of staying in a one-genre box he strove to make an album that resonated with the things he loves most about music - a good story and a memorable melody.

More on Jason Myles Goss:
Click on the link for a Free Mp3 dowload

Thank You Sera and Jason!

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Joshua Ketchmark, MT Press

Joshua Ketchmark Set To Drop “the Dreamers Disease” EP on July 17th, 2012.

Fresh off the success of his EP “The Bittersweet,” Joshua Ketchmark is set to release the alt. country-rock style EP titled “the Dreamers Disease” set to hit the streets on July 17th, 2012.

“the Dreamers Diseases” is the 2nd EP in a series of 3 that Ketchmark will be releasing in 2012, glittering with a heavy alt-country influence that is tangled with and inspired by summer days full of wanderlust, he finds a remarkable comfort in the raw, organic aesthetic. Produced by Kenny Wright, and recorded at 1 Tree Studio in Nashville, "the Dreamers Disease" features Joshua’s eclectic and nostalgic songwriting talents, as well as appearances from Nashville players such as Tony Paoletta (Pedal Steal; Dixie Chicks, Travis Tritt) and Dave Webb (Bass; Randall Bramblett, Sugarland). Inspired by short-lived romances and fervid moments when your childhood crashes head first into adulthood, “the Dreamers Disease” will capture the attention of youthful dreamers and hopeful wanderers alike.

The first single off 'the Dreamers Diseases' "Saving Grace" is your quintessential summer anthem. With a Bon Jovi-inspired feel, Joshua’s lazy southern drawl fills in space between the rambling guitars, bringing back memories of road trips with the wind in your hair and music filtering in with the sunlight. “Mason Jar” is infused with electrifying choruses and explosive guitar riffs, with a Lenny Kravitz feel and attitude that immediately gets your pulse going. On “Should Have Been,” Joshua captures the bittersweet emotion wrapped up in the romance that could never be, emotive vocals layer over the melancholic steel, his lyrics have the distinctive ability to find common ground between hope and regret. “Step Back” recalls the tumultuous journey of self-discovery, on a ballad that meanders gently through the heartache, the lack of bells and whistles translates the subtle comfort in having someone to lean on. Joshua proves his strengths in the the telling of each story, the instrumentation constructed in a way that inspires perfect visual memories of youth, from the slow pull of the steel pedal to the rushing acoustic guitar.

Joshua Ketchmark continues to expose all the unique facets of his musical personality on ”the Dreamers Disease,” sure to draw listeners in and leave them anticipating what comes next, and defining him as an ever evolving talent.

Free MP3 "Saving Grace" via soundcloud:
Thank You Sera and Joshua!

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