Monday, September 5, 2011

K.O MCcoy

K.O MCcoy's CD cover for "U Can't Stop Me" featuring Young Buck. "U Can't Stop Me" is K.O's debut single.

K.O MCcoy is a up and coming R&B/Pop/Hip Hop singer/songwriter who is primed and ready to hit the Top 40 with her edgy sound and silky, smooth vocals. K.O is currently working on her full length album which will be released by Allure Records.

Visit K.O's page and you can hear "U Can't Stop Me", "2nd Wind" and "Marvin's Room Remake". Any fan of Alicia Keys, Beyonce & Rihanna will surely appreciate and enjoy K.O's Music.
Visit K.O's Twitter page!/infinityko
K.O facebook is
Allure Entertainment's website is
K.O MCcoy's Bio & Contact Info is included below...

"2nd Wind" CD single cover.

(Thank You K.O!)

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