Friday, September 5, 2014

RULE! - Buffalo NY

Old skool pic of Angst from Late At Night Magazine.

The Real Rulers RULE! cassette insert from 92. I just picked this up @ The Record Baron (the only place that still sells cassette tapes, as far as I know...) because my new (used) Van doesnt play CD's only tapes...darn it. Anyway I had the pleasure to play and record with these guys back in '91 when they were called The Real Rulers.

Before The Real Rulers was Mylan Sheath. Classic flyer and pic from '86.
Courtesy of Bill's Facebook page.
Special thanks to the Professor.


Anonymous said...

Rule! was the best band with the best sound.. and that voice... I will never forget it. Dam,,, I wish they would have made it big. Those were the days!
Sue... Orginally from NY

Anonymous said...

RULE!!! Roger on guitar. Any-one have any idea where Roger is?