Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ozzy & Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads played a Les Paul in a innovative and exciting style.
Randy's musical output and untimely death have made him a guitar playing legend.

If you can gets hands on one, there are many full color, glossy photos of Randy in action in the Ozzy Osbourne HM photo book.

I've always been a big fan of Ozzy and Black Sabbath. I especially love the Randy Rhoads, Blizzard Of Oz Ozzy stuff. I've also loved the above photo since I first seen it way back when in glorious B&W. So I decided to do a little online searching and I found a few color photos to post along with it along the same theme.

Randy Rhoads may have been small in stature but he was a giant talent on the electric guitar. A friend of mine once told me that Randy's playing is over rated but anyone who knows anything about playing a guitar knows that Randy's playing was innovative, exciting and instantly recognizable. Randy had a unique style and sound all his own.

This post is in recognition of the new re-releases of the 2 original Blizzard Of Oz records, each re-release has new bonus material. As soon as I heard about these new re-releases I instantly bought the Diary Of A Madman double CD. This double CD set contains an entire CD of never before released, Blizzard Of Oz tour, live material.

Now my only wish is that someone in the Quiet Riot camp will finally come to their senses and re-release the 1st 2 original Q.R. records in the USA. These records were only released in Japan.
These 2 records feature Randy on guitar and were released before Randy auditioned for Ozzy's band. You can occasionally find these records in CD form on e-bay.
This post is dedicated to the memory and the legacy of Randy Rhoads.

1987's Tribute album cover.

Bootleg album cover.

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