Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chylde "Now It Can Be Told"

Chylde is a new & up & 'n coming 4-piece band who have been getting alot of local & national attention lately. Chylde is currently touring nationwide in support of their CD release *Now It Can Told. Chylde is compromised of Jon Bobo - guitar/vocals, Thor Von Johannsen - bass/harmonica, Kemizo Ekim - drums & Lodi Infinium - guitar. Chyldes music is powerful, entrancing, mind numbing and meant to be enjoyed LOUD. I absolutely HATE to pigeonhole a bands music but just as a frame of reference think along the lines of Black Sabbath, Queens Of The Stone Age, Wolfmother & Kyuss.

Chyldes strong music, impressive stage show and rather busy touring schedule is representative of a national act, but amazingly enough, Chylde is based in Buffalo. Chylde recently performed at the famed Mohawk Place headlining an all original 3-band bill of kik ass music.

Chyldes music it best enjoyed with a good mix of volume and a mild THC/alcohol buzz, case in point, when an unknown patron come in from the ultra-secret side door a rather large plume of some wacky, weird smelling smoke entered into the electrified air just as Chylde began their set.

Chyldes latest release Now It Can Be Told is highly recommended to any Hard Rock or Metal fan, pick up your copy @ any Record Theatre location or better yet come out to see the the boys live and buy a fresh copy.

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