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Jason Myles Goss "Radio Dial" CD review

Jason Myles Goss "Radio Dial"

Jason Myles Goss "Radio Dial" CD review by Cheryl Manzella.

Jason Myles Goss is a up and coming singer/songwriter who recently released a CD called "Radio Dial". Your fave blogger was happy to recieve a review copy. I was even happier when Cheryl Manzella agreed to review this great CD for me.

For those of you out there who don't who Cheryl is, she's Dan the Man's wife. Dan the Man is an accomplished singer/songwriter in the Buffalo N.Y. area. Dan currently sings for "55 Main" and has done many high profile gigs with the bands "City Streets" and "Forever Green".
Needless to say, Dan and Cheryl are both good friends of Joey Tell.
I'd like to Thank Cheryl for submitting her 2nd CD review for this blog.

OK on with the review...
"Into The Night" starts off "Radio Dial". "Into The Night" is a strong, upbeat song. A great song to kick off a music CD with.

The next song, "Heavy" has a sound that is immediately likeable. "Heavy" sounds like it could be right off of the Dire Straits album "Brothers In Arms".

"Lion's Mouth" is a song that tells a story. The music sets up a perfect ambiance and mood for Jason's story telling lyrics.

The 4th song, "Red Letter Man", is a catchy, melodic song that has a country music sound.

"Keep Your Love With Me" is a sweet and touching song. This song tells a story of a love that once was but is no longer. Jason shows his softer, more sensitive side on this track.

"Come Back To Me" is a heartfelt and emotional track.

"Chocolate Croissant" is a very enjoyable song that has a playful, fun loving feel and sound. A great singer/songwriter type of song.

"Dark Dark Winter" is a great sounding song. The music and lyrics have a great flow and feel, blending together to carry this song along very well.

"Black Lights" is a excellent song with great lyrical content. This song is about a boxer who had big dreams but couldn't rise to the occasion when his big opportunity came along.

"Hospital Shirt" is also a very good, well written song. The sound and feel is very melancholy but the lyrics are about a man who is rebelling against a debilitating disease. The subject is stuck in a "hospital shirt" and is desperate to leave it all behind even though he knows he cannot.

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Thank You Sera, Jason and Cheryl!

(CD review was edited and slightly enhanced by Joey Tell)

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