Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Revelation by The Vincent James Explosion 2007

The Vincent James Explosion is an innovative, explosive, outstanding, accomplished & polished trio of musicians who mix Rock/Jazz/Jazz Fusion/Blues/Funk/Acid Jazz Blues styles with a little bit of vocals thrown in for good measure. I ask you how can you go wrong when mixing these styles? You can't, these guys stir the pot up resulting in a very interesting and unique sonic brew which is highly palatable to even the most discerning of eardrums.
The Vincent James Explosion is compromised of Vincent James - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Jerry Sampson - Bass, Vocals & Jim Linsner - Drums, Percussion, this CD is significant because it marked the inclusion of Award Winning bassist Jerry Sampson into The Vincent James Explosion replacing former bassist Tom Zielinski.
This CD features also features some excellent saxophone playing by Eric Crittenden on Track 3, JB's Bounce.
The Vincent James Explosion sound can best be compared to Jeff Beck Jazz/Fusion era, Jimi Hendrix & Stevie Ray Vaughn to name a few.
Track #4 Jialu is a Must Listen to...for any serious guitarists out there, way cool effects going on throughout that instrumental.
Track #2 Into The Light has some impressive tremolo bar/fuzz work.
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