Friday, February 7, 2014

Cort - Gene Simmons - Punisher Bass review

First off I'd like to sincerely Thank the person who bought this bass for me to use with the KISS THIS! band. THANK YOU Jayme!
This was the first time a bass was bought by another person for me to use.
I no longer have the bass in my possession so I thought I would share a few thoughts I have about the bass.
Bassically, I will be using my experience with the bass as an opportunity to "review" the bass.
I've never reviewed an instrument before so I also see this as an opportunity to do something new.

OK, here we go, the full-size gig bag looks cool with Gene on it, the look of the case sets the mood before you open the bag to grab the bass guitar.
The gig bag looks like a hard case but it's not, it's just a big gig bag shaped like a guitar case.
I used the gig bag/case as a stage prop for a couple of shows.
At first glance the bass looks really cool, with it's black finish, 3 horns and white binding.
The bridge cover is classic Fender bass style, it's convenient for resting your picking/plucking hand on while playing the bass. The only drawback is you need to physically remove the bridge to change the strings.
The pickups and electronics are passive and the knobs are easy to figure out and use.
Here's the pickup breakdown, a double humbucker is in front and a single coil is in the back.
A simple setup which provides the best of both worlds as a far as pickup sounds go.
I found that the single coil pickup is noisy when used at a full treble tone setting, but if you're using this bass in a full band setting the buzz is unheard when everyone else is blasting away.
*I prefer a full treble tone setting and I would replace the single coil pickup to a buzz free/higher end model to kill the buzz.
The volume knob is in front, the 3 position toggle switch is next and the last knob is the tone control.
*I prefer 2 pickup volumes. 2 would enable some SpaceAce on/off toggling sounds.
The cord input was loose straight from the factory and the action was real high so I did invest a few dollars into the bass to make it gig ready.
1 major problem I had about the bass is that is "neck heavy". This means that the weight of the neck and the length of the neck tend to pull the body of the bass upward when you wear the bass standing up with a strap.
This problem is easily solved by the bassists' fingering arm which supports the neck while playing.
*As far as I'm concerned, this issue causes a slight distraction. Holding the neck up takes my mind off the notes I'm supposed to be playing. This issue is easily overcome after you play the bass on a regular basis but I prefer a neck that stays in one place, especially when I take my fretting arm off the neck to play open notes. With a neck heavy guitar you need to constantly stay aware of the position of the neck so it doesn't bang on anything when moving around on a stage or a crowded rehearsal space. Strap locks are necessary to avoid the bass from slipping off the strap holders. Without strap locks the bass can easily slip off the strap and hit the floor because it is neck heavy.
The headstock looks cool, with the white binding and Gene Simmons signature. The tuning pegs work great.
This bass would please a hard core KISS fan, but after playing the bass I would never buy one for myself.
The bass would have to be customized to my specs before I bought it.
*If my goal was to be in a KISS tribute band full-time I would get my hands on a Gibson Grabber or Ripper, (pictured below) that would be the bass I would prefer to play.

* comments with an asterisk notate my personal preferences when I play an electric bass.

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