Monday, November 23, 2009

The Vincent James Explosion "Jammin' with J.T." 2006

Jammin' with J.T. is the first release from The Vincent James Explosion, it was released in 2006 and it features Vincent James on Guitar, Tom Zielinski on Bass and Jim Linsner on Drums.
This entire CD is defined by an Out Of Phase, slightly Distorted, Chorusy & Leslie cabinet rhythm guitar sound, in other words a good, solid, very listenable guitar sound. The guitar playing is technically sound but never too technical, a rock/blues/metal edge is always waiting to explode onto yer eardrums at any given moment. Track #1 features a excellent Explosive! guitar solo. Track #2 features a very impressive bass solo. Track #4 combines fairly laid back, clean jazz/distorted rock guitar sounds, reminiscent of Steve Vai, with some awesome drum playing and a bass solo to boot! This CD isn't just about solos though, it's a jazz/rock fusion instrumental delight, sure to please fans of Jeff Beck & Jimi Hendrix.
Pick up your copy @ Music City or Record Theater today.

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