Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lana Del Ray, Hipster Run-Off, Glass Candy, Josie Cotton, Desire, Christian Dior, Italians Do It Better, Buffalo NY

Update: 11/17/12 Some of the copy from the original post has been removed by request.

Lana Del Ray: time to get majorlabel LA supported hits for this Blog.

By mentioning corporate backed slutwave star Lana Del Ray & Hipster Run Off [Official] in one post. :
"Lana Del Rey will be the most divisive indie artist in years, and she will put the blogosphere thru many of our biggest challenges. Who will choose to 'cover' her? What blogs will be 'simple' enough to hype her manufactured indie pop sugar? Who will 'pan' LanaBB? Who will be a coward and say "It doesn't matter where she comes from and what she looks like. She makes good music, and that's all that matters"?" QUOTE FROM HRO

Not me she is terrible. But..

Lana Del Ray "You Can Be the Boss"
Is like this erotic misogynistic fantasy come true. Heartfelt sigh. I want to drink Mountain Dew & Fall in Love with a teenage dream. Not really. ?

There's a version with her dancing arnd in Blk & white. Watch it or don't?

Glass Candy has been shifting genres & looking sexy since 1996 (from O yea Portlandia [calling the artist formerly known as Portland anything else is irrelevant nw])

Original ly by Josie Cotton [Bomp Rcrds]
"He's Real bad, But he's not Evil"

Now w/ upcoming Body Work they are making super vibrational frequency increase: distortion cleansing / polarizing pos FREE DOM Hotttelectro Pop:

Glass Candy "Warm In the Winter"

This is an Amazing song, We Love it & it's beautiful message. & it's retrofilter vid ;)) it's still Now but it's so U & Me. :*)) ,,, & with over 100,000 views on youtube in 3 months U WILL be hearing about this album ...from your favorite local blogs .. who will slowly , slowly Get It.
But I can’t listen more than 1 ½ times in a row without feeling post apocalyptic 80s nightmare , for example:

Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2012

this vid w soundtrack “Under Your Spell” by Desire (fellow "Italians Do It Better" G.C. Labelmte) : about two minutes in I feel like I’m in A Clockwork Orange :*(

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