Friday, June 15, 2012

Joshua Ketchmark, MT Press

Joshua Ketchmark Set To Drop “the Dreamers Disease” EP on July 17th, 2012.

Fresh off the success of his EP “The Bittersweet,” Joshua Ketchmark is set to release the alt. country-rock style EP titled “the Dreamers Disease” set to hit the streets on July 17th, 2012.

“the Dreamers Diseases” is the 2nd EP in a series of 3 that Ketchmark will be releasing in 2012, glittering with a heavy alt-country influence that is tangled with and inspired by summer days full of wanderlust, he finds a remarkable comfort in the raw, organic aesthetic. Produced by Kenny Wright, and recorded at 1 Tree Studio in Nashville, "the Dreamers Disease" features Joshua’s eclectic and nostalgic songwriting talents, as well as appearances from Nashville players such as Tony Paoletta (Pedal Steal; Dixie Chicks, Travis Tritt) and Dave Webb (Bass; Randall Bramblett, Sugarland). Inspired by short-lived romances and fervid moments when your childhood crashes head first into adulthood, “the Dreamers Disease” will capture the attention of youthful dreamers and hopeful wanderers alike.

The first single off 'the Dreamers Diseases' "Saving Grace" is your quintessential summer anthem. With a Bon Jovi-inspired feel, Joshua’s lazy southern drawl fills in space between the rambling guitars, bringing back memories of road trips with the wind in your hair and music filtering in with the sunlight. “Mason Jar” is infused with electrifying choruses and explosive guitar riffs, with a Lenny Kravitz feel and attitude that immediately gets your pulse going. On “Should Have Been,” Joshua captures the bittersweet emotion wrapped up in the romance that could never be, emotive vocals layer over the melancholic steel, his lyrics have the distinctive ability to find common ground between hope and regret. “Step Back” recalls the tumultuous journey of self-discovery, on a ballad that meanders gently through the heartache, the lack of bells and whistles translates the subtle comfort in having someone to lean on. Joshua proves his strengths in the the telling of each story, the instrumentation constructed in a way that inspires perfect visual memories of youth, from the slow pull of the steel pedal to the rushing acoustic guitar.

Joshua Ketchmark continues to expose all the unique facets of his musical personality on ”the Dreamers Disease,” sure to draw listeners in and leave them anticipating what comes next, and defining him as an ever evolving talent.

Free MP3 "Saving Grace" via soundcloud:
Thank You Sera and Joshua!

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