Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maria - Marketing Genius

A fan painting that inludes a similar likeness to Maria in the background, given to the band by a fan...how cool is that? I wish someone would paint me...darn it.

I thought it was (Finally!) about time to properly recognize one of the main reasons why I think Hey You won the Top Tribute Band B.M.Award in 2010, the very same award she's holding in her pretty little hands. It's really too bad they only give out one award per band because after you read this blog you'll find out why she deserves to have and hold a B.M.Award all her own. Making it seem almost easy Maria tirelessly and diligently pounded the pavement for said band in 2010. For those of you out there who don't know what "pounding the pavement" means it means putting in the required hours and hours of placing cold phone calls, (A "cold" phone call means to make a phone call to a person and/or place you've never called before and asking to speak with the person in charge) trying to establish the right contact along with making all the always necessary follow up calls to secure venues and going to said venues to meet the owners and having to impress upon them the fact that they need to have her band in their venue, not only to expose and promote their venues, but to expose and promote her band in a positive and highly convincing manner. The end result of all her hard work and effort was highly succesful! Maria secured several high profile venues all over the greater W.N.Y. region. Maria also secured a couple of high profile sponsorships for said band in 2010 among these were the Local Edge phonebook and The Buffalo Drum Outlet.
Can you say Marketing Genius?!...

All of these efforts went seamlessly along with the difficult task of learning singing parts, practicing these parts and performing all of her background singing parts (Can you say The Great Gig In The Sky? I sure as hell can!!!) for all of said bands performances in 2010! Add all of these efforts up and add to these taking care of a home, family and a full time job and you've got a great person with a tireless work ethic who deserves all the thanks and recognition that anyone could ever give. Her efforts have seemingly gone unoticed until now! Way To Go, Maria! Great Job!

Never overbearing Maria also knows how to sing background vocals with precision and finesse, something she did tirelessly, effortlessly and solo for H.Y. the last 5 months of 2010. Singing background vocals requires a great musical ear to first learn the background vocal parts and second, to be able execute them live, laying back and coming in when the music requires. The timeless quality of Pink Floyd's music speaks for itself, if you're a casual fan and/or an avid listener of Pink Floyd there are many P.F. tribute bands out there to enjoy on every part of the globe, it's not a new or unique concept by any means. Go on Youtube and you'll see what I mean.

Maria was an integral and important part of Buffalo's own version. She put in many tireless, thankless hours helping out the band during her tenure with H.Y. They will never sound the same without Maria and will never, ever be marketed and promoted by anyone as well as when Maria was promoting and marketing for the band. That is why, like it or not, believe it or not, Maria is a Marketing Genius.

Maria in action, complete with psychedelic lighting!

Syd Barrett, the cornerstone of, arguably, 1 of the greatest rock bands of all time, Pink Floyd.

Your Crazy Diamond will Forever Shine On!

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