Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Talas - Buffalo, NY

Not exactly a Talas event but Talas related none the less...



I never had the opportunity to see the original Talas lineup live but I witnessed the 2nd revamped version of Talas many, many times when Phil Naro fronted the band. I spent many a teenage night learning to play the bass (and guitar) being influenced and inspired by Billy's awesome performances. I actually met Billy once in Buffalo but I was starstruck into virtual silence...I think I got up the courage to say "Hi" and that was it. I have seen Dave and Paul play together with the Tweeds in the 80's and I had the immense pleasure of sitting in with them a couple of times. I even had a chance to open up for Talas at the now defunct Uncle Sam's/Spit nightclub with a band called Charmer but this was after Billy had left the band...which baffled me because I always thought Billy made Talas what it was...needless to say the Talas version without Billy didn't last long.
Billy's bass playing continues to amaze and influence me after all these years. I enjoy listening to all the bands that Billy has recorded with over the years, especially Niacin. For those of you who aren't aware of Billy Sheehan's style of bass playing, here's a little info. Billy has the ability and the know how to lay back and seemlessly fill a groove when needed. He also has the amazing ability to blow your head off when it comes time to play a bass solo! Remember that the electric bass has only 4 rather thick strings that are tough enough to play...Billy has mastered the ability to play lead bass guitar, a skill he virtually created on his own, I've never seen or heard anyone play the 4-string bass like Billy. He's in a class all his own.
Dave has a couple of solo CD's out which are amazing in their own right. Dave and Paul continue to play the Buffalo club and summer festival music scene. Anybody who is a fan of the Buffalo Music scene needs to see Dave and Paul play live, they helped create and make the Buffalo Music Scene what it is today. I've had the pleasure to meet and talk with both Dave and Paul and they are friendly, approachable, class A guys. If you've never heard them play their musical talent is instantly apparent from the first note you hear either of them sing or play. Stick around long enough and you may hear a Talas classic! Tell 'em Joe Tell sent ya!

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