Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mike Zogaria - Buffalo, NY

Mike Zogaria - Almost Worth The Wait CD review

Almost Worth The Wait kicks off with Someone To Sing To. This song is a upbeat and catchy rock tune with a strong vocal line. This song beat out 30 other songs to win a free video shoot through the website Promoting Buffalo. The song has a 90's sound and is my favorite on the CD.
Check out the very cool video https://youtu.be/mJy_LZyLwkE
Gray is up next and features Mike on harmonica and Mick Hayes on slide lead guitar. The song has a classic rock feel. I really liked the cool harmonica outro.
Youtube link https://youtu.be/M9SGd-pHRfo
Make It Up To You is a smart, mid-tempo rocker that features Mike Vealey on drums and keyboards. Mike keeps the groove flowing with some sweet acoustic guitar playing.
Youtube link https://youtu.be/7N1tBEvo7R0
Pistol starts off with some melodic harmonica playing by Mike. Pistol is a acoustic rock love song with plenty of sexual innuendo thrown in to keep the lyrics interesting.
Youtube link https://youtu.be/NjLHxs4EL3I
Rock Star Parking is a all out hard rocker that features a ripping guitar solo and a sweet rock guitar outro.
Youtube link https://youtu.be/er_b9mVNsr4
My Misery is a ballad that highlights Mike on a great acoustic guitar intro. Heartfelt lyrics carry the song through a couple of cool rocking parts that keep the energy flowing.
Youtube link https://youtu.be/BI53rs2AQE8
Come Home is a uplifting and well composed acoustic rock song.
Youtube link https://youtu.be/xb84A2hObtE
Something More continues in the same vein as My Misery as Mike carries the song through with some nice acoustic guitar playing combined with soulful lyrics.
Youtube link https://youtu.be/y0NoizTwx-Q
When Goodnight Means Goodbye is a uptempo rocker that packs a punch.
Youtube link https://youtu.be/ozu4SIrixuc
Goodnight has a different mix than the rest of the songs and another acoustic rock song that includes a bongo track to keep the beat. Mike and his brother Mark wrote this song together.
Youtube link https://youtu.be/reTrJPeHx5I
The bonus track Time also has a different sound than the rest of the CD. Time also features Mike's brother Mark on bass and lead guitar and Mike Argento on drums, piano and he also engineered the song.
Youtube link https://youtu.be/pbEqiEHlaPQ

Mike Zogaria is a singer/songwriter from Buffalo, NY whose catchy songs, unique voice & relatable lyrics are quickly becoming fan favorites at shows and online. Mike is currently performing acoustic shows and has just released his first full length CD "Almost Worth The Wait", which is available now at his shows and on all major digital download sites including iTunes, CD Baby, Emusic, Amazon, etc.

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Mike Zogaria - come home ep
I found this CD in a Lockport coffee shop...

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Hey Joe, thanks for postin my e.p. on your website - more than half way done with my first LP and a new single comin out next month ! Thanks for your support, MZ