Thursday, June 21, 2012

Musical Soundz

Let's see...I thought I'd write a piece about some musical soundz that have been going through my head lately...

Apart from hearing Brian Best playing some killer guitar at his first rehearshal with the Yvonne Schmidt band using his signature "Space Ace Les Paul" guitar...(Sounded Great Brian!)
I'm currently listening to a cassette copy of VH II that my friend Dan gave to me when he moved recently, my old mini-van doesn't play CD's.

The guitar sounds that E.V.H. gets on V.H. II are innovative and amazing, The wang bar intro to D.O.A. really sounds like a Godzilla roar, the sound is aggressive, primal and exciting. The feedback intro to Outta Love sounds to me like it could be a giant stinging insect and then you've got the spanish guitar piece before Outta Love, which to me doesn't even sound like EVH at all, except for when the fretboard tapping part comes in then it's obvious it is Eddie. I like the quiet "hrmm" before the piece, the randomness of the voice sets the mood for the piece. It's obvious to me that Billy Sheehan was heavily influenced by the piece. The tapping and tap harmonic techniques that EVH uses on the clean, undistorted spanish guitar can be easily applied to the bass guitar, add some distortion and you've got some Billy Sheehan soundz happening! Speaking about the bass, the bass guitar on VH II could've been mixed more out front but the trebly edge to Michael Anthony's sound is still quite audible at certain points. All of the guitar solos are absolutely killer on VH II. Any budding guitar player who wants to learn a thing or 2 about guitar soloing needs to hear VH II.

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