Monday, June 25, 2012

Exposure Concert 3.0

Blue Rootz was 1 of the bands performing during the Exposure Concert.

Here's your favorite bloggity blogger with Suzanne Perry from the recent East/West MusicFest.

B&W scan above is the newest, published ad promoting Exposure (EXP) III from Night-Life Magazine.

The latest issue of Night-Life magazine has a interesting and revealing article about Suzanne Perry. The article explains the how and why Suzanne has done this awesome benefit show for the past 3 years.
Sponsors for the EXP III show this year include this very music blog (Thanks for the Shout Out Suzanne!), Regal Tip Drum Sticks, Certo Brothers, Rose Brook Golf Course, Dollar Galaxy, Stylin' Tattoo, Josie's Clothing, Yorkville Sound, Omega Health & Wellness and Night Life Promotions.
The article then goes on to explain some of the very special elements that Suzanne has planned for the show this year. Pick up the latest copy of Night-Life Magazine and find what Suzanne has up her sleeve!
The article also explains the what and why that is OP Music House and the radio shows that Suzanne hosts' on WBNY FM and Think Twice Radio. Like me, Suzanne is a big supporter of the local music scene.
I've been on her radio shows and Suzanne is a non-stop source of bubbly, positive energy. She enjoys supporting and promoting local music and her enthusiasm shows whenever you're around her. Every band and every musician that has played and will be playing her EXP shows should thank her for the opportunity.
Hats off to Suzanne Perry!
Please donate to the cause today via Paypal
To find out more about Suzanne Perry, OP Music House and The Exposure Concert Series goto:

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Suzanne Perry said...

hugs hearts and smiles JoeyTell. rock long and prosper my friend. <3