Sunday, June 24, 2012

Empire Of One, MT Press

Wil Seabrook's band Empire of One’s newest single “Better Than,” the second release off of their self-titled debut album “Empire of One.” A heartening and romantic track about the willingness to fight for the right person, the lyrics lend themselves to the melodic piano, layered on top of the genuine and raw warmth that lead vocalist and frontman Wil Seabrook brings to every song. It’s a sweet cascade of emotions, wrapped around the budding and electrifying guitar riffs (Luke Thomas) and understated fills of drums (Alexander E. Gonzalez ), and bass (Darwin Johnson) for an insightful ballad that is sure to draw you in upon first listen.

Wil Seabrook, the founder of Empire of One, is a dedicated musician that has had many years of experience in the industry. Wil’s accomplishments cover a vast landscape of projects, including previously being signed to a major label deal with Maverick, and touring extensively throughout the US and Europe with bands like Sister Hazel and Dave Matthews. The search for his ideal sound led him to work with producers like Lior Goldenberg (Sheryl Crow/Macy Gray) and to appear as a stellar performer and contestant on the first seasons of Rock Star INXS. Each new experience in the industry led him to form Empire of One, using his knowledge and a combination of the sounds that have inspired him over the years to create their dynamic debut EP “Empire of One.” The album delivers carefully crafted pop songs that show an incredible sense of melody, with the same building choruses and emotional lyricism that one would find in the music of the iconic band U2, as well as radio friendly The Fray and The Script.

Check out the track "Better Than" and download the free Free MP3 via soundcloud. 

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Thank You Sera and Empire Of One!

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