Monday, June 25, 2012

Eddie Grey, MT Press

Eddie Grey is known as a musician that takes hold of artistic expression and never allows himself to be boxed in to one genre or sound. On his previous release "The Love Thief" with the Eddie Grey band he created an eclectic and unique album that transcended boundaries and genres, for a raw feel full of love-stricken lyrics. Now, Eddie heads out on his own taking only his remarkable songwriting  skills and his guitar, for a project all his own. His newest venture is an upcoming acoustic album, a sobering and reflective EP that’s due out later this year, capturing Eddie’s pure and honest songwriting in a way that leaves all emotion exposed and tugs gently at your heartstrings.

“Say You Will” is the first preview of what’s to come from the acoustic project. It is a gentle and subdued take on a desperate love song, the lyrics a hopeful plea for love, it’s both uplifting and uncertain. Eddie Grey’s unabashed emotion is apparent in the no-frills vocals, soft and understated; he stands alone and vibrant on this listless and heartfelt track. The beautifully filmed video fits in perfectly with the theme of the song, Eddie standing strong as the focal point in a decidedly unpretentious atmosphere, it’s conversational tone showcasing the struggle to find each other between a man and a woman in love.  Fans of Eddie Grey will love this stripped down sound, finding the thriving and electric energy that he posses with each project is still wrapped up in every track, starting with the stand-out single “Say You Will.”

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Official Video "Say You Will"
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Thank You Sera and Eddie!

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